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Ring Doorbell Won’t Turn Off/Stop Ringing on Its Own

In 2017, Ring accounted for 97 percent of video doorbell sales. As a result, many homeowners now depend on Ring as their primary security mechanism. However, as with other gadgets, the Ring doorbell can fail, resulting in unwanted ringing.

When a Ring doorbell won’t turn off/stop ringing on its own, it usually needs to be reset. You can restore your device to its factory settings via the Ring app or manually. Alternatively, consider installing a diode on your Ring device to stop the ringing.

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This article will discuss possible causes for your Ring doorbell not turning off. Additionally, I will guide you on how to silence the constant ringing.

Ring Doorbell Won’t Turn Off

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If your Ring doorbell is unable to be turned off, attempt a hard reset. To force a reset, press and hold the orange button for 20 seconds. This button is usually at the back of your device.

Suppose your doorbell is bothersome with frequent notifications. In that case, you should configure its settings to turn it somewhat off. Generally, there is no way to switch off a Ring video doorbell manually. You can, however, disable the motion zones so that you are not notified when they are in use.

To deactivate the motion zones, follow these steps:

  1. In the Ring app, choose your Ring machine.
  2. Navigate to “Device settings.”
  3. Enter the motion specifications.
  4. Choose “motion zones.”
  5. Continue with the wizard until it takes you to the configuration for movement zones.
  6. Once there, press the zones to deactivate them.

You should note that deactivating these zones reduces your home’s security. If you choose this method, consider contacting a Ring support agent as soon as possible for instructions to turn off and restart your device.

There are other troubleshoots you can try to turn your Ring doorbell off, including:

  • Disconnecting the doorbell from the internet
  • Removing the battery
  • Turning off the circuit breaker that powers the doorbell

These solutions are temporary fixes. In some cases, the doorbell will have its shut-off function restored after you return power to it. But if your problem persists, you should consider reaching out to a technician who can examine your device.

Ring Doorbell Won’t Stop Ringing

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If your Ring doorbell constantly rings, there are some solutions that may solve your problem. First, try installing a diode on your ring doorbell if it does not already have one.

Ring offers diodes to their customers, and you can purchase them directly through their website. After that, insert the diode using the following steps:

  1. Disconnect the circuit breaker that powers the Ring device.
  2. Take out the doorbell.
  3. Insert the leveling tool into the mounting bracket.
  4. Mount the bracket in a location that allows access to the power cables.
  5. Utilize a level tool to balance the bracket.
  6. Tighten the nuts into the holes using a Phillips head screwdriver. If installing on a concrete slab, use the bracket to outline pilot holes.
  7. Ensure that the wall mount is secure.
  8. Drill the openings and secure the anchors.
  9. Disconnect the leveling instrument from the mounting bracket.
  10. Connect the Ring doorbell mounting to your existing home cables.
  11. Connect the diode to the doorbell’s bracket directly. Place the diode’s black plastic component in the center of the bracket.
  12. Attach the Ring doorbell to the door frame.

If installing the diode does not solve the ringing, try resetting your device.

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How To Fix a Ring Doorbell That Keeps Ringing

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If your Ring system continues to ring, there is most definitely an internal issue. You shouldn’t attempt to change the system’s mechanics at home if you are not a technician. Instead, there are several things you can do that do not require technical skills.

If the following troubleshooting steps are ineffective, it could be time to replace your Ring gadget.

Upgrade Your Doorbell’s Transformer

The majority of Ring doorbells need a reliable voltage of 16V-24V and minimum amperes of 30VA. When your ring system receives insufficient current, it will malfunction. Low voltages frequently cause continuous ringing.

