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How To Reset Dell Monitor

Latest Black Monitor

Occasionally you may need to reset devices for numerous reasons, doing so usually isn’t a big task. To reset your device often is your quickest solution for malfunctions and sometimes just needs to be performed. Your computer monitor is one of those that can be done easily.

To reset a Dell monitor, turn power to PC and monitor off and disconnect all cables to the monitor. Press the monitor power button for 8 seconds to drain any residual power, reconnect the power cable and video cable, turn the monitor on, and the reset will have completed.

Following these steps should reset your Dell monitor once you have connected and powered on to test it out. There are different models of Dell laptops and the company is also known for rebranding other companies’ monitors so there may be a different solution to resetting. Therefore, if you are looking to reset your Dell monitor and aren’t quite sure of the specific steps, continue reading below to find the exact process.

How To Factory Reset/Hard Reset A Dell Monitor To Default Settings

Latest Black Monitor

Dell computers and their monitors come with a built-in feature to reset them. If you don’t know exactly how to access the menu or just want a quick and easy way to reset your monitor, performing a hard reset is the option for you and can be done with just a few simple steps.

To perform a factory reset or hard reset on your Dell monitor, first, turn off the device. Hold down the power button for 8 seconds to completely drain power and reconnect all cables. Then, turn on the monitor, power on the PC, and your monitor should reset to default settings.

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When unplugging cables you may turn over your monitor to make it easier to access the connections. If so, be sure you don’t accidentally push down and hold the menu button for a short amount of time, as this may cause your monitor to lock. If you do, hold the menu button again for 15 seconds to unlock it.

If you find in the process your monitor is stuck in Safe Mode, close all programs so that you are on the desktop, then click the Start button. While in the Search box, type ‘misconfig’ and press ‘Enter’. From there, the System Configuration will open, then make sure that the Start-Up selection is set to Normal Startup and that should take care of the problem.

How To Reset Dell Monitor Display Settings

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Dell computers and their monitors come with a built-in feature enabling you to reset if ever necessary. Resetting the monitor may require a hard reset but try using the built-in feature first if you like. To see how to reset a Dell monitor display settings, take a look below to find the exact steps.

To reset your Dell monitor to default settings, press the third button which looks like a monitor. Then press button one to choose other options, then button 3 to select. Press button one or two to highlight ‘Factory Reset’ and button three to select and confirm.

Many people have expressed concern over their Dell monitor not turning on when it has been in sleep mode. To avoid this, one solution is to disable the Deep Sleep mode of the monitor. To do this, turn on the On-Screen Display (OSD), select ‘Others’, then ‘Monitor Deep Sleep’ and disable it.

If you are experiencing other issues, try troubleshooting for the solution. First, make sure your drivers are up to date then verify a display from a reliable source, even if it is an external display device. Then, check for any physical damage, run a diagnostics on the monitor, and then you may reset the monitor to its factory settings.

How To Reset Dell Monitor Locked

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Sometimes buttons on a computer or device may get pushed inadvertently. Settings may get changed or a device may get locked, then you are stuck trying to figure out how to undo this or reset it. Resetting a Dell monitor is uncomplicated, but it can also just be as easily locked by accident. To see how to reset a Dell monitor that has been locked, take a look below to see what the process looks like.

To reset a Dell monitor that is locked, press and hold the menu button for 15 seconds. After this time has passed, the lock symbol will display an open padlock. There you may set the preference to what you desire and the monitor will unlock for unobstructed use.

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You may wonder how your Dell monitor can become locked without you intentionally doing it, but it can happen easier than you may think. Simply placing your monitor face down while cleaning or plugging in a cable can push the menu button long enough to lock it. If it is on a stand this may keep the monitor from becoming locked accidentally.

The Dell monitor stand will keep it from becoming locked or moving while you are transporting to a new location. To unlock the stand you will need to press and hold the release button on the back side while at the same time pressing down on the monitor. Doing so will unlock and remove the stand.

How To Reset Dell Monitor Resolution/Screen Size

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It’s nice to customize and change settings on computers or monitors, especially when it comes to the resolution or screen size of the device, as this tailors the device to your own personal preferences and needs. If you find that the resolution on your Dell monitor needs to be adjusted or the screen size needs to be changed, continue reading below to see how this can easily be done.

