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LG Phone Keeps Restarting/Freezing/Turning Off

There are times when owners of LG phones need to turn off their devices, but when their phones suddenly begin to restart, freeze, or turn off without any prompting or warning, this can be incredibly inconvenient. If this is the problem you are experiencing, what is the solution?

If your LG phone keeps restarting, freezing, or turning off, complete a factory reset if a firmware update was just installed, remove any third-party apps, charge the device for an ample amount of time, and check to make sure the memory on your device is not full or close to being full.

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When you are in the middle of a text message, are at the end of a lengthy conversation, or are trying to beat your personal score on your favorite game, the last thing you want your phone to do is to stop functioning as it should. When this happens, LG phone users are left trying to pick up where they left off, and finding troubleshooting methods that are effective can be tedious. If your LG phone is restarting, freezing, or turning off, read on to find effective solutions.

LG Phone Keeps Restarting

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There are a wide variety of different reasons as to why an LG phone owner would need to restart their device: it can help to rid the device of any small bugs or glitches, it can improve network connection, it can restore the function of apps that are malfunctioning and so much more. However, no one wants their device to continually restart, especially if it is not prompted. If your LG phone keeps restarting, read below to see what might be the problem.

An LG phone may keep restarting due to a software glitch. Performing a soft reset can often resolve this issue. Press and hold the power button, then select ‘Restart’. If the problem persists, try booting the phone in Safe Mode to see if a third-party app is causing the issue.

Another reason for an LG phone’s constant restarting could be a problematic app. In Safe Mode, if the phone operates normally, it indicates a third-party app is the culprit. Uninstall recently downloaded apps one by one and check if the issue resolves. To enter Safe Mode, press and hold the power button, tap and hold the ‘Power off’ option, and select ‘Safe Mode’.

Lastly, an LG phone might restart repeatedly due to hardware issues, such as a failing battery or other internal components. If the phone restarts when moved or shaken, this could indicate a loose battery or connection. Ensure the battery is properly seated. If the issue continues, the phone may require professional repair to address potential hardware faults.

LG Phone Keeps Turning Off

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Just as inconvenient as your LG restarting over and over is the problem of the device turning off without warning. No matter what you are in the middle of, there is never going to be a time when this issue is one that is welcomed or convenient, which means a solution has to be found, and quick. If you own an LG phone and it keeps turning off, read on to find a few troubleshooting methods to get your phone on and keep it remaining that way.

If your LG phone keeps turning off, it could be that it needs to be manually turned off and back on, needs to be charged for an ample amount of time, or needs to be reset back to its factory settings to get rid of any bugs that might be causing the issue.

Turning your LG phone off and back on may seem repetitive, but when this is done manually, it performs a different type of reset that may resolve the issue. If this doesn’t work, place your device on a working charger for a good amount of time until you know that it has been charged completely. Without enough charge, your LG phone may be more apt to shut down or power off when power draining functions are being used and not enough battery life is present.

If you have tried restarting your phone and charging it up for an extended amount of time, yet are still experiencing problems with the device turning off without your prompting, a factory reset may be in order. To complete a factory reset on your LG phone, see the previous section titled “LG Phone Keeps Restarting” for the step-by-step process.

LG Phone Keeps Freezing

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You may not be having problems with your LG phone restarting constantly or turning off on its own without your prompting, which may leave you thinking that you are in the clear of any future problems. Although this would be great in a perfect world, some LG phone owners have noted that they experience issues with their device freezing over and over. If you are someone who owns an LG phone that continually freezes, read on to see what can stop this from happening.

If your LG phone keeps freezing, it could be that the memory on your device is too full and content needs to be deleted. If this is not the case, try completing a soft reset on your phone or remove the battery if it is accessible to you to stop your device from constantly freezing.

Just like any other device, if you have too much stored on it or are close to filling the memory capacity within it, it is going to run slower and slower. An LG phone is no exception to this fact, which means that if your device is freezing, you need to check how much storage is being used on the phone. If it is nearly full or is completely full, delete items that are taking up large amounts of space on your phone that are not being used to see if the freezing stops.

If you go through and delete large items from your phone or notice that the memory is not even close to full on the device, then a soft reset might stop the problem. To complete a soft reset, hold down both the power key and the volume down button until you are able to see the LG logo when it boots back up. You can also try removing the battery from your phone for one minute then reinstall it to see if your phone stops freezing.

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If your phone keeps freezing, restarting, or turning off, be sure the device is fully charged, that no third-party apps are present on the phone, free up memory space if too much is stored on the device, and complete a soft reset or remove the battery to stop these issues.

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