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LG Phone Won’t Turn On Correctly

Nothing is quite as frightening as pressing the power button on your LG smartphone and getting no response and no juice. A lifeless mobile phone can interfere with your workday, social connections, and vehicle navigation. Here’s some helpful information about why your LG phone won’t turn on correctly and what you can do to get back on track. 

If your LG phone won’t turn on, it could be due to several problems. Some of the issues are much easier to resolve than other problems are. You’ll need to avoid panicking and go through a step-by-step process to pinpoint the problem so that you can get your LG phone up and running in no time. Have faith that you will be able to get your phone on and carry out your normal activities within a few minutes. 

If your LG phone won’t turn on, you must start with a troubleshooting process. Troubleshooting for issues should always begin with the most straightforward explanation first. Smartphones aren’t likely to turn on when the battery is dead. Thus, step one is plugging the charger into the phone first.

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Wait a few seconds to see if your phone responds to the charge by making a sound, flickering a light, or showing a charging indicator on the screen. Your phone might even boot all the way up if you own a rapid charger.  Wait a few minutes if it does not work right away. 

LG Phone Won’t Turn On Or Charge

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You might run into a problem where your LG phone won’t turn on, and it doesn’t seem to respond when you connect your car charger or home charger to the charging port on the phone. This problem will require you to do a little investigating as well. 

The first thing you need to do if your LG phone won’t turn on or charge is try your charger in a different outlet in your home. It may be that the current in that particular outlet is weak because of age or faulty wiring work. You’ll see an immediate response from your LG phone if that’s the case.  

Try a different phone charger if your LG phone still doesn’t accept a charge or turn on after you plug the charger into a different outlet. Your charger may be faulty and cause your phone not to take a charge. Again, your LG phone should start charging immediately when you switch to a different charger if the original charger is the culprit. 

Look at the charging port on your LG phone and ensure that it isn’t dirty or damaged, as those problems can also cause your phone to fail to accept a charge. You will need a reputable technician’s help if you want to have your charging port fixed. 

Your problem could also be that your battery is too dead to respond to any charging of any kind. In that case, you may have to purchase a replacement battery. 

LG Phone Won’t Turn On Just Flashes/Vibrates

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You will be completely mindboggled if your LG phone won’t turn on but just flashes and vibrates. Don’t worry because the problem may not be as severe as you imagine. 

The first thing to assume if your phone won’t turn on but just flashes and vibrates is that your battery has an extremely low amount of power. Therefore, you can try plugging your phone into a wall charger and leaving it for about a half-hour to see if it stops flashing and turns all the way on.

The problem was the battery’s charger if your phone comes back on and behaves normally after that. If your phone still only flashes and vibrates after 30 minutes, the problem could be that the unit is dirty. Try cleaning the outside of it and then taking the back off of it to expose the battery. Ensure that the battery area is clean and free of debris.

Do the same thing with the charging port. Look for pieces of dirt lodged inside of it. Clean the area and then try again. Try to remember if you’ve gotten your phone wet recently with any type of liquid. If so, the problem could be an internal issue.

Allow your phone to dry for at least a day and then go through the charging process again to see if it will work. If not, you may need to visit a technician to have that person perform further diagnostic tests on the unit. 

LG Phone Won’t Turn on After Update

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Sometimes a phone will not turn on after it receives a software update. This problem can occur for a variety of reasons, up to and including software incompatibility. Glitches sometimes happen instead of the process going smoothly. There are a few things you can try before you worry about the issue. 

The first thing to do if your LG phone won’t start after an update is perform a hard reset. Your ability to perform the hard reset will depend on which model you have. However, you can try this for your model to see how it works for you. Press the down volume key and power buttons simultaneously.

You will see an LG logo, and then you’ll see the option on the screen to perform a factory reset. The screen will ask you if you would like to erase all of your data and restore the default settings. You’ll need to press the “yes” button if it shows up. The device should then go through the motions of restarting itself in factory mode. You can carry on with life as usual if this resolves your issue. If not, you can take your phone to the nearest repair shop or contact the manufacturer to see if they can help.  

LG Phone Won’t Boot Up

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It can be annoying when your LG phone won’t boot up. You could be experiencing many things if your device won’t go through the entire booting process.

First check to see if the phone has enough power. It won’t boot up if the battery doesn’t have enough life. If that’s not an issue, you may need to perform a soft reset on the phone. You can easily do a soft reset by holding the volume key and the power key for 15 seconds and waiting for the reboot.

LG Phone Won’t Go Past LG Screen

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If your LG won’t go past the LG screen, you might be experiencing a system glitch. Some of the methods to fix the issue involve erasing all of your data. Therefore, you should always try the easy methods first. Next, you can try the factory reset if you don’t get positive results.

Do the same thing with the buttons until you see the LG logo. Next, release and then hold the power button at the same time as you press the volume button. Choose the right selection when you see the factor reset options.

Perform a soft reset by pressing the volume down and power button for a full 15 minutes. See if that pushes the booting process along any further. 

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