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Google TV Remote Not Working

A Google Chromecast can be plugged into any smart TV to use Google TV. Other TVs have Google TV already installed on them. Remote’s like all devices can experience issues from time to time so today I will explain how to troubleshoot a Google TV remote that isn’t working.

The first thing to check is that the batteries aren’t flat. After that, the remote may have unpaired and needs to be re-paired. To do this install the Google TV app on a smartphone and enable your smartphone to be used as a remote. After that update the OS to the latest version if available.

Google TV Voice Remote With Wall Mounted TV

If your Google TV remote is not working, there could be several reasons why. Some common causes include low battery, connection issues, or a faulty remote. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

  1. Replace the batteries: Make sure the batteries in the remote are fresh and fully charged. Try replacing them with new ones.
  2. Check the connection: Ensure that the remote is paired with your Google TV. If the connection is lost, try re-pairing the remote.
  3. Reset the remote: Remove the batteries from the remote and press and hold the “Pairing” button for 5 seconds. Release the button and reinsert the batteries.
  4. Use the Google TV app: If your remote is still not working, try using the Google TV app on your smartphone as a remote.

Google TV Remote Not Working

A Google Chromecast comes with a simple remote with very few buttons. But, a TV that has Google TV installed on it has a different remote which is unique to the type of TV that it is. Either type of remote can stop working, or not work out of the box, here’s how to get it to work.

A Google Chromecast remote or a smart TV remote that’s running Google TV can be rebooted. Provided the batteries aren’t flat and need to be replaced, do this step first. After that, restart your Chromecast and your TV, then verify if the remote is now working.

After that, ensure the remote is paired in the Google TV settings, check if there is an OS update, or an update for the remote in the Google TV settings, and then factory reset your Google TV. I’ll explain each of these steps which apply to a Google Chromecast remote and a remote for a Smart TV that is running Google TV. Keep in mind that each of the steps has the potential to fix the issue. So, after completing each step, attempt to use your remote again to see if it’s now working properly.

1. Verify the batteries aren’t completely drained

This step is very self explanatory. But, it’s important that this is checked first. Simply undo the cover on the back of the remote and remove the batteries. After that put in a new pair of batteries, replace the back cover and attempt to use your remote.

It’s possible to use some spare used batteries from another remote or device but to be 100% certain it’s best to use brand new batteries. Also verify that the batteries are installed the right way around. Some idle hands may have tinkered with them when you weren’t watching. Or, by accident you may have put them in the wrong way up.

2. Reboot the Google Chromecast remote or smart TV remote

A Google Chromecast remote can be rebooted. If you’re using a smart TV with Google TV installed on it, the remote can also typically be rebooted. First, here’s how to do it on a Google Chromecast remote. According to the official Google support website, take the batteries out of the remote.

Then press and hold the ‘Home’ button on the remote. While holding the ‘Home’ button put the batteries back in. Continue to hold the ‘Home’ button until the LED light that will be solid begins to start flashing. Then release the ‘Home’ button.

3. The remote has been accidentally deleted from the settings

This step is only if you’re using a Google Chromecast, which has the small white Google remote. For this step and the additional steps it’s very helpful to install the Google TV remote app on your smartphone so you can use your smartphone as a remote. However, you may not need to do this if only one of a few buttons aren’t working on your remote. If none of the buttons are working then you’ll definitely need to install the Google TV remote app on your smartphone, which then turns your smartphone into a remote control for your TV.

If you have an iOS smartphone or tablet then you should install the Google Home app. Currently the Apple App store doesn’t not have the Google TV remote as an app. But, Google Home is available, and can also be set up so that it can be used as a remote for your Google TV. Another option for iOS devices is to download the Android TV app.

Once you have either app and can use your smartphone or the remote is partially working, do the following steps. Go to Settings by pressing the right arrow button to go to the far right using the Google TV remote on your smartphone. Once you select settings click on ‘Remotes & accessories > Pair remote or accessory. When you select that it will scan for the Google TV remote.

To pair it, hold down the ‘Home’ button and the ‘back’ button. The back button has a left facing arrow on it, and is directly above the home button. You then need to press the center button on the remote on your smartphone. It’s important that it needs to be on the smartphone, not the center button of your Google TV remote otherwise it won’t work.

This will select the remote that it found when it was scanning. Then it will show a loading graphic on your TV. And after a short while it will stay paired. Once that’s done your Google Chromecast remote should now be working.

3. Enable all of the buttons on the remote in the Google TV settings

This step may only apply if you’re using a Google Chromecast. It’s likely it also works for a smart TV running Google TV. But, I haven’t verified this myself. However, it’s very easy to do this step, and will only take 30 seconds or so to check.

Go to the Settings on your Google TV which you access by scrolling to the far right of the screen. Then select the following options – Remotes and accessories > Set up remote buttons > Add device > select ‘TV’ > Select the brand that your TV is. For example, if it’s a Samsung TV, select Samsung from the list of TVs that come up. After that you will have 3 settings: Volume, power and input.

Select each of them one by one. When you do it will show some on screen prompts to configure each button of your remote. For example when you select volume, it plays an audio track and asks you to turn the volume up and down using your remote.

4. Restart Google TV from the Google TV settings

Restarting the entire Google TV operating system causes all of the apps to close and then when you open them again after it can cause your Google TV remote to start working again. It can be the case that one of the apps has caused an error in the Google TV operating system. As you open and close apps, and do different things, a bug can occur which has not yet been detected which can cause your Google TV remote to freeze and not work. By restarting the Google TV operating system it starts everything from the beginning again and can clear any errors in the Google TV software.

