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Frigidaire Washer Lid Lock Not Working (Reset/Bypass)

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Frigidaire washers are a brand owned by Electrolux of Sweden. They are known for their high-quality home appliance brands, but there are known problems with the Frigidaire lid lock not working.

We’ve identified a few ways that you can reset or bypass the problem. If you have a Frigidaire lid lock that is not working then follow these steps to reset or bypass the problem.

If a Frigidaire washer lid lock doesn’t work, then it is either a mechanical or electrical problem. For the washer to start working, the lid lock engages when the lid is closed. A damaged lid lock must be replaced. The lid locks should be checked for continuity to see if it is an electrical problem.

The door lock can either wear out or may be broken during normal use. If that is the case, then you must replace the lock as it is not possible to fix the lock.

The door latches are also prone to wearing out. A quick visual check should be all that’s required to see if the mechanism is broken. If it is then you should replace it.

The door strike is another part of the locking mechanism that is not repairable and must be replaced if you find it is broken.

The Frigidaire washer door latch can be bypassed by pressing and holding the control lock button for five seconds. This disables the lock. If the wash cycle is still running, press the start/pause button to interrupt the cycle. You should then be able to open the door to either remove the clothes or inspect the lock mechanism.

The locks are quite sensitive and may just need cleaning. Wipe them with a dry cloth and remove any grime or dirt that may have lodged in the lock mechanism.

Frigidaire Washer Lid Lock Flashing

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There are a variety of reasons why your washer lid lock light flashes.

The problem could be as simple as a piece of lint obstructing the locking mechanism to a computer board failure.

If a Frigidaire lid lock light is flashing, switch it off and unplug it for 10 minutes. Then plug it in again and switch the washer on. This can reset the washer and the lock will work again. Also, make sure that the lock and striker are cleaned out. Remove lint and detergent buildup.

If the lid lock and striker are misaligned, the light might flash. Check to see that they are screwed securely in place as the vibration from washing and the constant opening and closing can loosen the screws.

The loose screws may also cause the lock and striker to move to a position where they are not touching when the lid is closed. This will trigger the flashing light. Loosen the screws, realign the lock and striker and the light should stop flashing.

You may find that the wiring between the control assembly and the lid switch has become loose. The wiring may have been damaged or become loose.

Frigidaire Washer Lid Lock Light Stays On

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One of the more difficult faults to rectify is when the lid lock stays on and none of the cycles will work.

If your lid lock light stays on and the washer doesn’t work, then unplug the washer for 10 minutes. Then plug it in and turn it on. Press and hold the end of cycle or cycle signal button for 20 seconds. This resets the washer and should turn off the lid lock light. The washer should then work.

If your washer light still stays on, then you may have a failed control board or a blown fuse.

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Check the spin control board assembly fuse for continuity with a multimeter. It should read between zero and 1 ohm if it is fine. If it is outside these specifications, then you need to replace it.

Frigidaire Washer Lid Lock Stuck

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The Frigidaire washer has a safety mechanism that prevents the lid from opening for between 1 and 3 minutes after the cycle has finished.

If your Frigidaire washer lid is stuck and will not open, unplug the washer and wait 10 minutes. Then plug the washer back in and switch it on. Hold the control lock button for 5 seconds to disable it and then press the start/pause button. This should disable the lid lock to allow you in.

If the lid lock refuses to open, then unplug the washer and turn off the water supply. Remove the bottom panel and reach up inside the washer and pull the manual release lever to open the door.

If the lid lock is stuck and you cannot find anything physically wrong with the lock, then the solenoid may have failed. To check it, you’ll have to open the control panel and unplug the connector. Then, depending on your washer model, you can check the ohms on the pins that correspond to the lid lock mechanism.

If the ohm reading is outside the specifications in your washer manual, then your solenoid is faulty and needs replacement.

Frigidaire Washer Lid Lock Broken

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Washer lids have to put up with heavy use day in and day out.

They are especially prone to being slammed shut and pulled and tugged on. This wears out the lid locking mechanism, which eventually fails.

If your Frigidaire washer lid’s lock is broken, then you can replace it by removing the top lid assembly and then unclipping the lock mechanism.  Insert a new lock into the hole and replace the lid assembly. Switch the power on and check that the lid lock is working properly.

After switching off the power and unplugging the washer, slide a putty knife under the edge of the main top and release the two catches that hold the top down. Then unplug the switch before removing the top and lid assembly.

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Place the washer top upside down on a blanket or towel and, using a rubber mallet, tap the lock assembly upwards to detach it from the lid. Replace it with a new component by sliding it in and clipping it in place.

Once clipped in place, put the top back on the washer and plug in the wiring connector. You can then slide the top back under the rear clips and push the front down onto the retaining clips.

Can You Bypass Frigidaire Washer Lid Lock

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The washer lid lock is a safety feature that is designed to prevent you from getting injured if you get your hand or arm stuck inside the washer while it is on.

However, if your lid lock switch is broken, there is a way to bypass the switch so that you can drain the water out of your washer.

You can bypass the Frigidaire lid lock switch by removing the top of the washer and locating the lock connector. Unplug the lock and use a piece of wire to connect the two outside connectors to each other. Cover the connector with electrical tape and then plug the washer in and switch it on.

When you have disconnected the lid lock, you’ll see that the connector has three pins. The two outside connectors are the ones that must make contact to bypass the switch. The female connector whose wiring goes to the control board is the one that you want to adapt by placing the wire between the two outside contacts.

How To Bypass Frigidaire Washer Lid Lock

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When the washer lid lock doesn’t work, you can end up with a washer full of clothes and still full of water.

If the lid lock switch is faulty, then it will not allow the washer to operate as it thinks that the lid is open.

To bypass the Frigidaire lid lock, you can either unplug the washer for 10 minutes and then hold the start/pause button in for 5 seconds or you can bridge the switch connector so that the control board thinks that the lid I closed. The lid lock connector is located inside the top of the washer.

To access the lid lock, you need to remove the top of the washer by sliding a putty knife or other very slim tool into the gap between the top of the washer and the side. This releases the catches holding the top in place.

Unplug the wiring connector attached to the top of the lid and then remove the lid. You can bridge the two outside connectors on the lid lock to allow the washing machine to operate by bypassing the washer lid locking mechanism.

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