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iPhone Not Sending/Receiving Text To/From One Person

If you have an iPhone, you are able to experience the convenience of being able to send and receive texts from your phone with quick speed and almost immediate delivery. When there is one person that your iPhone is not sending texts to and from, what can you do to fix the issue?

If your iPhone is not sending or receiving texts from one person, check to make sure you have a strong wifi connection or signal strength, be sure that you haven’t blocked the specific number in your settings, and ensure that you have not enabled the “Do Not Disturb Mode” or “Hide Alerts” mode.

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When sending a text from your iPhone, you should either notice that the test immediately sends and reads as “delivered” once sent, or you will see a blue processing bar at the top of the text box that will disappear once the text has been sent. However, if you notice that when you are texting one specific person that you cannot send or receive texts, you may be wondering what is causing the problem? Take a look below to find out how to resolve such a frustrating problem.

iPhone Not Sending Text To One Person

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Whether you are in the middle of answering a business question or are simply trying to get the latest life update from one of your best friends, one of the most used types of correspondence is texting. Not only do people find this method of communication to be quick and easy, but it also tends to be a preferred method by many, allowing individuals to talk without putting the moment on hold for a call. If your iPhone is not sending a text to one person, take a look below.

If your iPhone is not sending a text to one person, you need to first check your network connection. If you are using wifi, be sure that there is ample connection to be able to send messages without issue, by checking the wifi icon at the top of your phone.

If you notice that the connection to the network you are using with wifi is weak, you should turn wifi off momentarily and try using cellular data to send the text. To do this, you can either swipe up on the screen of your phone and simply click the wifi icon on the screen and allow it to turn grey. Once you have wifi off, use cellular data on your phone to send the text message to the person you have been trying to get into contact with.

If you notice that you still are not able to send a text to one specific person, you may need to check the signal strength of the area in which you are in. If you notice that the decibel bars at the top of your iPhone screen are only one or two bars strong, you may not have enough signal to be able to send a text. If this is the case, move to a different area to find if you are able to gain a stronger signal, which can sometimes even be done by moving a few feet.

If you know that your wifi or that your signal strength is strong enough, then you may need to check and see if your phone is in need of any updates. To check if there is an iOS update, go to Settings > General > Software Updates. Once you get to this, you will be able to see if there are any available updates for your phone, which you will then need to connect your phone to a charger, connect it to wifi, then allow the update to install.

iPhone Not Receiving Text From One Person

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Have you ever been confronted by someone who says they have been trying to contact you through text on your iPhone, but when you look through your messages, you notice that you haven’t received a single word from them? This can be incredibly frustrating when you are trying to keep communication lines open, and can even be a bit more of a pain than when you notice texts won’t be sent from your phone. Take a look below to find out how to remedy this issue.

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If your iPhone is not receiving texts from one person, it could be that you mistakenly blocked this number without realizing. To check to see if you have blocked one specific number, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Messages’ > ‘Blocked,’ which will show you the numbers you have blocked.

Once you see this list, find the number that you are trying to receive messages from, select the number and remove it from the blocked number list on your phone. This should immediately allow the number to send texts as usual and you should be able to receive their messages without a problem. If you notice that you are still not able to receive texts from one specific person, it could be that your iPhone has simply not recognized the change yet.

To help speed up this process and get your iPhone to register the change, it can sometimes be done very simply by turning your phone off and back on again. To do this, hold down the power button on the side of your phone and press it for a few seconds. Allow the screen to completely turn black, then press down the button once again so the phone can turn back on and you then can proceed to see if your iPhone can receive texts from one specific person.

iPhone Not Notifying Me When I Receive Text From One Person

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You may not be encountering a problem with texts being sent or received form one specific person, but some iPhone owners have found that they are not notified when one person sends a text to their phone. This may seem like a small issue, but when waiting on information, trying to confirm plans, or simply trying to keep up to date with conversations, it can be incredibly frustrating when you notice you have a text, but you were never notified of its delivery.

If your iPhone is not notifying you when you receive a text from one person, you may have accidentally activated “Do Not Disturb” or “Hide Alerts” mode. This mode will allow texts to be sent and received, but you are never notified once a text has been delivered, offering a discrete delivery mode.

To check and see if you have set one specific number to the “Do Not Disturb” or “Hide Alerts” mode, go to the text thread of that specific number and click on “Information.” Once you are there, scroll down and find the “Do Not Disturb” or “Hide Alerts” option and uncheck the box next to them to deactivate this feature. Once you have done so, you should be able to hear and feel the notification from that specific number when they send you a text message.

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