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Firestick Prime Video Not Working

I’ve been watching a bit of Netflix lately but started looking around in Prime Video and found some really good shows. However, recently my Prime Video stopped working. So, I did a bunch of research about how to fix it, and here’s what I found.

Start by closing the app and reopening it. To do that go to the Applications on the menu at the top using your Fire TV stick remote and then select the Prime Video app. After that press the button with the 3 vertical stripes, a menu will pop up. Then select ‘force stop’.

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After that you should open the Prime Video app and see if it’s working fine now. There are a range of other fixes that you should do if that has still not got it working again. Below, I will explain step by step how to do each of them.

Firestick Won’t Play Prime Video

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After you’ve tried force stopping the Prime Video app you should do the following steps when Prime Video still won’t play on your Firestick:

Restart the Fire TV stick, restart your TV or computer, and check that your Fire TV stick and the Prime Video have the latest software version. Ensure you are trying to stream Prime Video using one account on 2 different devices, and then check your internet connection.

Here are the step by step instructions for how to perform each one:

1. Restart your Fire TV Stick

To restart your Fire TV stick you can simply unplug it at the wall. Hold down the select button – the big round black button – on your Fire TV stick remote while it’s unplugged for 30 seconds to drain all the battery out of the device.

After that plug the Fire TV stick back into the power outlet, and wait for it to turn on. Then open Prime Video again, and see if it’s working now.

2. Check you have the latest software

Check that the Fire TV stick software is up to date and the software for Prime Video is up to date. To do that go to Settings which is located at the top menu. Then select My Fire TV > About > Check for Updates.

Next, to check that all of your apps are up to date go to Settings and then select Applications > App Store > Turn Automatic Updates on.

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Updating Prime Video manually

From there any pending updates will be installed. But, it will do them in order. Starting with the app in the top right of the screen. So, Prime Video is usually not at the front of the list. The good news is, you can bring it to the front of the queue and update it instantly.

The steps to do that are to first select Applications from the menu, then move the cursor over the Prime Video app using the arrow buttons on your Fire TV stick remote.

Then press the menu button on your Fire TV stick remote. The button has three short lines on top of each other. After that, it will bring up an additional menu.

One of the options on that menu is ‘Move to front’. Select that and it will bring up a screen with some information about the Prime Video app. On that screen there is a button that you can select that will say ‘Update’ if there is an update available.

Otherwise, you can simply let the automatic updates run in the background and within around a day or so all of the apps will be updated to their latest versions. Depending on how many apps you have, and how big the updates are.

3. Check you aren’t using 1 account on 2 devices at the same time

Each Amazon Prime account can only stream on one device at a time. For example, if you have one TV in the living room and another TV in a bedroom you can not stream on both of them at the same time with the same Amazon Prime account. Each Fire TV device needs a unique Prime Video account to stream simultaneously with another Fire TV device.

To solve that problem, it’s best to create a new account if you want to watch a show or movie on two Fire TV devices at the same time.

4. Check you internet connection

Failing that, your internet connection could be running slowly or be completely disconnected. To check that your internet is working correctly, attempt to use another app, or open up a website on another device using the same Wi-Fi connection.

If the webpages load well, try watching a video on to see if you are getting a good internet speed. If it’s running slowly then you should turn your modem on and off again.

And if it’s still running slowly you should call your internet provider. They will have you go through a series of fixes to get the bottom of the issue and get your internet working at the right speed.

Firestick Prime Video Not Loading

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At certain times you may go to open up Prime Video on your Fire TV stick and nothing happens or you just get a blank screen. Here’s the steps to get it working again.

Start by restarting your Fire TV stick. To do that, unplug it at the wall. Then hold down the select button on your Fire TV stick remote for 30 seconds. That will drain any remaining power from your Fire TV stick device. After that, plug it back in and let it power up.

See if Prime Video is working now. If it isn’t then you should restart the device you’re using your Fire TV stick on. For example, if you’re using it on your TV, restart your TV.

Next you should run through the detailed steps I outlined above. The first one says ‘1. Restart your Fire TV Stick’. But, you’ve already done that step so you can skip straight to number 2.

Do each step and then test whether your Prime Video is working. If it doesn’t work then move on to the next step. It’s a matter of trying them until you find the solution that works. However, in my extensive electronics experience restarting the Fire TV stick, and force closing the app fixes about 80% of issues.

If it’s still not working after you’ve tried everything then I recommend getting in touch with Prime Video support through their official website and creating a support ticket with them.

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