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Sanyo TV Remote Not Working

Sanyo, which has its headquarters in Japan, is well known for manufacturing high-quality TVs since its inception in 1949. This is why it is so upsetting to be stuck with a Sanyo TV Remote that is suddenly not working, so that your Sanyo TV is basically unusable. This is true whether you have a brand new Sanyo TV Remote or an older model.  Read on to learn more about why your Sanyo TV Remote is not working and what you can do about it.

If your Sanyo TV Remote is not working, try taking out the remote’s batteries. Press down on the power button of the remote for a period of thirty seconds. Take a small piece of cotton and clean the battery contacts. Wait thirty seconds and then replace the batteries with new ones.

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Another potential issue could be an obstruction between the remote and the TV. Remote controls use infrared signals, which can be blocked by objects. Ensure there are no obstacles between the remote and the TV sensor, and clean the sensor area on the TV as well as the remote’s emitter to remove any dust or grime. This can improve signal transmission and remote responsiveness.

Sanyo TV Remote Not Responding

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If your Sanyo TV Remote is not responding and it is not from a battery problem, you will probably need to resync the remote with your Sanyo TV. Hopefully, this will resolve the problem. If not, continue on with further troubleshooting steps as below.

If your Sanyo TV Remote is not working and not responding, aim the remote directly at the Sanyo TV. Press on Rewind and Fast Forward at the same time. See if you get a message that your Sanyo TV Remote is now paired with your Sanyo TV.

Sanyo TV Remote Won’t Change Channel

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Nothing is more annoying than to be sitting in anticipation of watching your favorite program and finding that your Sanyo TV Remote is not changing channels. This type of problem usually requires a power cycle reset, which can be accomplished easily.

If your Sanyo TV Remote is not working and won’t change channels, do a power cycle reset. Unplug the power cable. Make sure all the lights are out, wait thirty seconds and then reconnect the power cable. Then check the remote again to see if it now changes channels.

You can also try replacing the batteries in your Sanyo TV Remote for this problem and then pressing down the Sanyo TV Remote’s power button for thirty seconds and then seeing if this solves the problem and your Sanyo TV Remote starts changing channels again.

Sanyo TV Remote Buttons not Working

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All TV remotes tend to get worn out over time due to wear and tear due to friction. This can lead to a totally worthless remote whose buttons have been rendered useless. If cleaning the buttons on your Sanyo TV Remote does not solve the program, it is probably necessary to go ahead and first open the remote’s cover to clean the circuit board.  

If your Sanyo TV Remote is not working and the remote buttons are not working, open the Sanyo Remote Control and gently pull apart the two parts of the battery cover. Clean the circuit board and check again to see if all the buttons are now working normally .

In addition, you can fix any buttons which are not working by simply replacing them with replacement buttons or with properly sized pieces of aluminum foil.

How Do You Reset a Sanyo TV Remote?

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You can reset your Sanyo TV Remote relatively quickly with a few key steps. This will reset the remote to factory settings and should solve the problem. If it does not allow for a reset, you may have to consult a certified Sanyo Technician or just simply purchase a new Sanyo TV Remote.

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If your Sanyo TV Remote is not working and needs a reset, push the power button on the remote. Find the Reset Button located on the lower left of the Sanyo TV Remote. Press on Menu on the remote and keep scrolling down until you see Factory Reset. Press on OK and then on Reset.

Sanyo TV Remote Sensor not Working

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Your Sanyo TV Remote produces an infrared light signal that is received by your Sanyo TV. If this infrared light is not being produced, your Sanyo TV Remote will not be able to control the TV.  

If your Sanyo TV Remote is not working and neither is the Sanyo Remote’s Sensor, turn off your Sanyo TV’s power for about thirty seconds. Hold the TV power button for about thirty seconds and then release it. Reconnect the Sanyo’s TV power source and see if the Sanyo TV Remote works.  

You can also test to see if your Sanyo TV Remote is actually sending an infrared signal by using a camera or the camera on your smart phone. Turn the camera on and then aim your Sanyo TV Remote at the camera screen or viewfinder.  Press down on any button on the remote and hold it for several seconds. Look at the viewfinder of the camera or at the screen of your phone and determine if you can see the infrared light when any button on your Sanyo TV Remote is pressed.

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Sanyo TV Remote Red Light Blinking

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When your Sanyo TV Remote red light is blinking, it not only means that you are not able to change channels, but it also means you are not able to change and adjust the volume or any of the other functions of the remote. Usually, this problem is caused by some type of obstruction between the remote and the Sanyo TV or from your Sanyo TV Remote not being in full sync with your Sanyo TV. Quick and efficient troubleshooting can usually resolve this issue in a timely manner.

If your Sanyo TV Remote is not working and its red light is blinking, check your Bluetooth connection and pairing. Make sure that the Sanyo TV Remote is in full synchronization with your Sanyo TV.  Also, make sure all batteries in the Sanyo TV Remote are fully charged.

In addition, make sure your Sanyo TV Remote is not operating too far away from your Sanyo TV. Look for anything that might be obstructing the direct pathway from your remote to the TV. Any wireless speakers or phones that are in the way can also lead to interference with the Sanyo TV Remote’s normal functioning.

Sanyo Roku TV Remote Not Working

A common reason for a Sanyo Roku TV remote not working is dead batteries. Replace the old batteries with new ones, ensuring they are inserted correctly according to the polarity symbols. This simple step often resolves the issue, as remotes require sufficient power to communicate with the TV, and weak batteries can lead to loss of functionality.

Interference from other electronic devices can also cause issues with your Sanyo Roku TV remote. Devices like routers, microwaves, or cordless phones can disrupt the remote’s signal. To fix this, try moving these potential sources of interference away from your TV and remote. Additionally, ensure that the remote has a clear line of sight to the TV, as obstructions can block the signal.

Another possibility is the remote’s pairing with the TV might be disrupted. This can happen after a power outage or if the TV’s settings are reset. To re-pair the remote, turn off your TV, unplug it for a minute, and then plug it back in. Once the TV is on, press and hold the pairing button inside the remote’s battery compartment for 3-5 seconds. This should re-establish the connection between the remote and your Sanyo Roku TV.

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