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How To Reset Vizio Soundbar

Vizio Soundbars are a great way to amplify audio from an external device without purchasing a complete home theater system. If your Vizio Soundbar is not living up to your audio expectations, there are some easy solutions to this annoying problem.

The Vizio Soundbar can easily be reset by turning the power off for 10 seconds and then restarting. For a more in-depth problem-solving solution, simultaneously press and hold both the ‘Input’ and ‘Volume Up’ (+) buttons for 15 seconds.

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

If the Vizio Soundbar is not working correctly or not working at all, these issues can be resolved by resetting the soundbar. It only takes a few minutes and can save you a lot of money since these steps do not require you to hire a professional.

Is There A Reset Button On Vizio Soundbar

When it comes to resetting our electronic devices, a reset button would be great. With the press of one button, the problems are gone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way and the Vizio Soundbar is no different.

The Vizio Soundbar does not have a stand-alone reset button. However, the soundbar does have a built-in reset feature. Pressing the correct sequence of buttons will activate this feature, resetting the soundbar and returning it to its original factory settings.

It is important to know how to reset your Vizio Soundbar. Electronic devices that are used frequently will develop glitches within the software that will affect the device’s ability to perform optimally. Resetting the soundbar will clear these glitches.

Power Surge

A power surge is exactly what it implies – a surge in electrical power. This surge can do great harm to our electronic devices, causing the soundbar to stop working or just not operate like it used to.

The surge in electricity can cause the soundbar to become stuck on a certain setting or command. Resetting the soundbar will refresh the software, waking it up, so it will respond to new commands.

How To Reset Vizio Soundbar To Factory Settings

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

As was just mentioned, resetting the soundbar is important in removing glitches within the soundbar’s software. These glitches can manifest themselves as an expensive problem – no sound, buzzing sounds, no power. You name it.

You can reset the Vizio Soundbar to factory settings by simultaneously pressing and holding both the ‘Bluetooth’ and ‘Down Volume’ (-) buttons for 15 seconds. All of the LED display lights will flash off and on three times. Once the lights stop flashing, the soundbar has been reset.

Performing a factory reset on your Vizio Soundbar will erase all saved preferences and settings. Once you have reset the soundbar, you will need to reconnect to the correct Wi-Fi network and go through the process of reconnecting your TV and other external devices to the soundbar.

Demo Mode

After performing a factory reset on the Vizio Soundbar you notice the soundbar dropping sound, Bluetooth is no longer visible, or only the volume buttons, the soundbar is in demo mode.

If you have the SmartCast Vizio Soundbar app downloaded, you can disable the demo mode from within the app. If you do not have the app downloaded, continue reading for two suggestions on how to disable the demo mode setting.

If you are only able to adjust the volume on the soundbar, press and hold both the ‘Input’ and ‘Bluetooth’ buttons for 10 seconds. All of the LED lights should flash 4 times. If the lights do not flash, you may be in a different demo mode setting.

If only USB content or content played through the Analog RCA output works, press and hold the ‘Input’ and ‘Volume Up’ (+) buttons for 10 seconds. The LED lights will flash four times. If the lights only flash once, repeat the steps.

How To Reset Vizio Soundbar Remote

Black soundbar

The Vizio Soundbar remote does so much more than control the power or volume of the soundbar. You can use the remote to optimize and fine-tune the sound for different content and even individual audio settings.

You can reset the Vizio Soundbar remote by power cycling the remote. Remove the batteries from the remote. Press each button individually, two times. Replace the batteries with fresh batteries. Power on the remote.

If the Vizio Soundbar remote has been reset and powers on but the soundbar itself is not working correctly, you can use the remote to reset the soundbar.

Step 1: Using the remote, press the ‘Setup’ button.

Step 2: Select ‘Reset Audio’.

Step 3: Select ‘Audio Settings’.

Step 4: Press ‘OK’.

