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Samsung TV Audio Not Working/Cuts Out/No Audio/Not Sync/Etc

There are so many things that can go right with a TV – the apps run smoothly, the picture is perfect, and the sound is unmatched. Though, what do you do when your Samsung TV audio is not working, is cutting out, when there is no audio at all, or the audio is not synced?

If your Samsung TV audio is not working, is cutting out, has no audio, or is not synced, some of the top solutions include testing the speakers within your TV, turning off the ‘Anynet’ setting, syncing the sound of your TV through the soundbar, and converting audio files that will not play.

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TV’s allow people into worlds they otherwise would never have access to by using a convenient screen right within their home. Although a screen is essential, it is useless without working audio. If you are having trouble with your Samsung TV and its audio output, such as it cutting in and out, refusing to sync, or not working altogether, continue reading to find a slew of different solutions to fix any of your Samsung audio problems.

Samsung TV Audio Not Working

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If you are sitting on your favorite couch and go to turn on your Samsung TV to watch the game, play a great dinner playlist, or get your Xbox running and notice that you have no sound coming from the TV, you have run into a very inconvenient problem. Beyond inconvenience, an audio issue with your Samsung TV can be one that also makes you question if you made a wise investment. Before finding a new TV, try a few solutions first.

For Samsung TVs, there is the option to either run the speakers that are internally built within your TV or to use an external device like a soundbar. You may have the option selected for your set up, therefore, the setting needs to be modified by going to ‘Menu’ > ‘Sound’ > ‘TV Speaker’ > and then selecting the TV speaker option to ‘ON.’ If this does not work, run a sound test to see where the root of the problem is.

To conduct a sound test, select ‘Menu’ > ‘Support’ > ‘Self Diagnosis’ > ‘Sound Test.’ A song will then be played through the TVs speakers (not your soundbar if you have one). If you can hear the song, then the problem is not your TV hardware, but is located somewhere else. However, if you do not hear the sound once the test has taken place, it is very likely that the problem lies within your hardware.

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Samsung TV Audio Cuts Out

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Beyond the more general problem of the audio simply not working, many Samsung users experience specific issues with their TVs audio that can be a bit more tailored depending on their situation. If you turn on your TV and the audio is working fine one minute, but then cutting out the next, it can be nearly as frustrating as the audio not working altogether, which is why this solution might be right for you.

  1. Check Audio Output Settings:
    • Access the TV’s settings menu and navigate to the audio output settings.
    • Ensure that the correct audio output source (e.g., TV speakers, soundbar, external speakers) is selected and properly connected.
  2. Test Different Audio Sources:
    • Verify if the audio issue occurs across all sources (e.g., cable, streaming apps, Blu-ray player).
    • If the problem is specific to one source, it may indicate an issue with the source device or cable.
  3. Inspect HDMI and Audio Cables:
    • Check all HDMI and audio cables connecting external devices to the TV for damage or loose connections.
    • Replace faulty cables or reconnect them securely to resolve potential audio interruptions.
  4. Restart the TV and External Devices:
    • Power off both the TV and external devices (soundbar, cable box, gaming console) experiencing the audio cuts.
    • Unplug them from the power source and wait for a minute before plugging them back in and turning them on.
  5. Update Firmware:
    • Ensure that your Samsung TV’s firmware is up-to-date.
    • Access the settings menu and check for available updates. Follow the instructions to install any pending updates.
  6. Disable Audio Sync Settings:
    • Some Samsung TVs have audio sync features that can cause delays or audio cutting out.
    • Access the TV’s settings menu and disable any audio sync or lip-sync settings.
  7. Check Volume Leveler and Audio Settings:
    • If your TV has a volume leveler or equalizer, ensure that it is not set to a mode that affects the audio output.
    • Reset the audio settings to default if necessary.
  8. Test TV Internal Speakers:
    • Verify if the audio cuts out when using the TV’s internal speakers.
    • If the issue persists with the internal speakers, it may indicate a TV-related problem.

