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Firestick Peacock Not Working

I recently faced an issue with my Firestick where the Peacock app just wouldn’t work. Initially, I thought it was a temporary glitch, but it turned into a more persistent problem. As someone who relies on my Firestick for streaming, this was quite a frustrating experience, and I realized that I’m not alone in this. Many users encounter similar issues with apps on their Firestick, and finding the right solution is key to a hassle-free streaming experience.

If Peacock is not working on a Firestick, it could be due to a lack of sufficient memory. Clearing the cache and data of the Peacock app or other unused apps on the Firestick can free up memory and potentially resolve the issue.

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Another reason for the Peacock app not working on Firestick could be an outdated operating system. Firestick devices periodically receive firmware updates that can improve performance and compatibility with apps. To resolve this issue, go to the Firestick settings and check for any available system updates. Install these updates to ensure your device is running the latest version, which can often fix compatibility issues with apps like Peacock.

Firestick Won’t Play Peacock

On the Peacock app you typically just select the show you want to watch and it will start playing straight away. However, when it doesn’t, here’s how to get Peacock to work again.

You should do the following steps:

  1. Force close the Peacock app
  2. Restart your Fire TV device
  3. Test your internet connection
  4. Clear the Peacock app cache
  5. Uninstall Peacock and reinstall it

If you have done all of these steps, and you still can’t get Peacock to work then be aware that Peacock is unavailable in some countries. However, below I will explain step by step how to do each of the fixes so that you can get Peacock working on your Fire TV stick again.

1. Force close the Peacock app

To force close the Peacock app navigate to ‘Apps’ which is located on the menu at the top of the Fire TV home screen. Once you select it, it will display all of the apps that you have installed on your Fire TV stick.

Move the cursor over the Peacock app, and press the menu button. It’s the button on the right hand side of the remote that has three horizontal lines one on top of the other.

A menu will appear in the bottom right hand side of the screen. One of the options is ‘force stop’, select that and then press the big circular button on your Fire TV stick remote.

After that, reopen the Peacock app and test to see if it’s working.

2. Restart your Fire TV device

To restart your Fire TV device unplug it from the wall. Then hold down the select button on your Fire TV stick remote for 30 seconds while keeping your Fire TV stick device unplugged.

Then plug your Fire TV device back into the power and let it power back on it. Then when it returns to the home screen select the Peacock app and see if it’s working now.

3. Test your internet connection

Without an internet connection the Peacock app can’t download the necessary files it needs to work. Therefore, when the Peacock app isn’t working it’s best to double check your internet is connected and running at a solid speed.

To do that use a tablet, computer, or smartphone to connect to the internet connection that your Firestick is connected to. Then navigate to a web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari and open up Then attempt to watch a video.

If you’re able to watch a video on Youtube using the same internet connection then it’s a good sign your internet is working fine. If not, then you should contact your internet company and explain that you have poor internet speed. Typically, they will assist you to fix it over the phone.

Once your internet is working fine, attempt to open the Peacock app again. If it’s still not working then move on to the next step.

4. Clear the Peacock app cache

To clear the Peacock app cache go to Settings, then select Manage installed applications. Once you select that use your Fire TV stick remote to select the Peacock app and press the menu button. The menu button is the button with three lines one on top of the other.

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Additional options will pop up. One of them is ‘clear app cache’. Select that and wait for it to clear the cache. After that, force stop the Peacock app using the instructions in Step 1, and open the Peacock app again.

5. Uninstall Peacock and Reinstall it

The option to uninstall Peacock is in the same location as where you go to clear the cache shown in Step 4 above. Therefore, simply follow the exact same steps in Step 4, however, in the last step instead of selecting clear cache select uninstall.

Wait for Peacock to uninstall and then reinstall it again by searching for it in the Apps menu.

Firestick Peacock Won’t Update

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All of the apps on your Firestick can be set to update automatically. But, what do you do if it won’t update?

As a general rule you should restart the Peacock app, restart your Fire TV device, make sure your internet connection is working, clear the app cache, and if none of those work then uninstall and reinstall the Peacock app.

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This issue is typically always fixed by restarting the Peacock app, and restarting your Fire TV device. I’ve included exactly how to do each of these steps in the section above. The first one says ‘1. Force close the Peacock app’.

Peacock Not Showing up/Found on Firestick

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One time I took my Firestick overseas and when I tried to use Peacock it wasn’t on my device.

Peacock is only supported in the USA, UK, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Italy, Germany, and Spain. Outside of these countries Peacock will not be available for download. Otherwise, if it is not showing then you should first download it from the App part of the Fire TV stick menu.

Use your Fire TV stick remote to select the App option at the top of the screen. It will bring up a list of apps. You can see a list of the available apps by going to Featured, or Categories.

If you hold down the microphone button you can also search for Peacock. Simply say ‘Search for Peacock Apps” and it should bring up the Peacock app. And on the screen that opens there is an option to download it. Select that and wait for it to install.

Now, try to open Peacock again. But, usually you need to put your login information again first.

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