After step 4, all of the LED display lights will blink three times to indicate the soundbar has been reset. If the lights do not blink, repeat the steps one more time.

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How To Reset Vizio Soundbar Without Remote

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

Using a remote does make life easier but if you do not have the remote for your Vizio Soundbar, you can still easily reset the soundbar.

You can reset the Vizio Soundbar without a remote by pressing and holding both the ‘Bluetooth’ and ‘Volume Down’ (-) buttons. Hold the buttons for 15 seconds or until all of the LED display lights stop flashing.

A Universal remote can easily be set up with your Vizio Soundbar. You will need the correct pairing code for your specific Vizio Soundbar. This code is brand-specific. You can easily find this code in your User’s Manual or online at

Another cool feature of the Vizio Soundbar is its ability to communicate with your phone. If you purchased your Android phone within the last couple of years, the phone may have the capability of communicating with your soundbar. Check out the Playstore for Universal Remote apps.

How To Reset Vizio Soundbar Volume

Black soundbar with remote

Issues with the Vizio soundbar audio could be software issues. The best way to resolve this problem is to reset the soundbar. Resetting the soundbar will remove any glitches in the software and will force any pending updates.

The Vizio Soundbar volume can be reset by turning on the DTS TruVolume feature. Using the Vizio remote, press the ‘Menu’ button. Select the ‘Audio’ menu and then navigate to ‘Volume Leveling’. Use the remote arrows to adjust the setting on or off.

If adjusting the DTS TruVolume settings did not resolve the issue. There are some other ways to troubleshoot the issue before resetting the soundbar. It is often best to start with the basics – make sure the volume on the soundbar is turned up.

Another suggestion is to make sure the soundbar is connected to the correct device.

Step 1: Turn on the TV.

Step 2: Press and hold the ‘Input’ button on the soundbar until the LED display lights all start flashing. The Soundbar is now searching to find the connected Audio source.

Verify The Source

Most audio issues with the Vizio soundbar have nothing to do with the soundbar itself. Oftentimes the issues come from the device the soundbar is connected to.

The best, and simplest, way to troubleshoot this issue is to connect the soundbar to another device. If the sound works, the issue is not with the soundbar.


If you power on the soundbar and the LED lights flash red, or there are no lights at all, the soundbar needs to charge.

Audio-Out Port

Make sure the soundbar is connected to the correct audio port connection on the TV. You want the audio from the TV to play out through the soundbar, which means the soundbar cable needs to be connected to the Audio-Out port.

TV Compatibility

Not all TVs are created equal. It is possible your TV is not designed to support the soundbar. Restarting the TV and checking the audio settings will help you determine if this is the real issue with the soundbar volume not working.

How To Reset Vizio Soundbar Wi-Fi

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

In this modern age, the life-blood of every household is the Wi-fi network. We depend on a good Wi-Fi signal to work, do school work, and stream movies for family night. The Vizio soundbar also relies on Wi-Fi.

You can reset the Vizio soundbar Wi-Fi by turning off the network router for 2 minutes. Restarting the router will help to improve the strength of the network’s signal to the soundbar. Once the router has been reset, make sure you are connected to the correct network.

One important reason to connect the Vizio Soundbar to a good Wi-Fi signal is so that the soundbar has the ability to receive software updates. These updates keep the soundbar working optimally.

If you notice the soundbar is not connecting to certain apps after resetting the Wi-FI, make sure all of the connecting cables are securely inserted into the correct ports. Restarting the soundbar itself will also help to remove this glitch.

How To Reset Vizio Soundbar Bluetooth

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

Bluetooth is a great way to connect our electronic devices. Connecting wireless saves us from having to connect a bunch of wires and then you have to worry about hiding all of those wires.

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To reset the Vizio Soundbar Bluetooth settings, go to ‘Reset Audio’ settings and select ‘Reset All’. Press ‘OK’. The LED display lights will all blink three times to signal the soundbar has been reset. All paired Bluetooth devices will need to be connected to the soundbar again.

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