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Samsung TV Menu Not Working

Samsung TVs are considered high-quality, beginner-friendly, and long-lasting. Navigating through various menus should be a breeze, but you could encounter a few issues every now and then. Fortunately, repairing your Samsung TV and fixing the menu problems is easier than you might think.

If your Samsung TV menu isn’t working, press the down volume arrow on the TV set (not the remote), hold the menu button for five seconds, then check if it says ‘Standard’ on the top right to ensure your TV isn’t in the store’s demo mode. You could also use voice commands to reset the Smart Hub menu.

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Throughout this post, we’ll cover why your Samsung TV’s menu keeps popping up or won’t work. We’ll also show you a handful of common solutions to get your smart TV working as it should.

Samsung TV Menu Keeps Popping Up

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If your Samsung TV menu keeps popping up, it’s likely caused by the store forgetting to take it out of its demo mode. Stores typically keep their display models in demo mode, which makes the menu appear for future customers. To take the TV out of this mode, turn down the volume and hold the menu button for five seconds.

Follow these step-by-step instructions for better details:

Step 1:

Press the volume down button on the TV set, not the remote. Samsung’s demo mode is designed to work without a remote in stores, so you won’t be able to do anything unless you press the keys under the TV. They should be located under the right or left side and might be flush with the bezel.

Step 2:

When the volume icon appears on the TV, stop touching the volume key and hold the menu button for five seconds. Your smart TV should display ‘Standard’ on the top left or right side of the screen. This notification shows you’ve left demo mode, so you shouldn’t get pop-up menus anymore.

Step 3

Turn off your TV, wait for 30 seconds, then turn it on. Scroll through the guides, apps, and other settings as you usually would. You’ll notice the pop-up menu no longer appears since it’s ready to use for customers.

This simple mistake is the store’s fault since they’re supposed to switch it to the standard mode before selling it. While it’s quite frustrating to deal with, our quick fix will get your Samsung TV back in good condition.

Samsung TV Menu Not Available

If your Samsung TV settings are not available, it’s likely because the TV’s firmware is outdated or there’s a software glitch. The top cause of this issue is a firmware update that failed to install properly. To fix this, try resetting your TV to its default settings or power cycling it by unplugging it from the power source for a few minutes. You can also try manually updating the firmware by downloading the latest version from Samsung’s website and installing it via USB.

Samsung TV Menu Won’t Open/Appear

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If your Samsung TV menu won’t open or appear, there’s likely interference with the Smart Hub or Smart Things selections. To fix this problem, use the remote’s voice commands to turn reset the Smart Hub menu. All you have to say is, “Reset Smart Hub.” If that doesn’t work, set the TV up with Samsung’s Smart Things app on your smartphone.

If the menu doesn’t show up, you can’t access anything to fix or customize your TV. The good news is you can try a couple of simple tricks to get it back in working order.

  • Pick up your smart remote and hold the voice command button until it blinks, then say the previously mentioned “Reset Smart Hub” order. This will tell your Samsung TV that something’s wrong and it needs a hard reset. It fixes almost every menu issue to the default settings.
  • Use Samsung’s Smart Things application on your phone to set up your TV. Samsung made it very easy for everyone to set their TV however they want it without touching the remote or TV’s menu bar. The app will guide you through the process to open the menu and make it accessible with your phone, remote, or menu bar, as it should.

Samsung TV Menu Won’t Go Away

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When your Samsung TV menu doesn’t go away, it’s often caused by the Smart Hub being set to auto-open. If it stays open, you should go to the general settings menu, click ‘Smart Features,’ then turn off auto-open. Another solution is to unplug your TV, plug it in, and factory reset it when it reactivates.

The menu typically stays open because the TV wants you to take a specific action, such as downloading a software update, customizing your TV when you open it out of the box, and so on. Ensuring the auto-open menu is turned off will prevent it from activating every time you go to the Home menu.

Factory resetting your Samsung TV is as easy as clicking the settings button, heading to power, then clicking ‘Factory Reset’ or ‘Hard Reset.’ These options will return the TV to the brand-new settings as if you just bought it, preventing the sticky menu from being an issue.

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