To reset Dell monitor resolution and screen size, activate the Control Panel, choose ‘Appearance and Themes’ > ‘Display’ > ‘Settings,’ slide the horizontal slider to the desired resolution > click ‘Apply’. If you are wanting to keep this setting, click Keep Changes.

If you change the monitor resolution you may also want to change the size of fonts and icons. This can also be accessed from the Control Panel, then you will click ‘System,’ then ‘Display.’ From here, choose ‘Change the size of text, apps, and other items,’ click the drop-down box and choose ‘Font Size’ where you can select your desired font from the drop-down option box.

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Changing the Dell monitor resolution may also convince you to change the screen color depth. If you choose to do this, open the Control Panel, click ‘System’ then ‘Display.’ From here, click ‘Display Adaptor Properties’, choose’ List All Modes,’ select your desired color depth, then click ‘OK’.

How To Reset Language On Dell Monitor

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If you have purchased a Dell monitor, and notice the language is not suited for your personal use, it is easy to change the language. To do so you won’t need to complete the process in a different language, but will simply need to follow a few easy steps right on your monitor to change the language to what you need. To see the process to reset the language on a Dell monitor, read on.

To reset the language on your Dell monitor, click the second button from the right and use the down arrow button to select the icon with the monitor. Click the right arrow button twice to access the different languages, and click up/down to choose a language, then the check mark to confirm.

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If you are wanting to manage the display language in Windows, click the Windows button > ‘Settings,’ > ‘Time and Language,’ > then ‘Language.’ From here you can select your language from the ‘Windows Display Language’ list menu. If you don’t see the language you need, click ‘Preferred Language,’ > ‘Add a Language’ > and manually add the language you desire.

If changing the language does not work, you will have to take an extra step in the process to resolve the issue and remove the Display Language installed. To do so for Windows 10, go to the Windows button > ‘Time and Language’, choose from the options the language you want displayed, and select ‘Remove.’ Then, restart your PC and go to ‘Language’ then click ‘Add a Language’, find the language you are wanting, click ‘Next,’ then ‘Install.’

How To Reset Dell Monitor Power

Latest Black Monitor

If you are having trouble accessing your Dell monitor, first you may want to make sure the power source is working properly. If all checks out then your issue may be with your Dell monitor itself. If so, this can be resolved by following a few simple steps.

To reset your Dell monitor power, unplug all cables and press and hold the monitor power button for 8 seconds. Next, plug all cables back in and power on your monitor, then the PC. This will reset the power and should allow your Dell monitor to resume normal operation.

To perform a hard reset of your Dell monitor, first, locate the menu button and press it. A window will appear and you will need to select the Reset icon by pressing the up or down arrow displayed. Press the ‘OK’ button then the up or down arrow again to select ‘OK’ or ‘All Reset’ and a hard reset will begin.

To perform a Factory Reset, press the menu button and select ‘Other Settings.’ Press the Selection button, then the down arrow to select ‘Factory Reset’ towards the bottom of the listed options. Finally, press the Selection button while Factory Reset is selected to reset the monitor settings.

How To Reset Dell Monitor Black Screen

Latest Black Monitor

If you are experiencing display issues, such as your Dell monitor only displaying a black screen then you will need to reset your monitor. Doing so will correct this issue and return the device back to factory settings. Once completed you may change its setting as you normally do.

To reset a Dell monitor that is displaying a black screen, restart the graphic driver, then force a shutdown of your computer and boot back in safe mode. Update the graphic drive, and restart the explorer.exe to repair your PC without losing any data. You’ll then need to reset or update the BIOS.

After completing the previous steps, if you are still experiencing the black screen displayed on your Dell monitor, you may need to move forward with another troubleshooting option which involves connecting to an external display. To do this, click and hold the Windows key + P key then press the down arrow key to select another display and press ‘Enter.’

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 07/01/2022

When you see a black screen displayed on your Dell monitor, remember that this may not always be an incredibly complicated problem. Many times, this is simply an indication that the monitor needs to be turned on or that the monitor has gone into sleep mode. If you would like to try for a simpler method before trying the previously mentioned actions, simply restart your monitor by pressing the power button or press a key on the keyboard to awaken the device.

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To reset your Dell monitor, start by powering off the monitor and PC, then unplug all cables. Press and hold the power button on the monitor for 8 seconds to drain off any power still active in the monitor. You will then plug all cables back in, turn on monitor power, then PC power.

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