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Bosch Refrigerator Water Dispenser Troubleshooting

The water dispenser in your Bosch refrigerator is a relatively simple machine. There are times, however, when it may experience difficulties. What should you do to troubleshoot your refrigerator water dispenser?

1. Water Filter – The first thing the check when you’re having a problem with your refrigerator water dispenser is the water filter. Water filter problems can lead to various issues, such as a leaking water dispenser, no water being dispensed, or water being dispensed slowly.

2. Air – If air gets in the water line, it can keep your refrigerator from dispensing water or dispensing it properly. Typically, filling eight or 10 glasses of water will remove the air from the line.

3. Water Pressure – When you have low water pressure in your home, then problems can occur with the water dispenser. It can dispense water slowly or it may stop dispensing it completely. You can also have problems with the icemaker.

4. Frozen Line – There are times when the water supply tube becomes frozen. If this happens, you can sometimes warm the tube with a hair dryer. Be careful you don’t damage the other components with heat.

5. Dispenser Switch – When the dispenser switch goes bad, it might keep the water from dispensing. You might also have a problem with water dripping from the dispenser when the dispenser switch is faulty.

6. Freezer – The temperature in the freezer can also affect the ability of the Bosch refrigerator to dispense water properly. Make sure that the freezer temperature is in the proper range. Keep in mind that it does take time for the freezer to cool after you add a lot of new food.

7. Valve – There is a valve that opens and closes to allow the water to flow on demand in your Bosch refrigerator water dispenser. If the valve is stuck or faulty, it will either flow constantly, drip, or you will get no water out of it.

Bosch Refrigerator Water Dispenser Troubleshooting

These are just some of the different possibilities that could occur if your Bosch refrigerator water dispenser is having problems. You can work your way down through the list, troubleshooting each item to see if it is a problem for your unit.

You can also check for some of the specific problems that can occur from time to time in a Bosch refrigerator water dispenser. Although it is a simple machine, it can experience problems and some of those problems are very specific.

Look down through the following list of different possibilities when it comes to problems. Some of them are very specific and they will offer specific solutions that can help you get your refrigerator back up and running in no time.

Bosch Refrigerator Not Dispensing Water

It can be frustrating when our Bosch refrigerator water dispenser is no longer dispensing water. What can you do to get it working again?

A common reason why a Bosch refrigerator stops dispensing water is due to the water filter being clogged. Water filters should be changed every six months and it doesn’t take long for them to get clogged with all of the contaminants they are removing from the water.

It’s difficult to check a clogged water filter without replacing it. You can remove the water filter and look at the area where it fits into the Bosch refrigerator. If you see a lot of dirt or debris, it is an indication that the filter needs change.

Most people find it beneficial to just change the water filter on a regular basis. Doing so every six months will help you to avoid this potential problem.

There are also other reasons why a Bosch refrigerator may not be dispensing water. This could include a frozen water line, a stuck water valve, or a faulty dispenser lever.

It is always best to check a variety of different possibilities when the first one doesn’t work out. You will likely find that the problem leading to your refrigerator not dispensing water is a simple one to fix.

Bosch Refrigerator Water Dispenser Locked

When the water dispenser gets locked on your Bosch refrigerator, what can you do to fix the problem?

It is common for a Bosch refrigerator water dispenser to get locked when the lock mechanism is accidentally pressed. If the lock button is on or there is an indicator light, press and hold the area for a few seconds to disengage the lock.

Some lock features in your Bosch refrigerator are also associated with a child safety lock. This can be more challenging to turn off.

You will have to look at the manual that came with your refrigerator to see how to disengage the child safety lock. In many cases, it is just a matter of holding down the lock button for a few seconds until it turns off. Other refrigerators may have you holding down two buttons at the same time.

You should also check the door switch because the water dispenser will not work if the door is open. Try opening and closing the door to see if it corrects the problem.

Bosch Refrigerator Water Dispenser Slow Or Just Dripping

We expect our Bosch refrigerator to dispense water quickly. What can you do if it is coming out slowly or only dripping?

One of the reasons why a Bosch refrigerator water dispenser is operating slowly is if the valve is not working properly. The valve opens and closes to allow the water to dispense but if it becomes jammed or is faulty, it may not open fully.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the valve engage and disengage as you dispense water and stop dispensing water. If you don’t hear that noise or if it is making an unusual sound when you’re trying to dispense water, then the valve may be to blame.

Water pressure may also be a factor that keeps your refrigerator from dispensing water quickly. This could be low water pressure from the main that supplies your house or it could be due to the smaller line in your refrigerator that dispenses the water.

Check the line in your refrigerator to see if it is kinked or if it is frozen. You can also check the water pressure at a nearby sink.

Bosch Refrigerator Water Dispenser Light Not Working

One of the conveniences we appreciate about our refrigerator is the water dispenser light. What can you do if the light is no longer working in your Bosch refrigerator?

The first place to check if your refrigerator dispenser light is no longer working is the lamp itself. You can use a multimeter to check the continuity of the light bulb. Replace it if necessary.

There may also be a variety of other issues that can lead to this problem, including issues with the circuit board or wiring. These can be checked individually, also with a multimeter to see if the light is getting power.

To recap, replace the lightbulb and if it doesn’t help, check the wiring to see why the bulb is no longer getting power.

Bosch Refrigerator Water Dispenser Making Noise

We expect that our Bosch refrigerator water dispenser is going to make some noise but what do you do if it is making an unusual noise?

A common reason why a water dispenser may start making noise in a Bosch refrigerator is if the water filter is clogged. Remove the water filter, check the connection point for any dirt and clean if necessary. The water filter should be replaced as needed.

There are also bypass plugs included with the refrigerator and if you have one available, you can install it. It is not generally recommended to use it permanently because it no longer is filtering the water.

What it can do, however, is to show you clearly if the water filter is the problem. If you still have the noise after the water filter bypass plug is in place, it is likely another issue.

Some of the other problems that can lead to a noisy water dispenser in a Bosch refrigerator include air in the water lines, damaged water filter housing, or an inlet valve that is not operating properly.

How To Reset Bosch Refrigerator Water Dispenser

When you are having problems with your Bosch refrigerator water dispenser, you may want to reset it. Doing so will often correct the issues that are occurring. How can you do it?

You can reset a Bosch refrigerator water dispenser by disconnecting it from the power source for 15 minutes. You may also be able to reset it along with the refrigerator by unplugging the refrigerator for five minutes and plugging it back in again.

At times, your Bosch refrigerator water dispenser may come with a reset button. It is a red button that is located under the ice bin. You may need to feel up around the ice tray if it is not easily accessible.

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The easiest way to reset a Bosch refrigerator water dispenser filter warning is to press and hold the filter button for three seconds. Just be aware that resetting the warning does not clean the filter. It will still need to be changed.

The first thing to check when troubleshooting a Bosch refrigerator water dispenser is the water filter. The water filter should be changed every six months but it could also get dirty faster if the water coming into it is contaminated.

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