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Roku Keeps Asking To Activate/Won’t Activate/Bypass

Roku makes it easy and convenient for you to stream your favorite shows and movies on your TV. All you have to do is plug the device into your TV, connect it to your internet, and set up your own Roku account to start enjoying all your favorite media content. But what should you do if your Roku won’t activate?

If your Roku device keeps asking you to activate, it is important to verify that you are on the official Roku website and that you have followed the activation steps correctly. One common reason for this issue is entering an incorrect link code. Make sure to enter the link code exactly as it is displayed on your Roku TV. If you receive an error message, try pressing the asterisk (*) button on your remote to generate a new activation code. This should resolve the issue and allow you to successfully activate your Roku device.

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If you have a Roku that has an activation problem, keep reading to learn about the Roku activation process and how to troubleshoot activation issues.

Getting the Roku Activation Process Right

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To activate your Roku streaming device, you need to set up a Roku account and link your device to it. Your Roku account will store whatever Roku branded products you own, the channels you have inputted and saved, your preferences, and your settings. This account can be linked to several Roku streaming devices.

Setting Up a Roku Account

When creating a Roku account, you’ll need a working email address to be able to manage your account and receive relevant notifications. You’ll also need a strong and secure password to protect your account.

You don’t need to pay fees to create an account, but you are required to provide a payment method to set up Roku Pay for when you purchase channel subscriptions, movies, TV shows, device upgrades, Roku accessories, and other offers and services. Roku accepts PayPal and most major credit cards.

Connecting Your Roku Device to the Internet

To connect to the internet, refer to the Quick Start Guide that came with your streaming device. There are on-screen instructions you’ll need to follow. Once your device is connected to the internet, your device will download the latest software so you can get the latest channel updates and features automatically.

Your Roku device will also display a link code at this time. Take note of this link code. Better yet, get a paper and pen ready beforehand to write this code down.

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Entering Your Link Code

Go to the official Roku website on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Make sure to type this link correctly so you don’t get taken to a fraudulent website, because there are many of these in existence.

Enter the link code on the website and click Submit. You need to complete all the steps as indicated on the website before going back to your device. Your Roku won’t be activated if you haven’t completed all these steps.

If you get stuck on a specific step or if you see an error message, you can go to Roku’s support page. It’s dedicated to resolving issues when activating or linking your streaming device.

Log in to your Roku account or create one to complete the activation process of your Roku device. Once your device is linked to your account, you can start streaming media content on your device over the internet and download and install channels like Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer. You can also manage linked devices and subscriptions and update your preferences.

How To Activate Roku Express

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Roku Express is a smaller streaming device that turns your standard TV into a smart TV. It was originally designed to compete with Google Chromecast and is less expensive than the other Roku streaming devices. Roku Express will work for any TV with HDMI connectivity.

To set up and activate Roku Express, you need to download this dedicated Quick Start Guide. You can also follow along this Roku Express set up and activation video:

After connecting your Roku Express to your TV and powering it up, connect your Roku Express to your wireless network. Once connected, set the display type, and your Roku will automatically determine the best resolution for your TV. The next step will be the activation.

You’ll see the activation screen, which will display your link code. Take note of this code as you’ll be using it to link your Roku account to your Roku Express device online. To do this, you’ll need your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Then follow these steps:

  1. Enter on your web browser.
  2. Type in the activation link code in the box and click Submit.
  3. Sign in to your existing Roku account, or if you don’t have an account yet, create one.
  4. Set a security pin for your account to prevent any unwanted purchases and save a payment method.
  5. Add your favorite channels so they’ll be ready to stream on your TV; you can always add more or remove channels at a later time.
  6. To complete activation, scroll down and click Continue.

Your selected channels will start to populate on your TV, which signals your Roku Express has been activated.

Roku Won’t Activate or Roku Keeps Asking To Activate: What To Do?

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If you’re trying to activate a new Roku, but the link code page keeps looping back and asking for the activation code – even after you’ve entered it – there are a few things you can try to fix the problem.

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Try checking the website and make sure you’ve entered the correct URL in your browser, especially since there are many fraudulent or bogus sites whose URLs look similar to Roku’s.

Roku customer support also recommends removing any unused Roku devices linked to your account before adding the new Roku TV. But if you can’t remove an old device linked to your account, it’s best to just create another Roku account and link new Roku devices that way.

Other recommendations include rebooting both your Roku device and wireless router. You can also try to connect your Roku to a mobile hotspot or any alternative network to attempt to set up and activate the device. If it works, you can try to switch back to your home network.

If all these attempts prove ineffective at solving the activation issue, you can always contact Roku’s customer support. Roku also has a dedicated community of users that post questions or problems and Roku agents that try to address them. Or, simply use the search box to find related support topics for similar problems that have already been addressed.

How Do I Bypass Roku Activation?

If you have problems activating your Roku, you may be tempted to bypass the activation process and go directly to streaming your favorite media content. Unfortunately, the activation screen cannot be bypassed. The same is true if you’ve factory reset an old Roku device. You’ll need to link the device to your account in order for it to work.

Roku Not Getting Activation Email

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If you’re trying to activate a new Roku device but didn’t receive an activation link in your email inbox (and you’re sure you typed your email address correctly), you may first want to check your spam folder, as it’s possible the activation email from Roku was flagged as spam by your email.

If it’s not in your spam folder, it’s recommended you try to disconnect your device from power to restart it, then go through the setup process again. You may also need to factory-reset your device. This will allow you to set up your Roku device using the standard link-code method.

Some Roku users have reported receiving the message “We can’t seem to reach you by email” when trying to activate their devices. This issue may be caused by internet providers blocking SMTP, preventing the TV from sending an email.

A possible solution is to reset the Roku device, activate it without connecting to the internet, and then connect to the internet after activation. Another solution is to activate the device using a QR code. If these solutions do not work, it is recommended to contact Roku support for further assistance.

Roku TV Not Able To Process Your Registration

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If your Roku TV isn’t able to process your registration, you may want to try again using a different email address. If it still doesn’t work, you may want to reach out to the Roku support team.

Contact Roku customer support under the “Account or billing issue” section and then select “Manage your order.”

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