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Samsung TV Live TV Not Working

There are a range of live TV channels available on a Samsung TV. They can be accessed over the air which will load them via your external aerial or over the internet. They’re also available through Samsung TV Plus, but if you’re having an issue with it not working here’s what to do.

If you’re using the Samsung TV Plus app to watch live TV then restart your TV, ensure the TV’s software is up to date, uninstall and reinstall the TV Plus app, and reset Smart Hub. If the channels are loaded via the scan feature then it’s either your internet connection or the aerial reception.

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I will explain how to do each of these steps in detail. So that if you have little to no experience using your Samsung TV or are an experienced device user you can get Samsung live TV working.

Samsung TV Live TV Not Working

The ability to watch live TV is built into a Samsung TV. It can be accessed over the Wi-Fi connection through the TV Plus app that is preinstalled on most Samsung TVs or by scanning for the channels. Each of these can not work, and below are the troubleshooting steps you should take.

Open the network settings and make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection. Verify your Wi-Fi connection is working by testing it using another device. If not, reset your Wi-Fi modem, and/or remove your Wi-Fi connection and re-add it. When it’s still not working there are some additional steps below.

Check there aren’t any pending updates to the TV software, uninstall the TV Plus app, and then reinstall it, and reset Smart Hub. This will fix most of the issues, but if you’re using a TV antenna connection to watch live TV the aerial might be malfunctioning. In which case you should scan for channels using the internet instead. Or, see if you can identify an issue with your TV aerial.

Otherwise have a repair technician see if there’s an issue with your TV aerial. Here’s how to do each of these steps.

Note that each of these solutions has the potential to fix the issue. Therefore, after each one attempt to watch live TV again. If not, continue to the next troubleshooting step.

1. Restart your Samsung TV by doing a cold boot

Doing a complete reboot of your Samsung TV can fix a wide range of issues and is very effective. Therefore, it’s best to start with this step first. Simply hold down the power button until the TV goes blank and then starts up again. This can also be done by unplugging it at the wall outlet.

Or turning it off at the wall outlet. Then plugging it back in or turning it back on again.

2. Open the network settings and troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection

It’s more than likely that you’re watching live TV using your Wi-Fi connection or the Samsung TV Plus app which also uses the Wi-Fi network. Therefore, if live TV isn’t working it’s very likely your Wi-Fi network is not working correctly or needs to be reset. You can check how your Wi-Fi network is working by going into the settings. This is accessed by clicking on the cog wheel icon which on most models is in the bottom left of the screen.

After that select ‘General’ and then ‘Network’. That will bring up a window that will show the status of your network connection. If it has any sort of error there, then you should restart your Wi-Fi modem by turning it on and off again. It generally takes 2 to 5 minutes for your Wi-Fi modem to establish a connection to the internet again.

Recheck the network on your Samsung TV, and if it’s still showing an error then you should reset your network. To do that go to Settings > Network > Reset Network. It will remove the Wi-Fi connection, so you need to select your Wi-Fi network again, and input your password. After that, recheck your Wi-Fi settings and if it still has an issue then you should contact your internet service provider over the phone to see what’s causing the issue with your internet.

It may be some setting they need to change or they can get you to change a setting on your Wi-Fi modem.

3. Check if there are any pending software updates causing a mismatch

If the operating system for your Samsung TV is not up to date it can cause a mismatch with the Samsung TV Plus app which you’re likely using to watch live TV. It’s also recommended by Samsung when you are having any issues with your Samsung TV. Go to the home screen on your Samsung TV, and then use your remote to navigate to the Settings which is the cog wheel icon. This opens up a menu and there are a few different tabs.

Select the ‘Support’ tab. The first option is ‘Software Update’. If an update is available it will have an option for you to update it. If it’s already on the latest version the ‘Software Update’ text will be greyed out. And you won’t be able to select it.

4. Uninstall and reinstall the Samsung TV Plus App

The app can have a glitch, and so doing a fresh install can fix it. Using your remote, navigate to the Apps menu. Click and hold the Select button that’s located in the center of the navigational pad.

When the pop up menu appears, click on the delete option.

To install Samsung TV plus again you need to reset the Samsung Smart Hub which is explained in the next step.

6. Reset the Samsung Smart Hub to bring back the Live TV plus app

The Smart Hub can have a glitch that is affecting the rest of your TV. And resetting it can cause live TV to start working again. It’s very easy to do. Start by going to the Settings then select Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart hub.

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5. Rescan for available live TV channels

If you’re using a cable as the source for the TV channels they can be unavailable because of poor signal, or may be malfunctioning for another reason. Therefore, it’s a good idea to rescan for channels either over the network, cable or both.

Samsung Live TV App Missing

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A common issue with the Samsung Live TV app missing is due to software updates. Sometimes, after an update, certain apps might not appear immediately on the home screen. To resolve this, navigate to the apps section on your TV and check for the Live TV app. If found, you can add it back to your home screen or favorites.

Storage limitations can also be a culprit. If your Samsung TV runs out of storage, it might automatically remove certain apps to free up space, including the Live TV app. Check the storage space on your TV, and if it’s nearing its limit, consider deleting unused apps or data. Once space is freed, try reinstalling the Live TV app from the Samsung App Store.

Samsung TV Live TV Not Showing

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When you first turn on your Samsung TV the live TV will start playing and then you select different channels and view the TV guide. However, if you can’t find the Live TV plus app on the home screen, or live TV isn’t working, here’s what to do.

This generally indicates an issue with your Wi-Fi connection, as most people have it set up to stream over the Wi-Fi connection. If the app is not showing you need to reset the Smart Hub to put it back on the carousel at the bottom of the screen.

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Also, if your Samsung TV is made before 2016 it won’t have Live TV plus and it can’t be installed. A good alternative to watch live TV is the ‘View TV’ app. The instructions for how to reset your smart hub are explained above. Look for step ‘6. Reset the Samsung Smart Hub to bring back the Live TV plus app’. If it’s an issue with the network then follow the instructions in step 1. As well as, the other steps that explain how to troubleshoot the issue where live TV isn’t working.

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