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YouTube Frozen/Keeps Crashing On Smart TV

By being able to access YouTube on your smart TV, you are able to avoid having to lock onto a small screen and see the content you want all through the screen of your smart TV. When YouTube suddenly freezes or continually crashes though, is there anything you can do?

If YouTube is frozen or keeps crashing on your Smart TV, it may be due to a temporary glitch in the app. Try clearing the YouTube app’s cache and data, or uninstalling and reinstalling the app from your TV’s app store to resolve the issue and improve its performance.

YouTube freezing or crashing on a Smart TV can often be attributed to a temporary issue with the app. To fix this, start by accessing your TV’s settings menu, navigate to the Apps or Applications section, and find the YouTube app. Select it and choose to clear the cache and data. If this doesn’t work, uninstall the YouTube app and reinstall it from your TV’s app store to ensure you have the latest version, which may resolve any compatibility issues.

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Network connectivity problems can also lead to YouTube freezing or crashing on a Smart TV. If your Wi-Fi signal is weak or intermittent, it can disrupt the streaming experience. Ensure your Smart TV is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network, and consider restarting your router if needed to improve the connection. Additionally, check for any firmware updates for your TV, as updating the TV’s software can sometimes resolve compatibility issues with streaming apps like YouTube.

YouTube Frozen/Keeps Freezing on Smart TV

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At its essence, YouTube is a video sharing platform that can also be seen as a form of social media due to its ability to reach any audience and host real-time live streams for whoever is willing to watch. This platform has received countless hours of user viewings, making it the perfect app for those with a smart TV who want the platform to be just a bit bigger in their world. When you have a smart TV and YouTube keeps freezing though, it can be a huge problem.

If YouTube is frozen or keeps freezing on your smart TV, there are a variety of different ways you can try to resolve the issues. These include turning your TV off and back on, checking your internet connection, updating your TV’s software, and deleting and reinstalling the app.

First and foremost, one of the most common fixes and easiest solutions is to restart your smart TV. For most people, this process should be incredibly easy whether you have a remote control, are wanting to use the power button on the TV itself, or can’t find either and need to pull power directly from the TVs source. To restart your TV, simply turn the TV off, wait for it to completely power down, then turn the TV back on and see if YouTube is functioning properly.

Another reason for YouTube freezing and crashing is the strength and stability of your network connection. As with any other app, no matter the brand of smart TV you own, you must have a network connection in order for the app to run as it should. If your network connection is too weak or too busy, it can cause major issues when it comes to trying to use apps whose sole purpose is to play videos. If you think your network may be the issue, continue reading.

If YouTube is frozen or keeps freezing on your Smart TV and you have turned your TV off and back on, check first that you have your Smart TV connected to the internet. Once you have done this, consider resetting your network by unplugging your modem or router for at least 30 seconds.

If you have your smart TV connected to WiFi, reset your modem and router (if they are separate) by unplugging each device directly from the power source. Once unplugged, allow them to sit for 30 to 60 seconds while it drains of power. Once this time has passed, plug the modem and router back in and allow it to completely reboot by waiting to turn your TV back on until you see that no lights are blinking on the device and it has completely powered back up.

You can also check the speed of your internet to ensure that you have a high enough internet speed to support YouTube videos. You can test your internet speed by taking an internet speed test on a device such as your computer or smartphone, which will tell you how many Mbps you have available. To play YouTube on a smart TV, you need 7 Mbps for regular videos and 13 Mbps for HD videos.

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If your internet speed is not the issue and you know that your connection is strong, you may be wondering why you are still having problems with the app freezing continually. It would seem like the most logical answer for the problem to derive from a network issue, but this is not always the case. If you check to see that your internet speed is up to par and know that your modem and router and not the source of the issue, what else could be causing the interruption?

If you have sufficient internet speed, yet are still experiencing problems with YouTube freezing and crashing on your smart TV, it may be that your TV needs a software update. Every TV is going to differ with this process depending on the particular brand, so be mindful of your TV’s make and model.

If you do not know how to complete a software update for your particular TV, either look up the make and model of the TV to find out what the process entails, or consult the user manual that came with the TV upon purchase. If you find that your smart TV does in fact need a software update, follow the steps to begin the update and allow your TV to completely finish the process before navigating back to Youtube to see if it is no longer freezing.

A smart TV that is not updated with the latest software can be the primary cause of application malfunctions, which is why looking for an available update is so important. However, if you look and find that no update is available, you are left once again, wondering what could be the cause of YouTube freezing and crashing. If you have turned off your TV, have checked your internet connection, and have tried updating the software, take a look below for one more solution.

If YouTube is still freezing and crashing after completing the previous steps, it may be time to delete and reinstall the application on your Smart TV. This process will differ in steps depending on the brand of TV you have, but by deleting the app, you can get rid of any corrupted data within.

You will need to follow the particular app deletion steps for your particular TV, but once you have YouTube deleted, you can then go back into your applications, search for YouTube again, select, and reinstall the app. Once it has been reinstalled, try opening the app and see if it is still freezing and crashing. If it is not, then the issue was within the previous download and you should be able to use YouTube with interruption.

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