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Ring Doorbell Live View Not Working

Most Ring doorbells support live view. This is a feature that allows homeowners to stream the outside of their home using the doorbell camera. But some owners experience issues with this feature after some time of owning their Ring device.

If you’re having issues with your doorbell’s live view, it may be due to a poor internet connection, an obsolete firmware version, or wiring issues. Before you begin troubleshooting, verify that the Ring doorbell is connected and capturing events. You can confirm a connection in the Ring app.

Security camera app on cell phone

This article will discuss the potential causes of your Ring doorbell’s live view not working. Additionally, I will include straightforward troubleshooting methods that you can try at home to restore this feature.

Ring Doorbell Won’t Live Stream

Checking security camera on phone

The most frequently encountered reasons for being unable to perform a live stream with your Ring doorbell are the following:

  • An insufficient link between your mobile device and the network
  • A bad connection between your Ring system and your router
  • Slow downloading speeds on the internet

How To Enhance Your Phone’s Connection

If you cannot connect to perform a live view, the first thing you can test is the link between your phone and the internet.

Suppose your phone is not receiving a powerful signal. In that case, configure your mobile device’s settings to improve your Wi-Fi connection. To improve your phone’s network connection, try the following method:

  • Connect to the 5 GHz band. Since the channels do not overlap, you are likely to receive a stronger signal from your Wi-Fi.
  • Ensure you’re running the latest software version for your device.
  • Tell your phone to avoid poor Wi-Fi signals. You can find this in your device’s internet settings.

Once your phone’s signal improves, you should be able to live stream.

How To Improve Internet Speed

If your mobile device is receiving a solid online signal, you may need to test your connection speed.

Internet speed refers to the rate at which your wireless network processes information. If it is not fast enough, your Ring program will be unable to display the images captured by the camera.

To determine your internet speed, perform the following steps:

  1. Carry your smartphone or tablet to the location of your Ring device.
  2. On your device, open a browser and navigate to
  3. To initiate the test, click the “Start” button.

As a basic guideline, most Ring devices perform optimally if downloading speeds are at least 2 Mbps. If the results are unsatisfactory, consider contacting your internet service providers and asking for an upgrade.

How To Improve a Connection Between Your Ring Device and Your Router

If your Ring doorbell isn’t displaying the live view, there is a good chance that it’s not connected to the internet. To verify that your Ring device has a signal:

  1. Open the Ring application.
  2. Tap on the horizontal lines in the left corner.
  3. Choose “Devices.”
  4. Select the Ring doorbell.
  5. Scroll to the “Device Health” section.
  6. Examine the Wi-Fi signal.

If your signal is low, it may be due to the gap between your router and your Ring unit. It would help if you moved your router closer to your Ring device or considered getting a Ring Chime to boost the signal.

Ring Doorbell Won’t Load Live View

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When your live stream does not load, it could be a network or phone problem. An option for fixing your loading problem is to install the Rapid Ring app.

Rapid Ring is an alternative to the Ring app that works in combination with your current app to load your live view.

Many of the existing Ring app’s communication features are included in the Rapid Ring app, with the added advantage of being faster. Plus, Rapid Ring is entirely free.

Once downloaded, use the exact credentials you use with your original Ring program.

Ring Doorbell Not Allowing Live View

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If your Ring doorbell doesn’t allow live view, your viewing device may be set to conserve data. Certain owners have discovered that once “data saver” is activated, the live view will not operate, even if the Ring app is configured accurately. To resolve your problem, try disabling this setting.

Additionally, some users have reported that this issue occurs when they do not update their firmware. If you notice that a new firmware version is available, download and install it. This method could address many other problems with the ring doorbell, including the inability to view the live view.

Ring Doorbell Not Connecting To Live View

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When your Ring doorbell is unable to link to live view, you might want to consider forgetting your Wi-Fi network. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Ring Application.
  2. Choose “Devices.”
  3. Select a doorbell.
  4. Navigate to the “Device Health” section.
  5. Switch to a different Wi-Fi network.
  6. Allow the device to adjust.
  7. Reconfigure the settings and choose your network.

Allow the firmware update to complete. Wait at least five minutes for your Ring system to reset before attempting the live view again.

Ring Doorbell Keeps Saying Live View Ended

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Occasionally, your live view will display an error message indicating that it has ended even though you weren’t using it initially. For some, the live view will show for a brief moment then the message will appear.

In either case, you can solve this by first deleting the Ring App. Afterward, reset your smartphone to delete the cache, and then reinstall the Ring App. Usually, this method resets the program and restores the live view functions.

In severe cases, you may wish to check your doorbell’s wiring. Wiring issues are one of the most likely reasons for your ring doorbell malfunctioning. If you are skilled in wiring, examine the cabling for corrosion and bends. Before inspecting the circuitry, switch off the electricity to the whole home.

If inconsistencies are discovered, notify a technician to get the wiring redone.

Ring Doorbell Live View Delay

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Your mobile device, not your Ring doorbell, is often to blame for a delay in your live view. Perform the following steps on your current device to resolve the delay issue:

  1. Verify that the VPN and Bluetooth are turned off.
  2. On your mobile device, uninstall and reinstall the Ring program.
  3. Determine that no applications are installed that could create a delay with the Ring app.
  4. Conduct a test with your smartphone to determine whether Wi-Fi or cellular data is more effective.

Ring Doorbell Camera Won’t Go Live

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For those who continually have issues where their doorbell camera won’t go live, check the following:

  • RSSI value in the app’s “system health” segment: These readings indicate whether your Wi-Fi transmission is optimized for live functions.
  • Mobile device’s settings: Examine third-party apps and security app settings, which may conflict with streaming apps.
  • Router’s condition: The network’s health is partially determined by the router’s age, location, and Wi-Fi speed.

Also, verify the mV reading in system health twice to rule out power as a factor. If the device’s battery readings are low, charge it. If the doorbell is hardwired, it may come with a battery pack, which you can recharge. Numerous purchasers have had success with this approach.

Alternatively, it would help if you attempted a hard reset.

To do this, hold down the orange button for 20 seconds. Following its release, its front light will blink several times to indicate that your doorbell is rebooting. This cycle can take up to a minute to end. Then, push the orange button once more to enter setup mode.

If the device’s power levels are normal and you’ve reset it, contact a customer service team for more thorough troubleshooting.

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