Samsung TV Multi-Output Audio Not Available

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If you choose to go outside of the audio that Samsung TVs provide and have a secondary source set up or you are using a secondary audio source with something like Bluetooth speakers, have SKY, Virgin Media, BT TV, or a Blu-Ray player connected, you may be having issues either finding the multi-output audio option or it is showing up as “not available.” When it comes to sound, this can be extremely frustrating, but there is a fix.

If your Samsung TV multi-output audio is not available, first, turn on a set of Bluetooth headphones. Go to ‘Menu’ > ‘Sound’ > ‘Speaker List’ > ‘Bluetooth Audio Devices’ > select your Bluetooth headphones > ‘Connect.’ You will hear sound only from your headphones, but there is a bit more. On your remote press ‘Source’ > ‘Menu’ > ‘System’ > ‘Accessibility’ > ‘Multi-Output Audio’ > ‘On’ > and all should work.

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Samsung TV Can’t Change Audio Language

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If your sound is working, but the audio language is not in your preferred language, this can be just as big of a problem as having no sound at all. Selecting the audio language for Samsung TV is actually one of the least complicated processes compared to most others. If your Samsung TV can’t change the audio language setting, below is a quick and easy solution for you.

If you are having problems changing the audio language with your Samsung TV, you simply need to press the ‘Audio’ button that is located on your television remote. Once you have pressed the ‘Audio’ button during playback, you will see the different audio languages available, which are abbreviated (example: EN for English). Once you have your preferred language selected, simply remove the audio bar and press ‘Return.’

Samsung TV Audio Not in Sync

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There are few things more frustrated when it comes to TV watching as to when the audio is not in sync with the picture. The sound is coming out, but the picture is either lagging either only a second behind or is completely off the mark. In order to have the best TV experience, it is essential that these two components work in sync, otherwise, there would be no need for a picture on the screen, but simply a radio and an imagination.

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If your Samsung TV audio is not in sync with the picture, it is likely that you are using a soundbar for your audio. If this is the case, press ‘Sound Control’ on the soundbar remote > then go either left or right using the remote to adjust the sound. If this does not work select ‘Sound Control’ > ‘Sync’ > and then pick the audio delay to be either between 0 or 300 milliseconds.

Samsung TV Audio Description Won’t Turn Off

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For some Samsung TV owners, audio description is an essential component of their TV experience. However, if you are someone who does not need this feature every day or simply does not prefer it, it can be a major distraction when you are trying to watch passively and hear at the same time, but are continually directed to the audio descriptions at either the top or bottom of the screen.

If your Samsung TV audio description won’t turn off, first, press and hold the ‘Volume’ button on your Samsung remote. This will take you straight to the ‘Voice Guide’ option which is where you are able to control the audio description. Once you are there, simply find the option to turn ‘Off’ ‘Voice Guide’ using the select button on your remote and voice guide will no longer appear on your screen.

Samsung TV Not Supporting Audio File

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If your Samsung TV does not support the audio file, it is likely that you are trying to play a video that hosts an audio file your TV will not accept. You may be able to see the video with no sound, or you might have no visualization at all. However, the problem lies within the acceptability of the file. You will need to convert the audio to an acceptable file for your Samsung.

If your Samsung TV is not spotting an audio file, first, download the Ideal MP4 to ‘Samsung TV Converter.’ Once downloaded click ‘Add File’ > select the MP4 H.264/AAC as your output format > click ‘Profile’ > ‘General Video’ > ‘Convert.’ This should immediately convert your audio file in a way that your Samsung TV will accept it and it will play.

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How to Fix Audio Codec Not Supported on Samsung TV

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Audio codec is another term (more commonly used) for issues when audio files are not supported with your Samsung TV. Because of this, if you are having problems with your audio codec not being supported, it means that the video is playing and there is no sound, or there is no picture or sound at all. This problem is understandably infuriating to many users, but it simply takes a download of software to get things back in working order.

To fix audio codec that is not supported by your Samsung TV, simply download the Ideal MP4 which was previously mentioned. To see the continuation of steps, simply refer to the previous section “Samsung TV Not supporting Audio File.”

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