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Smart TV YouTube Won’t Play/Load/Connect

If you have a smart TV and have the ability to download and install YouTube, you should be able to play content from within this platform, load the content within a timely manner, and connect to a network without issue, but what do you do if there is, in fact, an issue?

If YouTube won’t play, load, or connect on your smart TV, close the app and reopen it, power cycle the TV, reset the modem or router, clear the cache of your TV, confirm your TV is connected to a working network, and try deleting and reinstalling the app.

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When using YouTube on your smart TV, users expect the platform to function just as well as every other feature or app on their TV. When this doesn’t happen, smart TV owners find themselves in a situation where they are not only frustrated with the platform’s unreliability, but also have to figure out how to fix the problem. If YouTube won’t play, load, or connect on your smart TV, continue reading below to find the right solution to your exact problem.

Smart TV Won’t Play YouTube

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No matter what smart TV you own, you should be able to go directly into the app section of your device, find YouTube, download and install it (if not previously done), wait for the app to load, then should be taken straight to the homepage of YouTube. Once there, you can select content from within the app, whether on your TV or through casting, and play it. If you are trying to use YouTube on your smart TV but it won’t play, what can be done to fix this problem?

If your smart TV won’t play YouTube, try closing the app and opening it back up once it has completely shut down. To do this, exit out of the YouTube app, allow it to shut down, then select the app again and reopen it. Once reopened, try to play content once more to see if the issue has resolved.

If you exit the app and are still not able to play any videos from within it on your smart TV, try completing a power cycle of the TV to get rid of any temporary issues. To do this, either unplug the TV or hold down the power button on your remote for 30 seconds. Once this time has passed, plug the TV back in or turn it back on using your remote and open YouTube to see if you are able to play videos smoothly.

Smart TV YouTube Not Loading/Opening

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When using a smart TV that has available applications, you must have a network connection that is not only stable, but that is strong enough to be able to support the apps you have downloaded, especially if you are using apps that require a higher number of Mbps to run smoothly. If you go to open YouTube on your smart TV but notice that the app will not load and will not open, take a look below to see what you can do to get past this temporary roadblock.

If YouTube is not loading or opening on your smart TV, be sure that your network is running smoothly by resetting your modem or router. To do this, unplug the modem and router directly from their power source and allow them to sit for 60 seconds before plugging them back in.

When they have been plugged back in, allow the devices the proper amount of time to completely reboot before trying to use YouTube again. Once the modem or router has rebooted, try opening YouTube to see if it will load and open properly, if it does not, try clearing the cache of your smart TV. This process can be found in the user manual that came with your TV upon purchase, as the steps will vary depending on the brand you are currently using.

YouTube Not Connecting On Smart TV

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You may be able to download and install YouTube to your smart tv and may be able to get through the loading stage so that the app can be opened, but if once you are in YouTube, if the app is not able to connect, you may as well not have the app downloaded at all. If you have a smart TV and YouTube is not connecting, this issue can be incredibly frustrating to find its root, but read below to see what you can do to get the app connected to a working network.

If YouTube is not connecting on your smart TV, be sure that your TV is successfully connected to a network. The process will vary for each TV brand, however, the majority of TVs will have connection information listed under ‘Settings.’ Once there, confirm that a successful connection is made.

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If you see that your smart TV is successfully connected to a working network but YouTube is still not connecting, it may be helpful to delete the app and then reinstall it. This can help to get rid of any bugs that exist within the app that may be causing connection issues, while also giving you an app that is up-to-date once YouTube has been reinstalled again. When the app is installed, try once more to see if connection issues persist, as this should resolve them.

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