This is not something you should need to do often. But, it is a very common fix for a large range of issues. Therefore, it’s definitely worth a try. To do so go to the Settings, then select ‘System’ from the menu.

Scroll all the way to the bottom and select ‘Restart’. It will close the Google TV operating system, and open it again.

5. Reboot your Google Chromecast and/or TV

A Google Chromecast uses many different apps that can be open in the background. After being used for sometime, some of the apps can freeze or have a fatal error in the background. Doing a ‘hard’ reset of your Chromecast device will cause all of the apps AND the Google TV operating system to start fresh. To do this on a Chromecast is a matter of unplugging it from the wall outlet.

A Google Chromecast is plugged into the HDMI port on your TV, and via a power cord to the wall outlet. You can either unplug it from the wall, or turn it off at the wall. This will shut it off, give it 30 seconds or so, and then plug it back in and wait for it to power up. The same can also occur with a smart TV that is running Google TV.

Therefore, you should likewise unplug or turn it off at the wall and then turn it back on again.

6.Check for a Google TV OS or Google TV remote update in the settings

If there is a pending software update for your Google TV operating system or the Google TV remote it can be causing the issue. To check if there is a pending software update go to the Settings again, then select ‘System’ > ‘About’ > ‘Check for software update’. It will take less than a minute or two to check if there is a software update available, and then prompt you to install it. There is a separate place to check if there is a software update for the remote.

This is located in the main settings, under the tab ‘Remotes & accessories’. The top option will say ‘Remote up to date’. Otherwise there will be an option to check for an update, or it will say update ready to be installed. Then you’ll need to select that option to either check or an update or update it.

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Google TV Remote Volume Not Working

White google tv remote

All of the buttons on a Google TV remote can not be working. Or, only some of the buttons can not be working. In particular the volume button can not be set up correctly, and a few steps need to be taken to get it to work.

Go to the Settings from the home screen and select ‘Remote and accessories’. Then select ‘Set up remote buttons’, ‘Add device’, and then select ‘TV’. Select the type of TV you have. After that there will be an option that says ‘Volume’, select that to configure and set up the volume button.

It will play some music and prompt you to turn it up and down to verify that it’s working correctly. From there, the volume button will work as per normal. To do this step it may be necessary to install the Android TV app on a smartphone. This can be required if the navigation buttons on your Google TV remote aren’t working. Installing the Android TV app will allow you to use your smartphone as a remote for your TV.

Google TV Remote Keeps Disconnecting

White google tv remote

Once a Google TV remote is connected it will generally stay connected. You may run into an issue where it disconnects quite frequently. Here’s what you should do when this happens.

Reboot the Google TV remote, this is done by taking the batteries out and holding the ‘home’ button. While holding the home button, put the batteries back in, and keep holding it until the LED light at the bottom of the front of the remote starts flashing. Then let go of the home button.

If the problem persists after that you should remove the remote from the paired devices in Google TV. And then add it again. This is done by going to the Settings from the main screen on your Google TV. Then selecting ‘Remotes & accessories’. On that screen it will have the current remote you’re using.

Following that you should restart your Google Chromecast, or TV. When none of these work you should contact the manufacturer to see about getting a replacement remote under warranty.

Google TV Remote Not Turning On/Off TV

White google tv remote

A Google TV remote can turn off your TV. However, it needs to be configured first. In other cases it may already be configured and there are some additional steps to take, below I will explain how to get your Google TV remote to turn your TV on and off when it’s stopped working or has never worked.

Select ‘Remote and accessories’ from the Settings menu. Once you open this menu select the option that says ‘Set up remote buttons’. Then select ‘Add TV’ and select your brand of TV from the list. After that select the ‘power’ option, which will walk you through enabling it.

Once it has been enabled it will begin working. It is also possible that your remote has frozen and needs to be restarted. I’ve explained how to do that at the top of this article. Scroll up and look for step ‘2. Reboot the Google Chromecast remote or smart TV remote.’ And follow the instructions provided there.

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If you’re still having issues then it’s best to try ‘forgetting’ the remote from your Google TV and re adding it. How to do that is explained in the video shown a few paragraphs above titled ‘Chromecast with Google TV How To Turn Off & On – Turn Off or On Your Chromecast with Google TV’.

Have a different brand smart tv? Please check out our article on Smart TV Remote Not Working to find your specific TV brand.

Google TV Remote Not Responding

Google tv remote with white table

Once a Google TV remote is set up and paired on your Google Chromecast it rarely will have any issues. But, if your Google TV Chromecast remote, or another Google TV remote for a TV that has Google TV installed on it isn’t responding there are a few troubleshooting steps you should do. Here’s what they are:

Start by putting in a new pair of batteries. In doing so it will also reset your Google TV remote which can fix this issue. Turn the TV and Google Chromecast on and off by unplugging them. The Google TV remote can have become unpaired randomly and you need to re-pair it.

Otherwise, the TV and the Google Chromecast need to be restarted, it hasn’t been enabled in the settings, or the remote is faulty. I’ve explained each of these troubleshooting steps and how to perform them at the start of this article. Start with step ‘1 Verify the batteries aren’t completely drained’. And perform each of the steps one by one until your Google TV remote begins working.

Take the batteries out, and put them back in. Then restart your Google Chromecast, and your TV by turning them at the wall outlet then turning them back on again. After that, verify the remote is set up correctly in the ‘remote and accessories’ option in the settings of Google TV.

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