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How To Reset Sony Soundbar

The Sony Soundbar produces crisp, clear sound that will improve your movie night experience or make your living room feel like you are in a concert hall again. It can be very frustrating, though, when the soundbar does not work correctly.

To reset a Sony soundbar, turn it off and unplug it from the power outlet. Wait for about a minute, then plug it back in and turn it on. Press and hold the ‘Volume -‘ button on the soundbar (not the remote) and the ‘Power’ button on the remote simultaneously for about five seconds until a message appears on the display.

Keep in mind, resetting your Sony soundbar will revert all settings back to their factory defaults. This means any custom settings, like sound adjustments or paired Bluetooth devices, will be lost and need to be set up again. It’s a good practice to make a note of these settings before resetting, so you can easily restore your preferences. Also, a reset might not resolve hardware-related issues, in which case, consulting the user manual or seeking technical support could be necessary.

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

While resetting the Sony Soundbar is simple, the steps may vary depending on the model of soundbar you have. This article will outline what those steps are and even how to reset the soundbar if you have a subwoofer.

Is There A Reset Button On A Sony Soundbar?

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So many times in life we look for the reset button. Unfortunately, most electronic devices are not equipped with a reset button. But there is a work-around to this issue with the Sony Soundbar.

Generally speaking, Sony Soundbars do not have a stand-alone reset button. However, the soundbar does have a built-in reset mode. Pressing the right sequence of buttons will activate this built-in feature.

There are a variety of reasons why you may need to reset your soundbar. The LED display lights are blinking. There is no audio or the audio is coming through distorted. You may even hear buzzing or other sounds coming from the soundbar.

The most common issue, though, is connectivity issues with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices. When we finally get our Sony soundbar home, we are so excited that we pair the soundbar to every device available.

If the soundbar becomes overwhelmed with too many connections, you will have to reset the soundbar to clear out all those connections and go through the setup process again.

Another reason, which will be discussed later in this article, is if the soundbar and subwoofer are not working correctly. If the sound is not clear, too low, or there are other noises coming from the subwoofer, resetting the soundbar will resolve these issues.

How To Reset Sony Soundbar Factory Reset

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

Performing a factory reset can seem intimidating at first but it is simple and effective. A factory reset will delete all saved settings and preferences but it is a guaranteed way to wipe the slate clean and start over when it comes to programming issues.

In general, to factory reset a Sony Soundbar, you will press and hold down two or three buttons for a few seconds until the display lights start blinking or the audio indicator flashes. Depending on the model of Sony soundbar you have, you will also press the ‘Input Select’ button.

Listed below are several Sony Soundbar models and how to reset them. If you do not see your Sony Soundbar model, you can consult your Sony Soundbar User’s Manual or visit The steps outlined are not complicated and will only take a few minutes to complete.

There is no danger in damaging the soundbar with these steps so feel free to repeat them if the first time is not successful.

If, however, after several attempts to reset the soundbar, you continue to experience performance issues with the soundbar, there may be software issues that require more than a reset. Visit and chat with a customer service specialist to get more detailed help.

HT-S100F/SF200 and G700 MODELS

Step 1: On the soundbar, press and hold these three buttons: ‘Power’, ‘Volume Up’ (+), and ‘Input Select’.

Step 2: Hold these three buttons for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Unplug the soundbar for 10 seconds and then plug it back in.

Step 4: Press the ‘Power’ button.

HT-S20 and S40R MODELS

Step 1: On the remote, press the ‘Menu’ button.

Step 2: Use the arrows on the remote to navigate to ‘Reset’.

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Step 3: When ‘All Reset’ appears on the display panel, press ‘Enter’.


Step 1: On the soundbar, press and hold the ‘Input Select’, ‘Volume Down’ (-), and ‘Power’ buttons for 10 seconds.

Step 2: When ‘Reset’ appears on the display panel, disconnect the power cable for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Reconnect the power cable and turn the soundbar on.

HT-A5000/A7000/A9 MODELS

Step 1: On the remote control, press the ‘Menu’ button.

Step 2: Select ‘Setup’ and ‘Advanced Settings’.

Step 3: Select ‘Resetting’.

Step 4: Select the item to reset and then select ‘Start’.

How To Reset Sony Soundbar Without Remote

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Thankfully electronics these days come with several works-arounds. The Sony Soundbar is no different. While having a remote does make things easier, you can still reset your Soundbar without one.

