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Samsung TV HDMI ARC Not Working

If you own a Samsung TV and are using an HDMI ARC cord, you are free of one less wire when it comes to wired connections and have sound coming from your TV with better quality and overall transmission. When the HDMI ARC is not working though, what can be done?

If your Samsung TV HDMI ARC is not working, unplug all other external devices that are connected to your TV, confirm that the cord has been inserted securely, ensure that the cord has no visible damage, turn on the AnyNet + (HDMI-CEC) function, and follow the proper setup steps.


An HDMI ARC cord is an innovative piece of equipment that minimizes the number of wires that Samsung TV owners need to have audio on their TV, while also delivering improved sound through the cord’s ability to transmit sound to and from the speakers. This cord is a great option for those trying to improve the sound of their TV while also trying to avoid a slew of cords, but if your HDMI ARC is not working, take a look below to see what you can do to get things running.

Samsung TV HDMI ARC Not Working

The HDMI ARC is a port on your Samsung TV that grants users the ability to decrease the cords they are using for sound purposes on their TV and also creates audio that is able to travel to and from speakers which helps to improve the overall quality of sound as well as its ability to transport without any type of delay. If you are using an HDMI ARC with your Samsung TV and it suddenly stops working, what should you do first?

If your Samsung TV HDMI ARC is not working, the first troubleshooting method you need to try is unplugging all other external devices from your TV. If you unplug these devices and your HDMI ARC cord begins working, replace other devices one by one to see which is not compatible when using this cord.

Samsung TV HDMI ARC No Sound

Although one major benefit for those using an HDMI ARC cord is the ability to minimize the wires used to operate their TV, another advantage is the sound that is produced by using this cord. The sound which comes from an HDMI ARC cord is one that is clearer, more accurate, and thus, a better choice when you are trying to get quality sound without any lagging. However, if you are using this cord and there is no sound, what could be causing the issue?

If your Samsung TV HDMI ARC has no sound, the problem could lie within a loose connection. Go to the back of your television and check to make sure that the HDMI ARC cord has been securely inserted on both ends. To be sure, unplug the cord and insert it securely then see if sound is restored.

Samsung TV HDMI ARC Port Not Working

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You may not be having trouble with the HDMI ARC cord itself, but when you go to plug in this cord, you may notice that the actual port is not working on your Samsung TV. This can be a bit of a bigger concern, as this problem concerns the hardware of your television set, but there is a way to restore the function of this port without too much fuss. If you are using an HDMI ARC cord and the port on your Samsung TV is not working, take a look below for the solution,

If your Samsung TV HDMI ARC port is not working, first make completely sure that the cord is not the issue by replacing the current cord with a new one. If the port is still not working, try resetting your TV by unplugging it from its power source for three minutes before turning it back on.

Samsung TV HDMI ARC Stopped Working

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If you have been successfully using an HDMI ARC cord and have been able to have clear sound without interruption for some time, you may be surprised when the cord suddenly stops working and you are left with no sound coming from your Samsung TV. There are a few different ways to combat this problem though, so continue reading below to see what you can do when the HDMI ARC stops working on your Samsung TV,

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If the HDMI ARC has stopped working on your Samsung TV, check to make sure that the physical integrity of the cord has not been compromised. Look for any indentations, cuts, or obvious bends in the wire and if you see these, replace the cord with a new one to see if function is restored.

Samsung TV Not Showing/Detecting/Recognizing HDMI ARC

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To use the HDMI ARC cord properly, your Samsung TV has to be able to detect it in order for a connection to be made and function to ensue. Once this is completed, you should be able to have sound without any further work, however, some Samsung TV owners have found that once they have the cord inserted, their TV does not recognize the cord and they are not able to use their TV properly. If this is an issue you are experiencing, read below for the fix.

If your Samsung TV is not showing, detecting, or recognizing the HDMI ARC you have inserted, be sure that you have the Anynet + (HDMI-CEC) function has been activated on your TV. This activation will vary depending on your TV model, so follow the specific instructions for each model.

How Do You Set Up HDMI ARC On Samsung TV

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If you are at the very beginning of using an HDMI ARC cord with your Samsung TV, you may be looking for a bit of guidance when it comes to setting up this device with your TV. The process is really quite simple, but if one wrong move is made, it can upset the function of the cord and you

can be left with a TV that does not have sound as well as an HDMI ARC cord that is rendered useless. To see how to set up HDMI ARC on your Samsung TV, take a look below.

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To set up HDMI ARC on your Samsung TV, take the HDMI ARC cable and connect the cable to HDMI IN (ARC) port on your TV. Once you have this connected, take the other end of the cord and connect it to the HDMI OUT (TV-ARC) port on the speaker you are connecting and turn the speaker on to complete.

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