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Firestick Disney Plus Not Working

Firestick Disney Plus is the best way to enjoy Disney movies and TV shows at home. But it can be frustrating if it suddenly stops working. If you’re here, then I’m sure you’ve run into this problem as well. So, why is Firestick Disney Plus not working?

Most often than not, it’s a network malfunction that causes Fire Stick Disney Plus technical problems. And if it’s not that there could be a device malfunction. It could also be a problem with the Disney Plus account itself.

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Now, if you’re wondering how you can fix this issue, don’t worry. In this article, I’ll talk about the most common problems customers all around the world face while streaming Disney Plus on a Firestick and also share some tips on fixing those issues.

Firestick Disney Plus Not Loading

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Internet issues and password discrepancies – these two are almost always behind that big irritating loading screen on Firestick Disney Plus. And when that happens, it doesn’t matter if you have a fully functional device and account.

Just by trying to log into it incorrectly, you can trigger the security measures by Amazon. And that big blank loading screen? It’s just trying to determine whether you are a friend or foe. After all, Amazon is super conscious and strict about its security procedural safeguards.

If this happens, you’ll get a warning text or email from Amazon. Or, you’ll just see it on the screen itself. That’s your cue to know that you most likely typed in the wrong password for your current account. And the next step is to log back in and type the correct one this time.

Do make sure to type it correctly the second or at most, third time around. Multiple inaccurate log-ins might cause your account to get frozen until further notice. So, try to avoid that at any cost.

And if you forget the password altogether, there’s a cure for that too. Go to Disney’s official website for this. You’ll find a ‘Forget Password’ under the blank space for password. Click on it and you should receive mail within moments to fix the corresponding issue.

Firestick Disney Plus Won’t Download or Install

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If your Firestick Disney Plus won’t download, you have to check for device compatibility first. Most outdated Firesticks don’t support Disney Plus as it was a comparatively recent addition. So, that’s most likely the issue in this case.

However, there is the possibility of other troubleshooting disturbances too. Let’s have a look into why your Firestick Disney Plus won’t get downloaded or installed properly.

Problems With the Power Cycle

The device itself may experience lag sometimes due to unbalanced power cycle adjustments. That’s why it’s important to power off the device every once in a while, to prevent overheating issues.

To resolve this, you can try powering the device off and on a few times. The sudden jolt might just boost the interface enough to start working promptly.

Compatibility Issues

Sometimes, you can still face problems with downloading Disney Plus even if your device is updated. If that happens, you don’t necessarily have to apply for a new device right away.

Try deleting the app data, especially the cache of your previously installed Google Play Store. This will help you to reinstall the updates of the Play Store. And after that, you should have no problems accessing Disney Plus from the app.

Disney Plus Not Connecting to Fire Stick

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Lack of good internet speed and distorted plugs are the primary reasons behind Disney plus and Fire Stick connection issues. And if you’re seeing the ‘unable to connect’ option on the screen, you don’t have a network at all.

However, bad connectivity is not always why your device may fail to connect itself to Disney Plus. To determine whether it’s a device issue, follow the given instructions consequently.

  • Clear your log-in history on the device that you’re using currently
  • If you use multiple devices, then sign out from all of them
  • Try to log back in with a different device this time with the same account
  • If it works accordingly and it’s connected, it means that it’s a technical device issue
  • Check the malfunctioning Fire Stick for any obvious issues or take it to the service center

You can easily determine whether the problem lies in your network connection or the device itself via these steps. Again, if it’s not a device issue, feel free to follow these steps instead.

  • Disconnect the network i.e., mobile net or Wi-Fi from the device Firestick is connected to
  • Wait for a minute or two before reconnecting
  • Meanwhile, sign out from Disney Plus and sign back in when it’s reconnected
  • Try resetting the Wi-Fi modem and router as well if possible
  • See whether the plug-ins, wires, etc. are in good shape and connected properly

This should help you out considerably. So, unless you have tried these out first, there’s no need to take any extreme steps.

Firestick Won’t Play Disney Plus Videos

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Again, it’s more likely an issue with compatibility or connectivity if your Firestick won’t play Disney Plus videos. But, it’s best to make sure that there’s an active internet connection before drawing further conclusions.

You shouldn’t have any problems with streaming on normal devices if it’s updated and the network is stable. Gaming consoles, however, are a little troublesome at times. Here’s how you can try dealing with them.

For PlayStation

For a gaming console, PlayStation certainly goes on a weird cache spiral at times. Clearing this unnecessary data stack can help you out to free some space for Disney plus videos.

Start by going into the settings menu. Then scroll down to the storage option and click on to. After that, go down to system storage, saved data, and Disney Plus respectively. Click on delete to clear off all the cached data.

For Xbox

The objective is similar to the PlayStation for Xbox as well. Just with a few differences in the procedure, that’s all.

For an Xbox, you’ll have to visit the home menu in the console first. Find out the “Games and Apps” section, and then select apps to find Disney Plus. Click on ‘More’ to manage the app and then simply clear the cache by clearing out the saved data.

Disney Plus App Not Showing Up on Fire Stick

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There’s no logical reason behind the Disney Plus App not showing up on Fire Stick. It’s, by default, available on all Amazon devices. And since Firestick is an Amazon device, there’s no reason for Disney Plus to not show up on it. 

So, it probably is just a maintenance issue after all if such an event happens. Sometimes, the server itself is down for custom repairs. And during that period, none of the shows on the app are unavailable for the time being. 

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You can check out the DownDetector site to see if that’s the case. In addition to Comcast, they also provide valuable insight into many popular servers on the network. 

Thus, if the server is indeed down, just eat some chips and take a nap for some time. Once it’s fixed, you can get back to your favorite shows right away. 

But if you really want to, you can call Amazon’s customer care help line. Just call 1-888-280-4331, and discuss the matter with them. 

You can also try emailing them and leave a formal complaint. But, sitting back and waiting for a while would be the best approach. 

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of causes to Firestick Disney Plus not working. But the good thing is most of them are easily fixable if you know what to do. Your goal should be to identify the issue first and then act accordingly.

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And with the information I’ve provided here in this article, I’m sure you’ll fix your Firestick in no time. Hope this article was of help to you and thanks for stopping by.

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