To reset the Sony Soundar without a remote, you will press and hold the ‘Power’ button, the ‘Volume Up’ (+) button, and the ‘Input Select’ button on the soundbar display panel. Press these buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds. Unplug the AC cord for 10 seconds and then plug it back in.

The soundbar can easily be programmed with your TV remote or a Universal remote. The Universal remote will require a specific pairing code from the soundbar in order to complete the setup. Because this code is brand-specific, check your Sony Soundbar User’s Manual or visit to get the code.

How To Reset Sony Soundbar Remote

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

Remote controls are designed to make our life easier. With the press of a button in our hand, we can adjust the sound, change the settings, even adjust the equalizer so we feel like we are in a theater. If your Sony soundbar remote is not working, we are here to help.

The Sony Soundbar remote can be reset quickly and easily. Simply remove the batteries from the back of the remote. With the batteries removed, press each button on the remote individually. Replace the batteries with fresh alkaline batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries.

While batteries are out, take the time to inspect the battery compartment and coils. You can easily clean the battery connectors and compartment with a q-tip and alcohol. Gently remove any dirt or debris in the battery compartment.

A common mistake when inserting the batteries incorrectly is not inserting them correctly. Oftentimes we think the remote is broken when the problem is the batteries were put in wrong. Make sure the batteries match up with the indicated symbol inside the battery compartment.

Remote controls rely on IR signals to communicate to other electronic devices. If there is interference with the signal, it could appear the remote does not work. Make sure there is nothing obstructing the remote signal from reaching the soundbar.

How to Reset Sony Soundbar HT-CT80

To reset a Sony HT-CT80 soundbar, turn off the soundbar and then press and hold the ‘Volume -‘ button on the unit. While holding the button, turn the soundbar back on. Continue holding the ‘Volume -‘ button until ‘RESET’ appears on the soundbar display. Release the button to complete the reset process.

How To Reset Sony Soundbar Subwoofer

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

The soundbar emits high and mid-range frequencies while a subwoofer will provide the extra bass. The two together create the ultimate sound experience. Below are some possible issues when connecting a subwoofer to your Sony Soundbar.


If you are using the Bluetooth setting on the subwoofer, make sure there is a good wireless connection and there are no other interference issues. Limiting the number of devices connected via Bluetooth will ensure better sound quality and performance from the subwoofer.

Connectivity Issues

As just mentioned, too many devices connected to the soundbar and subwoofer will interfere with its ability to work properly. If the On/StandBy indicator is not illuminated on the subwoofer, the subwoofer is struggling to maintain power. Make sure the subwoofer’s power cord is securely connected to its power source.


Distortion in the sound could be due to a bad connection between the subwoofer and the soundbar. The following steps will walk you through resetting the subwoofer to resolve this issue.

Step 1: On the Sony Soundbar remote, press the ‘Home’ button.

Step 2: Select ‘Set up’.

Step 3: Select ‘System Settings’.

Step 4: Select ‘Wireless Subwoofer Connection’.

You will need to do a trial and error test on which settings you want. Check the frequency band and channels to see which works best.

Green Indicator Lights

A slowly flashing green indicator light means the subwoofer is trying to connect to the soundbar. Make sure the subwoofer is not far away from the soundbar or in a location that blocks the signal between the subwoofer and the soundbar.

Remove any objects that could interfere with the signal – furniture, other electronic devices, speakers. Also make sure the subwoofer is in an area with enough ventilation to prevent it from overheating.

A green light that flashes quickly means the subwoofer and soundbar are not connected. The subwoofer will need to be turned off and reset.

Step 1: Press and hold the ‘Power’ button on the Sony Soundbar.

Step 2: Press and hold both the ‘Volume Up’ (+) button and the ‘Input Selector’ button until ‘Reset’ appears on the soundbar display panel.

Step 3: Unplug the soundbar for 30 seconds and then plug it back in.

Step 4: Once power is restored to the soundbar, the soundbar and subwoofer can be paired again.

You can reset the Sony Soundbar Subwoofer by first unplugging the subwoofer from its power source. Remove all connecting cables between the subwoofer, soundbar, and any other device. Let the subwoofer rest for at least 60 seconds. Plug the subwoofer back in and relink to the other devices.

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