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HP Printer Not Printing

Although the technological world has allowed many documents and other paper items to be digitized, a digital copy isn’t always what you need. If you have an HP printer and it is not printing as it should, what steps can you take to get your device back into working order?

If your HP printer is not printing, confirm all wires are securely inserted and properly placed, check that all ink cartridges have an ample amount of ink, clean the printhead to resolve any problems with the printer printing black ink, and disable ‘Print in all Black’ in your printer’s preferences.

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Printers come in handy for a slew of different reasons and when it comes to having one of your own, whether that be for business or personal uses, the accessibility of an HP printer allows users to get what they need, right when they need it. If you have a new HP printer or are dealing with a device that has been with you for some time and it is not working as it should, continue reading below to find the exact issue you are facing and the solution to promptly fix it.

HP Printer Not Printing

When using an HP printer, you have the ability to print from a smart device, from a laptop, or from a monitor that is connected to your device. This process should only take a few minutes to load, register, and complete before you are able to hold your documents in your hand. However, some HP printer owners have found that, although they think everything is as it should be, their printer is not printing. What should you look for if your HP printer is not printing?

If your HP printer is not printing, the first item you need to check off of your troubleshooting list is that all wires are connected as they should be to the device. If any wires are loose or are connected to the wrong outlet, signal to the printer will not be completed, causing it to malfunction.

HP Printer Not Printing Black

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You may not be someone who is having problems with their HP printer functioning as it should as far as printing goes, but when it comes to color, there may be other issues. HP printers are capable of printing different documents in a wide variety of different vibrant colors, but at the most basic level, they should also be able to accommodate those orders that only require black ink. If your printer is not printing black, what might be causing this inconvenient issue?

If your HP printer isn’t printing black, check first to make sure that the black ink within the ink cartridge is full. Once this is confirmed, it could be that the printhead is blocked. To resolve this issue, the printhead will need to be thoroughly cleaned to clear any obstructions within the area.

HP Printer Not Printing Color

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On the flip side of the previous problem (aka, your printer isn’t printing black) you may be experiencing an issue of your HP printer not printing color. For those of you who might be printing flyers for an event, invites to a party, or content for your favorite toddlers to doodle on, you need a printer that is able to deliver pages of color. If you go to print something that needs color and your HP printer will not do so, read below to see what might be causing the problem.

If your HP printer is not printing color, confirm that the ink cartridge is not out of colored ink. If you check the cartridge and notice that it has enough, check your printer ‘Preferences’ and see if ‘Print in all Black’ has been enabled.’ If so, disable this setting and try printing aging.

HP Printer Not Printing Text

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Color may be working fine for you when it comes to the printing operations of your HP printer, but if you are in the middle of printing a spreadsheet, diagram, or visual aid, you should also be able to print text along with those images. Some HP owners have encountered a problem with this scenario though, as they are able to see images when printing, but cannot see text. What should you do if your HP printer is not printing text?

If your HP Printer is not printing text, a hard reset may resolve the problem. To do this, keep the device on and remove the ink cartridge, disconnect power, remove any USB cables, allow the device to sit powerless for 3 minutes, plug the printer back in, then reinsert the ink cartridge.

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HP Printer Not Printing PDF

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There are a variety of different document formats you can print when using an HP printer, which is what makes this device so accessible and so convenient when you need a document at a moment’s notice. One of the most common formats when printing is a PDF file, as they tend to be the most versatile electronically. However, if you are trying to print a PDF document and your printer is refusing to do so, what can be done to get this document printed without much fuss?

If your HP printer is not printing a PDF file, it could be that your software is out of date. If you are using software like Adobe on your computer, search this software from within your desktop and go through the steps provided to either reinstall or update the software.

HP Printer Connected But Not Printing

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If you have an HP printer and a network that is functioning as it should, you should be able to see that connection has been made to the printer, thus, leading to its proper function. As ideal as this may sound, even with all the right components set as they should, some HP printer owners have found that they are still not able to print even though their device is connected. If your HP printer is connected yet you are still not able to print, read below to find the fix.

If your HP printer is connected but is not printing, try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer software. To do this, right click the ‘Windows’ button and uninstall the printer > ‘Devices & Printer’ > select any printer > ‘Print Server Properties’ > ‘Drivers’ > delete all mentions of your printer.

Once completed, press ‘Win + R’ on your keyboard and type in ‘%temp%’ in the box displayed. You will then click ‘Enter’ where you will delete all files within the folder that pops up within the Temporary Files folder. When this is done, download a new driver from and allow it to download and install, which should cause the printer to work once again.

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If your HP Printer is not printing, try performing a hard reset on the device, update the software you are using on your computer such as Adobe, and try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer software.

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