If the voltage on your current transformer is less than 16V, you may need to change it to provide more energy for your Ring doorbell. To install a new transformer, follow the steps below:

  1. Switch off the voltage at the circuit breaker.
  2. Determine the location of the current doorbell’s transformer. In certain homes, the transformer is in a junction box behind the inner doorbell chime.
  3. Remove the three lines connecting the transformer to the main power supply.
  4. Disconnect the two screwed-in wires from the terminals. When you disconnect each cable, take note of its location. You will find it beneficial to photograph the current configuration for future reference.
  5. Uninstall the transformer once all cables have been disconnected.
  6. Change the original doorbell converter for the new one.
  7. Connect the necessary cables.
  8. Use wire nuts to connect your residential energy wires to the corresponding cables on the new transformer.
  9. Using the two screw connectors, attach the current doorbell wires. It makes no difference which doorbell cable is connected to which terminal.
  10. Reconnect the breaker’s electricity.
  11. Configure your Ring camera doorbell via the smartphone app.

Restart the Doorbell

You’ll need to reboot the doorbell because it could have been caught in a loop and is now ringing on false alerts.

To begin, locate the power switch or use the smartphone app to restart it. Owing to security concerns, the power button could be hidden on the inside of your Ring doorbell. In that case, you’ll need to temporarily disable the doorbell’s breaker then reactivate it.

Another choice is to use the mobile application to restore your doorbell’s default settings. The program has a feature that resets the doorbell, allowing you to operate it without repeated ringing.

Inspect the Hardware and Cabling

If your Ring device is wireless, consider detaching it from its mounting bracket to inspect the machine for damages.

If you have a hardwired doorbell, there is a possibility that the wiring has failed. Therefore, you will need to get the wiring tested by a qualified electrician who will identify whether there is a fault with the circuitry and repair it for you to resolve the ringing issue.

Clean Your Ring Doorbell

Another often seen issue with Ring doorbells is jammed keys. When your button becomes stuck, your doorbell will repeatedly ring until it is put back into place.

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To resolve this problem, clean your Ring doorbell to eliminate any obstructions that might cause the button to malfunction. To deep clean the doorbell, remove it with a screwdriver to gain access to its entire casing.

Replace Your Chime

An incompatible doorbell chime can trigger constant ringing. Ring maintains a catalog of compatible chimes. If your chime device is not included on the list, this may be the cause of your dilemma.

Consider upgrading your household chime to solve this concern.

But if your chime is on the list, buy a Ring Chime Pro as an extender to solve your problem. Numerous users report that by applying the Chime Pro to their doorbell, they could resolve persistent ringing and other issues.

Ring Doorbell Continuously Ringing

One reason why a Ring doorbell may continuously ring is due to a problem with the power supply or wiring issue. To fix this, you can try restarting the network connection to the doorbell, which resolves any connection issue that can cause your Ring doorbell to keep ringing.

There are several reasons why a Ring doorbell may continuously ring. One common reason is due to a stuck button on the Ring unit. This can happen if dust and debris accumulate around the button, causing it to get stuck and result in the constant ringing of your doorbell. To fix this, you can use a microfiber cloth to clean the dust particles and debris around the button.

Another reason why a Ring doorbell may continuously ring is due to compatibility issues with the interior door chime that is connected to Ring. If the interior door chime that is connected to Ring is not compatible, it can cause the chime to ring constantly. In this case, you may need to replace the interior door chime with one that is compatible with your Ring doorbell.

A fourth reason why a Ring doorbell may continuously ring is due to high motion sensitivity settings. If the motion sensitivity is set too high, your Ring doorbell can have a lot of false alarms, causing it to ring frequently. To fix this, you can adjust the motion sensitivity settings in your Ring app to a lower setting.

Ring Doorbell Keeps Ringing on Its Own

Video camera doorbell app on phone

If, after your troubleshooting attempts, your Ring doorbell continues to ring when no one is around, contact Ring for a new doorbell. If the doorbell is still under warranty, Ring will replace it with a brand new one.

However, if you’re not in the mood to change the doorbell, consider reducing radio interference near your Ring device. Suppose there are other devices, such as TVs and cordless phones, near your Ring doorbell. In that case, they could hinder its internal communications and cause a malfunction.

There are several ways you can decrease this interference and potentially solve your ringing issue, including:

  • Place your Base Station in an open area.
  • Keep other electronics away from the base if possible.
  • Move your Base Station to a centralized spot.
  • Enhance the range of the Wi-Fi transmission by using extenders.

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