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Hulu Unavailable On Firestick

I’ve been enjoying watching TV shows on Hulu using my Fire TV stick but I went to use it and Hulu was unavailable. I wanted to know why, so I looked into the help documents for the Hulu app and found out what the issue is.

Hulu is currently only available in the USA. Therefore, if you attempt to download it or access it from outside the USA it will not work. Also, if you’re based in the USA but don’t have Hulu, then you need to install it.

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Sometimes it Hulu won’t work when you try to install it and there some other things to try to get it working again. Below, I will explain how to fix Hulu when it doesn’t load or open, what to do when it isn’t showing up, won’t download, or won’t install.

Firestick Hulu Not Loading/Opening

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Once you have Hulu installed select it using your Fire TV remote will open the app, where you can browse or search for TV shows or movies. But, sometimes you can select and it does open at all. To get it working again here’s the steps you should take…

1. Force close the Hulu app

2. Test your internet connection

3. Restart your Fire TV stick

4. Check for Hulu software updates

5. Uninstall the Hulu app, and reinstall it again

Attempt each of these steps in order.

It’s very likely that the first three steps will solve the issue. But, if not, move on to step 4 and 5. Below, I will explain in detailed steps exactly how to do each of the fixes above.

1. Force close the Hulu app

An error can occur in the ‘under the hood’ so to speak of the Hulu app. But, simply restarting it will start the app from the beginning again and remove any errors that have occurred in the background. It’s very common that simply force closing the app will fix the issue.

To force close Hulu select Apps from the menu at the top of the screen. After that, move the cursor over the Hulu app. With the Hulu app highlighted press the menu button which has three lines on it all going from left to the right.

That will bring up a menu at the bottom right, and one of the options is ‘Force Stop’. Select that and then go back to the main menu. Next, open up the Hulu app and check to see if it’s working now.

2. Test your internet connection

If your internet connection is running slow Hulu will not load, and begin streaming. To check your internet connection it’s best to use another device on the internet connection your Firestick is using.

Simply connect a smartphone or similar to your home Wi-Fi and then try to go to a webpage to see how fast the internet loads. Also, try to stream a video on, to see if it loads fast. If you’re having internet issues then contact your internet company and they can help you with it over the phone.

3. Restart your Fire TV stick

To restart your Fire TV stick hold down the select button – the big black button – and the home button at the same time for around 5 seconds. Once you’ve held it for long enough the TV will display a message that says that your Firestick is restarting.

Here’s a video so you can see how it to do it:

4. Check for Hulu software updates

Go to Settings > Applications > App Store > Turn automatic updates on. It may have already been on, in which case your Hulu app is up to date. But if it was off, give it some time to download and install the updates for each of your app.

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5. Uninstall the Hulu app, and reinstall it again

To do that press and hold the home button on your Firestick remote. After you press it for a bit a menu will pop up and one of the options is Apps. Select apps and then find the Hulu app from the list of apps that show up.

Move the cursor over the Hulu app, and press the menu button. The menu button has three lines on it and is facing vertically, kind of like a hamburger. Doing that will bring up a menu with additional options and one of them is uninstall. Select that and the Hulu app will uninstall.

To reinstall it go to Apps from the menu at the top of your home screen. Then search for it using the voice search, or manually using the keypad or by scrolling.

Hulu App Not Showing up/Available on Firestick

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In certain cases the Hulu app may not show at all on your Firestick, which can be a bit surprising since it’s such a popular app. I found out why that is and here’s the reason:

The Hulu app can be either not available in your region, or you need to download it. Hulu is not on a Firestick when you buy it, so you need to download it. If it’s unavailable for download then it’s because you’re outside of the USA.

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Hulu is currently only available in the USA. Therefore, it won’t show up on your Fire TV stick if you’re in any other country. Which there’s a lot!

Firestick Hulu Won’t Download

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If you’ve located the Hulu app and are trying to download it, it can happen that nothing will happen and it won’t download. Here’s what causes it and how to fix it:

Generally, this is caused by a bad internet connection and/or your Firestick needs to be restarted. Similar to smartphones and computers a Firestick can crash, and features that normally work stop working. Restarting your Firestick resets it. But, if your internet isn’t working it also won’t download.

Therefore, you should test your internet connection. To do that try and open a different app that streams video. Or access the internet from a different device. If the internet is working well on another device like a smartphone, then your Firestick needs a restart.

To restart your Firestick you can just unplug it from the wall outlet and leave it off for 30 seconds. Then plug it back in and wait for it to start up. Once it starts up then check to see that Hulu is working.

If you’ve tried everything and it still isn’t working, then you should raise a support ticket with either Amazon Fire TV stick support or with Hulu support for them to have a look into the issue for you.

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