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ATT TV Remote Not Working

What can you do if suddenly your ATT Remote is not working? This question is especially troubling if you are looking forward to an exciting sports event or to a new episode of one of your favorite shows on Netflix and are potentially going to miss it. There are a number of potential reasons for your ATT Remote not working which you can easily troubleshoot to determine the cause of this problem so that you are then able to fix it quickly.

If your AT&T remote is not working, the most common issue is depleted batteries. Replace the old batteries with new ones, ensuring they are inserted correctly according to the polarity symbols (+ and -) inside the battery compartment.

Another reason for an AT&T remote not functioning could be signal obstruction. Make sure there are no objects blocking the path between the remote and the receiver. Also, check if the receiver’s sensor is clean and unobstructed, as dirt or dust can interfere with the signal.

Holding a remote while pointing in the TV

A third potential issue is the remote needing reprogramming. If it has lost its connection to your devices, reprogramming is necessary. Instructions for programming the remote are usually found in the user manual or on AT&T’s website. Follow these to re-establish a connection between your remote and the devices it controls.

You can also check to see if there are any wireless devices like smartphones that could potentially be interfering with your ATT TV Remote. Move all of this type of device as far as possible away from your TV and away from your remote. You can also try to move anything in your TV viewing room that might be blocking the pathway from the remote to the TV.

Another possibility is that it is time to reset your ATT TV Remote. To do this, you will need to press the OK button and press the AT&T together simultaneously. Then release both buttons and you will see that each of the 4 Mode keys will flash two times. This tells you that you are then in the mode to program the remote.

Now enter the number Nine Hundred and you will see the AT&T flash for quite a while until your ATT TV Remote has reset back to the factory default settings.

ATT TV Remote not Changing Volume

Holding a remote while pointing in the TV

If you cannot change your TV’s volume with your ATT Remote, it is both inconvenient and upsetting. Luckily, there are several easy remedies to resolve this issue. Usually, re-programming your ATT TV Remote will quickly fix your remote’s volume problem.  

If the ATT TV Remote is not working and is not changing volume, then press down on the Menu Key and go to Help and then push OK.  Select Information and then Troubleshoot and Resolve. Now select TV and then Sound. Select Sound Issue and then follow the appropriate prompts to fix the volume issue.

You can also fix the volume problem by going into Program Mode. If you press Ok and Menu at the same time for about 3 seconds, the Power key will flash a red color 2 times to indicate you are definitely in Program Mode.  Now you can press on the Volume Up key, which will then have a red blink one time to finalize the volume fix.

ATT TV Remote won’t Turn On/Off TV

Man holding a remote while pointing in the TV

If you have an ATT Remote that either will not turn on or won’t turn off, it is usually due to faulty batteries in the remote or to a problem with your TV itself. Carefully troubleshoot both possible causes to try to determine the reason for the problem rapidly.

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If your ATT TV Remote is not working and the ATT TV Remote won’t turn on/off the TV, first check to make sure the batteries in the remote are fully charged. Replace them as needed and then unplug and re-plug the TV power cord to reset the TV. 

Then, check the Mode buttons to make sure the remote is in TV mode and try using the Remote again to see if it will turn on and off normally.

ATT TV Remote Keeps Blinking

Man holding a remote while pointing in the TV

If you were watching a show and then happened to put it on pause and then try to resume watching your program, it is very disconcerting to find that your ATT Remote is not working and keeps blinking. This can be extremely distracting and, in fact, it can totally destroy your viewing experience. A few quick troubleshooting steps can easily solve this problem.

If the ATT Remote is not working and keeps blinking, it is probably due to problems with Bluetooth pairing. See that your Bluetooth connection is fully functioning before proceeding further with troubleshooting.  Check that your Remote is synced with your TV and also check for low level batteries.

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ATT TV Remote Not Connecting/Won’t Pair

Woman holding a remote while pointing in the TV

If your ATT TV Remote is not connecting/won’t pair, it means you cannot change channels or have any control over your TV. As this is totally untenable, check out this quick way to regain control over your ATT TV Remote.

If the ATT TV Remote is not working and not connecting/won’t pair, take the ATT Remote and aim it directly at your TV. Then press down on Rewind and Fast Forward together. Now you should see a message indicating that the ATT Remote pairs with your TV.

You can also try pressing the Mode button  and the Enter Button at the same time. Hold them both down for about 1 second and then let them both go. At this point, all of the Mode buttons on your ATT Remote should be flashing two times which is an indication that you have activated Programming Mode so that you can then sync the ATT Remote and your TV.

ATT TV Remote Won’t Update

Man holding a remote while pointing in the TV

It is very frustrating if your ATT TV Remote will not update normally. This can prevent optimal functioning and may affect all of your viewing channels. There are usually several quick fixes to this problem.

If your ATT TV Remote is not Working and won’t update, reset it to factory settings. Press and hold down the Dash and Apps buttons together. Watch for the LED lights to blink blue 2 times. Then press the Red Button on the side of your ATT TV Remote and check it for normal functioning.

You can also try to resync your TV’s Remote with your ATT TV Remote manually by turning on your TV and on Menu select Help and then Information and Remote Control Setup. From here, go on to select ATT TV Remote from the list provided and then conduct an appropriate code search. When the code is provided, enter it and then follow the instructions provided.

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