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Frigidaire Washer Not Spinning

Just imagine your worst nightmare of needing to wash your clothes for an important event or appointment, and you find that your Frigidaire Washer is not spinning properly and that your clothes are left dirty and soaking wet. Luckily, there are a number of very common reasons for this that can be easily diagnosed and then quickly fixed.

A common issue with a Frigidaire washer not spinning is an overloaded drum. Overloading the washer can prevent it from spinning properly. To fix this, remove some items to lighten the load, then redistribute the remaining items evenly. Restart the washer to see if it spins correctly with a lighter, balanced load. This simple step often solves the spinning issue without needing more complex troubleshooting.

Another reason for a Frigidaire washer not spinning could be a malfunctioning lid switch. If the switch doesn’t accurately signal that the lid is closed, the washer won’t spin as a safety precaution. To resolve this, first check if the lid is closing properly. If it is, inspect the lid switch for any damage or obstructions. You might need to clean or adjust the switch, or replace it if it’s defective.

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If the problem happens to be with a loose transmission pulley this can lead to scoring of the transmission input shaft which is irreparable. If this is the case there will be no other choice than to install a new transmission or indeed to purchase a new Frigidaire Washer.

Frigidaire Washer Not Spinning

If the problem for your Frigidaire Washer not spinning is not from a drive belt or motor coupling issue, it could be due to another faulty part. This includes problems with the lid switch assembly and the rotor assembly.

A faulty drive belt can also prevent your Frigidaire washer from spinning. The drive belt connects the motor to the drum, and if it’s worn out or has snapped, the drum won’t spin. To fix this, unplug the washer and locate the drive belt at the bottom of the machine. If the belt is damaged or loose, replace it with a new one. This should restore the spinning function of your washer.

Frigidaire Washer Spin Cycle Not Working

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If all the cycles are working except for the spin cycle, and you wind up removing super heavy wet clothes, it is most probably due to a drainage problem. This can be quickly checked by examining the drain pump. If this is not the cause of your problem, your spin cycle problem might be disrupted by another common issue such as door lock motor and switch assembly or Frigidaire Washer clutch problem.

If your Frigidaire Washer Spin Cycle is not working and there is some water in the washer’s tub, check if there is any obstruction in the drain pump that is at the bottom of the washer. Take off the bottom front access panel and pull off the hoses to remove anything plugging it up.

Frigidaire Washer Won’t Stop Spinning

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If your Frigidaire Washer doesn’t stop spinning this can result in a noisy and scary experience for your entire family. Normally, your washer goes from fill to wash to drain to the spin cycle without hesitation. If it is stuck in the spin cycle you should first examine the timer.

Failure of your Frigidaire Washer to stop spinning could be from a frozen timer that is stuck and not advancing normally. If this is the case, it should be replaced immediately. If the timer is not the problem check the drive motor as well.

In addition, this problem could be caused by a blocked drainage line that is causing the spin cycle to continue in an effort by the washer to get rid of the remaining water inside the washer. The main drain hose is the largest hose you will see that is attached to the rear of the Frigidaire Washer and runs to connect to a drainpipe.

Frigidaire Washer Won’t Spin Fast

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Your Frigidaire Washer may not spin fast if any type of debris such as lint has gotten into the water level hose. Slow spinning could also be due to a faulty water level switch or due to any belts that have either become loose or which may have broken off completely.

You can clean out the water level hose by either tapping the hose or by manually blowing through it. You can also check out the water level switch which is located near the back end of the water level hose with a voltmeter to check that it is getting power in order to work properly.

If all fails you can check out Frigidaire Washer Control Board on amazon.

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Frigidaire Washer Won’t Do Final Spin

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The final spin makes sure that your cleaned clothes are finished and free of excess water. When your Frigidaire Washer won’t do the final spin it can be caused by anything from an unbalanced washer load to problems with the washer lid switch to a defective washer motor control board.

Try to remove the elbow adapter hose to make sure it is not clogged or dirty. Then check the PTC (positive temperature coefficient) sensor that is inside the latch assembly. If it is defective it will cause the washer to shut down prior to it going into a high-speed spin cycle.

As a practical measure, you can also examine the drive motor for any malfunctions affecting the spin cycle. You can also check the control panel to make sure there are no loose or malfunctioning wires that might need to be replaced.

Frigidaire Washer Makes Noise in Spin Cycle

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If your Frigidaire Washer is making loud noises during the spin cycle it can often sound like a high-pitched jet engine ready to explode. Sometimes this does not last for the entire spin cycle, and it often stops after about a minute or so.

This could be due to a major problem with the spinner support that is located on the posterior side of the spin basket. To check this you can determine if the spin basket moves too much as you rotate the basket around. If there is too much laxity then the spinner support will need to be replaced.

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In addition, a worn-out or loose main spin tub bearing could be causing loud noises. The spin tub bearing is composed of a metal piece that is on a track and contains small metal balls that allows the washer tub to move freely. If the main spin tub bearing has become worn out or has failed completely the metal balls can fall out causing the loud noise heard as the tub spins.

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