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Insignia TV Roku Not Working

Insignia TVs offer just about any screen size available, have a picture resolution that can beat out just about any competition, and offers owners the ability to get hundreds of different apps from their TV, one of those being Roku. What, then, do you do when Roku stops working?

If your Insignia TV’s Roku feature isn’t working, it might be due to a network connectivity issue. Ensure your TV is properly connected to your Wi-Fi network. Sometimes, simply restarting your router and TV can resolve the issue by refreshing the connection.

Insignia TV Roku

Another common hiccup could be outdated software. It’s like running an old, sluggish engine in a car that needs a tune-up. Your Insignia Roku TV operates best when its firmware is up-to-date. To check for updates, navigate to the Roku’s settings menu, select “System,” and then “System update.” Applying the latest update can often kick-start your Roku back into action, ensuring smooth streaming.

Lastly, a specific app causing trouble can also lead to Roku not working correctly on your Insignia TV. If the issue arises only when trying to use a particular app, the fix might be as simple as removing and then reinstalling the app. This process can clear any corrupted data within the app itself, akin to resetting a misbehaving smartphone app that’s not performing as expected. Through the Roku interface, highlight the problematic app, press the * button on your remote, choose ‘Remove channel,’ and then add it back from the Roku Channel Store.

When using Roku on your Insignia TV, not only are you able to have the benefits of a high-quality TV, but you are able to use Roku as the hub for all of your app wants and needs, through the ease of one simple device or download. If you love using Roku on your Insignia TV but notice that it is suddenly not working, take a look below to find the specific issue that fits your circumstances as well as the solution to get things back into working order.

Insignia Roku TV Not Working

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When you turn on your Insignia TV, through either the use of a Roku remote or by pressing the ‘Home’ button on your Insignia remote, you should be able to go directly into Roku and have access to the content that comes with the device as well as what you have previously downloaded and installed. If you go to use Roku on your Insignia TV and notice that Roku is not working as it should, take a look below to find out how to fix the problem.

If Roku is not working on your Insignia TV, be sure that you have the correct HDMI input selected if using a Roku streaming device. Cycle through all the inputs until you notice that one recognizes the device. If using the incorrect input, Roku will not be able to operate, thus, will not work.

Insignia Roku TV Not Connecting to Wifi/Internet/Wireless

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Now, if you are not using a Roku device on your Insignia TV but have an Insignia Roku TV, Roku comes installed and ready to work as soon as you have the device set up. However, due to an Insignia Roku TV being a smart TV, it must have a network connection to function, meaning that it has to be connected to wifi or some other form of internet.

If your Insignia Roku TV is not connecting to wifi, the internet, or a wireless connection, it may be that you need to reset your modem or router. To do this, unplug the device directly from its power source for 60 seconds, plug it back in, then allow it to reboot before trying to connect again.

Insignia Roku TV Can’t Find Wireless Network

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During the setup process of your Insignia Roku TV, you will be prompted to connect your TV to a network so that it is able to run properly through this connection. When at this stage, the TV should give you a list of available networks to connect to which you will then select and proceed to put in your password so that the connection can be verified and completed. However, if you are at this step but your TV is not finding your wireless network, what can you do?

If your Insignia Roku TV can’t find your wireless network, you can reset your router, but the issue may also be caused by your router being blocked or obstructed. Be sure to remove anything obstructing the router and that the device is placed close enough to the TV to give a good signal.

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Insignia Roku TV Frozen/Keeps Freezing/Crashing

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When you are using your Insignia Roku TV, it would be understandable that you would have the expectation that the TV works without interruption. However, because this type of TV functions through a network connection, there are going to be times when you encounter streaming issues which can cause the TV to momentarily freeze. However, if you notice that your TV is constantly freezing or crashing without warning, there may be something you can do.

If your Insignia Roku TV is frozen, keeps freezing, or is crashing without warning, it may be caused by overheating. To fix this, unplug the TV and allow it to sit for 5 minutes so it can cool down. During this time, be sure that your TV is not too close to the wall or other devices that emit heat.

Insignia Roku TV Volume Not Working – Too Loud or Too Low

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There are times when it is convenient to have your TV muted so that you can either hear a conversation or avoid obnoxious commercials in between your favorite game, but for the most part, Insignia Roku TV owners want the volume up and working without having to think twice about it. Therefore, if you turn on your TV and want the volume on but notice that it is too loud or too low, what can you do to get the sound back into working order?

If the volume on your Insignia Roku TV is not working, with it being either too loud or too low, you may need to adjust the sound settings from within the TV. To do this, press ‘Menu’ > ‘Audio’ > ‘Custom’ and then adjust the sound settings for a volume level that you prefer.

Insignia Roku TV No Sound/Sound Not Working

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You may not be having an issue with the sound being too loud or too low, but even worse, may have turned on your TV to notice that there is no sound at all. The first thing you want to do when this happens is to check to see if you have accidentally muted your TV without knowing by pressing the ‘Volume Up’ or ‘Volume Down’ buttons. If you still have no sound or the sound is not working, read below to find out how to get sound back to your Insignia Roku TV.

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If your Insignia Roku TV has no sound or the sound is not working, unplug the TV directly from the power outlet and remove any connections from the TV. Once unplugged, hold down the ‘Power’ and ‘Volume’ buttons for one minute on the remote then allow the TV to sit for five minutes before restarting.

Insignia TV Roku Black/Blank/Dark Screen/No Picture

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When using Roku on your Insignia TV, you should be able to enter the interface of this system and access apps and content within them without any sort of issues, so long as you have a stable network connection. If you are using Roku though and notice that, when you open the service or try to play content from within it, you are met with a black, blank, or dark screen with no picture, you may be wondering what went so awry to cause such an issue.

If Roku on your Insignia TV is showing a black, blank, or dark screen with no picture, you may be able to fix the issue with a power cycle. To power cycle your TV, unplug the TV from the power source and allow it to sit for a few minutes before plugging it back in and testing Roku once more.

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