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Dell Monitor Sound Not Working

If your Dell Monitor Sound is not working properly, it can be a major disaster. Several different problems could be the cause of this dysfunction. Careful and diligent troubleshooting can discover the difficulty so that you can quickly solve the dilemma of what is causing the sound problem. Read on to learn more about what to do if your Dell Monitor Sound is not working.

If your Dell monitor has no sound, it’s likely because the audio is muted or the wrong audio output is selected. The top cause of this issue is a software or driver problem. To fix this, check the volume settings on your computer and make sure the audio is not muted. Then, check the audio output settings and ensure the correct device is selected. If the issue persists, try updating the audio drivers on your computer or reinstalling them. If the problem continues, contact Dell customer support for further assistance.

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Check to see if your sound card is working. To do so, select Start and then Right Click on My Computer. Then go to Manage and then to Device Manager. Now navigate to Sound, Video, and Game Controllers and click on the + sign. You will see a yellow triangle that will appear that indicates if any apparent problems are present. Click on the device indicated and then select Properties. Now you can choose to Update the Driver.

Dell Monitor no Sound HDMI

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When you are using an audio-supported video cable such as an HDMI cable, Windows can automatically change the default audio playback device to audio supported cable. This may occur when a laptop computer is coming out of a Sleep State since the Dell Monitor System will tend to detect the audio-capable cable first.

If your Dell Monitor sound is not working, you need to change the default sound playback device in Windows 10. Click Start and then click on Settings. Now click on System and on the left Menu click on Sound. Go to Choose Your Output Device and choose the audio device that you wish to use.

To check if HDMI Output is the default device, first, click on Start. Then select the Control Panel and go to the Right Side of the screen. Under View By, click on Sound. Then click on Show Disabled Device and Show Disconnected Device.

You should also Update the Sound Card Drivers. To do this, click on the start button. Then type in devmgmt.msc. Expand sound and then Right Click on Sound and click on Update Driver.

Finally, check to see that the on-board audio settings in the BIOS match the settings that are mandated by the sound hardware configuration of your Dell Monitor.

Look on the back of your Dell Monitor to find your sound configuration and the setting of BIOS required. This could be Configuration A, which indicates On-Board Audio, Configuration B, which indicates a Soundcard, or Configuration C if the computer has sound connections in both directions.

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Dell Monitor no Sound DisplayPort

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A DisplayPort which is also known as a DP looks very similar to a HDMI and allows for audio and video transmission. Oftentimes, an error can occur which leads to a failure in the transmission of sound via the DisplayPort.

If your Dell Monitor sound is not working and there is no sound on the DisplayPort, Right Click on Start and then click on Control Panel. Now click on Hardware and Sound and then click on Sound. Then select on whichever audio device you wish to use. Click Set Default and then OK.

Dell Monitor Volume Too Low

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If your Dell Monitor volume is too low to hear clearly, it is a great annoyance. This problem is usually due to the Windows Volume Mixers being set to 0. Follow the following steps to resolve this problem.

If your Dell Monitor Sound is not working and your Dell Monitor volume is too low, select the Dell UZ2715H as the default playback device. Now set all of the Windows Volume Mixer Controls to Maximum. Then increase all of the volume controls to a maximum level.

Dell Monitor Volume Control not Working

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If the Volume Control on your Dell Monitor is not working it usually provides a headache that won’t go away. Trouble shooting using the Windows Sound Troubleshooter can often lead to a rapid understanding of what is leading to your Dell Monitor Volume Control not Working.

If your Dell Monitor Sound is not Working due to the Volume Control malfunctioning, run the Windows Sound Troubleshooter in Microsoft Windows 10. Right-Click on Start and then click on the Control Panel. Go to System and Security and click on Find and Fix Problems. Under Hardware and Sound, click on Troubleshoot Audio Playback and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Dell Monitor Sound Only One Side

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If your Dell Monitor Sound is only being produced on one side, this presents a logistical nightmare. It is not only super annoying, but it also throws off your overall hearing balance. Therefore, it is essential to find what is causing this and to fix it as soon as possible.

If your Dell Monitor Sound is not working and sound is only being produced on one side, the best bet is to run the Audio Troubleshooter. To do this in the Windows Search Bar type in Find and Fix Audio. If this does not solve the problem, try reinstalling the Audio Drivers.

To reinstall the Audio Drivers, Search for Device manager. Then Double Click on Sound, Video and Game Controllers. Then Right Click on Audio Drivers and click on Uninstall. Then Select Delete the Driver Software for This Device and then restart the computer once.

Now download and install the latest version of the Sound Driver. Go to Settings and Update and Security and then to the Windows Update Page and then Check for Updates. This will allow Windows 10 to automatically download and install the most updated Sound Drivers.

Now perform the Audio Playback Test. First, shut the computer down and then restart it. Turn the computer back on and tap on Esc until the Startup menu reappears. Press on F2 once and then go to Component Test. Then run the Audio Playback Test.

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