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Firestick Hulu Not Working

Hulu is one of the most popular platforms for watching TV shows. Most times, the Firestick Hulu will work seamlessly. For those few occasions when the device is not working, there are some things you can try troubleshooting.

When Firestick Hulu is not working, first check your internet connection. A simple restart of your modem and router is often the only thing you will need to do. If the issue is not fixed after that, try resetting the Firestick. Updating the Hulu app and clearing the cache and app data are things you can try.

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There are several reasons why the Hulu app might stop working on a Firestick device. Continue reading as I go over some of the most common issues along with some pointers to how to resolve them.

Hulu Keeps Freezing/Crashing on Firestick

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The Hulu app can crash when there’s a poor internet connection or a bug on the Hulu app or Firestick device. A pending update can also be a reason why the app is crashing.

When the Hulu app is freezing and crashing on your Firestick, try restarting or reinstalling your Firestick. Check your internet connection, reboot your router, and update the Hulu app, if there is one available.

Check Your Internet Connection and WiFi Connectivity

Sometimes a simple rest of your internet connection can fix everything. Afterall, the Hulu app needs to properly connect to the internet to stream content. So checking this is the first thing you should do.

There are a couple places to go. Try resetting both the modem and router. After that, if you’re still seeing connectivity issues, try turning off WiFi on other devices.

Restart or Re-install Firestick and Hulu

Restarting your Firestick device may resolve the problem. Open the settings on the Firestick, go to the device and software menu, select the restart option, and wait for your Firestick to reboot. You can also uninstall the Hulu app and reinstall it to fix crashes and glitches of the app.

Update Hulu and Firestick

The Hulu app might also be crashing because there is a pending app update. Update the Hulu app on the Firestick. It should be running on the latest version anyways for security reasons and possibly enhanced features.

Hulu Not Connecting to Firestick

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If your internet connection is stable and the Hulu app is still not connecting to the Firestick, try restarting the Firestick device. Additionally, clearing caches and data might also help in this regard.

There are two places where things can go wrong. Either the Hulu app or the Firestick device is having problems. If you’ve reset and updated the app already, try troubleshooting the Firestick.

Restart Your Firestick

Restarting the Firestick is easy. Simply disconnect the device from the HDMI connector and the power source. Then reconnect them again. the PLAY/PAUSE and SELECT buttons on your remote together until the Firestick powers off and then on. Then give the Hulu app another try.

Clear Cache and Data

You can also try to solve the problem by clearing the cache and data. Clearing data will revert the Hulu app to its factory default settings. 

For clearing cache or data, you have to open settings, select Hulu app to manage installed application options, and then select clear cache or clear data option.

Disable Other Devices on Your Home Network

When other people in your house use the Wi-Fi network to connect their phones, laptops, and other devices, it might put a strain on your network. So, turn off all other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Then check to see if Hulu on Fire Stick is loading any faster than it was previously.

Firestick Won’t Play Hulu

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If your Firestick won’t play Hulu, make sure the FireOS is up to date. You can contact Hulu customer support if you need assistance.

FireOS updates automatically in most cases. But there are scenarios where you might need to do it manually.  Follow these steps.

Step 1: 

On the Firestick’s main screen, go to the Settings option.

Step 2: 

Go to the My Fire Tv and select the about option.

Step 3: 

Select the check for updates option and update your FireOS if an update is available.

Firestick Hulu Sound Not Working

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To solve the Hulu app sound not working on your firestick issue, first, check and play other videos to see if you can hear sounds. You can also check your audio settings, test without a speaker, and adjust the HDMI cable to solve the problem.

Check Other Videos and Audio Settings

To figure out if the problem is with the Hulu app, first open and test other shows. Also, check your audio settings on firestick by going to the settings menu and make sure the audio is set to the Stereo or normal option.

Change Resolution of Your Firestick

In comparison to the 720p resolution, the 1080p resolution requires more power from the Firestick. So, lessen the resolution to reduce the amount of power required by your device and check if this resolves any sound issues.

Adjust the HDMI Cable or Switch to Another Input

You can use a separate HDMI port on your TV to connect the HDMI cable, connect your device to an HDMI port on another TV if one is available, or reverse the HDMI cable’s ends.

Additionally, try changing the sound output on your Firestick to a different one and then back to your preferred one.

Firestick Hulu Black/Blank Screen

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To solve the black screen problem, you can try restarting the Firestick, change screen resolution, and check the HDMI connection.

There are many reasons why this problem occurs. It might be because of power efficiency, HDMI cable problem, compatibility issue, outdated app, etc. The following are some of the ways to solve the issue-

  • Restart your Firestick and reinstall the Hulu app.
  • Change Screen Resolution
  • Check HDMI connection
  • Check power efficiency on your device
  • Update Hulu app and Firestick

Apart from these, make sure your Firestick doesn’t get overheated to extend its life. The issue could be with your TV itself. So, if the provided tips don’t help, try checking your monitor for malfunctions.

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