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Frigidaire Washer Not Draining

Your Frigidaire Washer is historically extremely reliable and is always there without fail for all of your family’s clothes washing needs. If you are shocked one day to find that your Frigidaire Washer is suddenly not draining there are a number of possibilities for this problem.

If your Frigidaire Washer is not draining, try to check to see if anything such as a piece of clothing or any small object has become lodged in the drain hose and is causing an obstruction and if so remove it.

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Take the hoses off from the pump and be sure to check within the entire hose as well as at the ends of the hoses for any obstructions. Take your flashlight and look into each hose to find any clogged areas. If any of the hoses have become cracked or otherwise damaged be sure to replace them.

Make sure there are no areas where the hoses have become kinked or twisted. Sometimes all it takes to solve your drainage problem is to straighten out the kinks in the drainage hose.

Frigidaire Washer not Draining

The next thing to check if your Frigidaire Washer is not draining normally is the door lock and switch assembly. This keeps the washer door shut and allows the washer to go through its normal spin cycles to let the water drain out of the washer. If the door lock has failed, it could either be a problem with the electrical system or with the door lock itself.

If your Frigidaire Washer is not draining, check to see if the door lock appears to be damaged. If it is damaged you will need to replace it. Use a multimeter to check each of the switches to the door lock to see if they all have electrical continuity and replace them if needed.

If there is an obvious electrical problem, check out the wiring diagram in the user’s manual to be sure you are checking all circuits and switches involved.

You can also check to see if the door lock strike assembly is broken and affecting door closure. If it is broken it will need to be replaced.

Be sure to also check out all the settings on your Frigidaire Washer to make sure there is no abnormality that is preventing normal drainage. You can press and hold the spin speed and soil level buttons at the same time for several seconds.

Then there will be an indicator sound that means that your washer has been rebooted back to its original factory settings. After this, release the buttons and re-choose the original program selected for all of your washing needs.

Frigidaire Washer not Draining Properly/Completely

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If you are still searching for other causes for the Frigidaire Washer drainage problem look into the integrity of the lid switch assembly. The lid switch assembly stops spinning of the washer if the lid is open. If it is not working properly this will prevent your washer from draining.

If your Frigidaire Washer is not draining, check if the Lid Switch Assembly is defective. Check the lid switch with a multimeter to determine if it has electrical integrity. If it is not working properly it will need to be replaced.

Another possibility for your Frigidaire Washer not draining could be due to a problem with a defective water pump belt. The water pump belt drives the water pump and if it is defective the washer will not drain.

In addition, if your washer comes with a coin trap you can also check this to make sure that it is not obstructed. An obstructed coin trap can lead to a failure of your Frigidaire Washer to drain normally. if there is debris or other obstructions in the coin trap be sure to remove them completely.

As a final failsafe diagnostic step, go ahead and check for the error code related to the inability to drain. To do this, first just push down any button. Then, hold down the start/pause button and cancel buttons at the same time. After this, there should be a failure code that you will be able to see on the display console.

The error or failure code will appear as a capitalized E that is followed by various combinations of 2 numbers and a letter or 2 letters and a number. At this point, you should hear a beeping sound followed by all the cycle lights beginning to flash simultaneously at least one time.

If all fails you can check out Frigidaire Washer Control Board on amazon.

Frigidaire Washer Drain Pump not Working

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Commonly, if a Frigidaire Washer is not draining it is due to a problem with the washer drain pump either from some type of damage to the pump or some kind of obstruction.

If your Frigidaire Washer is not draining it could be a problem with the drain pump not working properly. The drain pump is found at the bottom of the washer. Remove the drain pump and check for obstructions inside. If it is still making strange noises as it drains it is probably time to replace it.

Removing the drain pump of your Frigidaire Washer is not that difficult and should be completed in about an hour. To do this you will need clamps, both a slot and a Phillips screwdriver, and needle nose pliers. You will also need a nut driver.

First, unplug the washer and bail out any water that is contained within it. Then clamp the pump hose so that there is no leakage while fixing the pump. Take off the face of the washer so that you can then see the drain pump. The pump should be easily seen in one of the bottom corners of the washing machine. Check it carefully for any obstructions or clogs and use your needle nose pliers to clear out any clog.

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Disconnect all the pump hoses and then remove the screws holding the pump. Take out the broken pump and then replace it with a brand-new one and at this point put the entire machine back together again.

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