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Sonos Keeps Cutting / Pausing / Repeating / Skipping Songs

For your home sound system, when investing in a quality product, you expect it to perform at such a rate. However, technology is not always reliable and there are times when hiccups happen. What do you do if your Sonos keeps cutting, pausing, repeating, or skipping songs?

If your Sonos keeps cutting, pausing, repeating, or skipping songs you can try checking that the streaming service you are using hasn’t reached its limit, update your Sonos system, disable the ‘Auto-Lock’ setting on your iOS device, use a BOOST setup, and reset your internet among other solutions.

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Being able to rely on a sound system is what gives you the confidence to smoothly host dinner parties, get through the best surprise party, set the tone for an intense poker night, and aid in a romantic dinner. When your Sonos sound system begins to cut out, starts to pause, repeats, or skips songs, you are left in unwelcomed silence. Continue reading to discover all the solutions to your Sonos sound system problems.

Sonos Keeps Stopping/Cutting Out Mid-Song or After One Song

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With your Sonos sound system, there is an expectation that it should be able to flawlessly project any song that is played through it. This means there should be no stopping mid-song and no cutting out after one song plays. However, some owners have experienced problems with their Sonos sound system cutting out in the middle of a song, stopping when the action was not procured by the owner, or cutting out after one song has been completed.

If your Sonos keeps stopping and cutting out mid-song or after one song, first be sure that the streaming service you are using has not reached its device limit. Some streaming services do not allow multiple uses at a time and this can cause the songs to cut out or stop if there are multiple devices using the same music streaming service in tandem.

If you are the only one using that particular music streaming service or this situation is not applicable for you, be sure to check your internet speed. If your internet is below a speed of 5 Mbps when streaming music, this can cause problems playing songs without interruption. To perform a speed test, conduct this on a separate device that is connected to your WiFi to see the speed of your internet and determine if this is the problem.

Sonos Keeps Skipping Tracks/Songs

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For those who have playlists that are already made and ready to be played through their Sonos sound system, it can be extremely frustrating when they go to play the soundtrack and realize that particular tracks and songs are being skipped over. This problem typically occurs for those that are using their own playlists from either their phones, computers, or other devices and there are few things you can try to resolve this issue.

If your Sonos speaker is skipping songs, it could be due to network connectivity issues. A weak or unstable Wi-Fi connection can interrupt the streaming of music, causing skips. To resolve this, try moving your Sonos speaker closer to your Wi-Fi router, or consider using a Wi-Fi extender to improve signal strength. Ensuring a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection is key for uninterrupted playback.

Another reason for song skipping in Sonos could be due to an overloaded network. If too many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network, it can cause bandwidth issues leading to streaming problems. Disconnecting some devices from the network, or upgrading to a higher-speed internet plan, can help alleviate this issue and provide a smoother streaming experience on your Sonos system.

Software issues can also cause Sonos speakers to skip songs. An outdated Sonos app or speaker firmware can lead to performance problems. Check for updates in the Sonos app and install them if available. Keeping your Sonos system up to date with the latest software can often fix bugs and improve overall functionality, potentially resolving the song skipping issue.

Sonos Skipping Songs Halfway Through/Not Finishing Songs

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There are few things as frustrating as when you are in the middle of one of your favorite songs only to be jutted into the next song as the remaining half is left unfinished. Some Sonos sound system owners have had trouble, not with the initial function of their speakers, but with the speakers skipping songs when they are only halfway through or stopping and moving onto the next song before the first was finished.

If your Sonos is skipping songs halfway through or is not finishing songs it could be a simple problem with your iOS device. If you are using an iOS device to stream music to your Sonos sound system, go to the settings menu on your device under ‘Display and Brightness’ and disable the ‘Auto-Lock’ setting.

If your Sonos is still skipping or not finishing songs after disabling the ‘Auto-Lock’ settings, you should be sure that your internet speed is at least 5 Mbps (see: “Sonos Keeps Stopping/Cutting Out Mid-Song or After One Song). You can also use a BOOST setup that will help to increase the stability of your network by eliminating interference from other devices which will help to eliminate problems with skipping songs due to poor connection.

Sonos Keeps Pausing/Freezing

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Related to your Sonos sound system skipping songs halfway or not finishing songs is the problem of the device pausing and freezing. This means that the song not only stops, but there is no continuation of sound once it has frozen. If you find that your Sonos sound system is continually pausing and freezing, there are a few different solutions that will likely get your system back into smooth working order.

If your Sonos keeps pausing or freezing, this typically a tale-tale sign that your internet speed is either not fast enough to stream or that your internet needs to be reset. To check the speed of your internet to ensure it is 5 Mbps or more refer back to “Sonos Keeps Stopping/Cutting Out Mid-Song or After One Song.” To reset your internet, find your router and unplug the power cord directly from the wall for 60 seconds.

If you are still having problems with your Sonos pausing and freezing during songs after you have checked the internet speed and reset your router, it may help to perform a factory reset on your Sonos speakers. To perform a factory reset, unplug the power cord from the Sonos device, press and hold the ‘Join’ button as you simultaneously reconnect the power cord. Wait for the ‘Status’ light to flash amber and white and once green, the reset is finished.

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Sonos Keeps Changing Songs

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If you are playing your Sonos sound system and find that the songs are skipping without any prompting from you, you might be left wondering what would cause such a bizarre and irritating problem. Of course, as with many Sonos issues, the issue could lie in your internet as songs will skip if your Sonos does not have the internet available to load the file, which will thus lead to a changed song.

If your Sonos keeps changing songs, be sure that there are no problems with your internet speed or connection first (see: “Sonos Keeps Stopping/Cutting Out Mid-Song or After One Song”). However, this problem can also lie in how your music library is indexed on your iSO device. To index your music library, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Music Library’ > ‘Schedule Music Index Updates.’

If you are using a macOS or Windows device, to update the music on either of these devices open the Sonos app > go to ‘Manage’ menu >click ‘Update Music Library Now’ > then click ‘Yes’ to confirm the update. These updates may take several minutes to complete, but by updating the index, it can help to reconfigure the order in which your songs are played which can help to stop your Sonos from changing songs.

Sonos Keeps Playing Same Song

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Everyone, no matter what their music preferences are, has a song that they love and could listen to over and over. However, if you are a Sonos sound system owner and you find that your favorite song will not stop playing, but is kept on a never-ending loop, you are left scrambling to find a way to make it stop. If you are having problems with your Sonos continually playing the same song, take a look below for a few resolutions for this problem.

If your Sonos keeps playing the same song, first make sure that the repeat feature on your iSO device is not turned on. To do this, open the music app on your device and tap on the song that is currently playing > tap the ‘Up Next’ icon at the bottom of the screen > tap the ‘Repeat’ icon (two arrows curved toward each other in an oval shape) until it is no longer highlighted.

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If this is not the problem, be sure that your Sonos sound system has installed the most recent update by referencing back to the previous section “Sonos Keeps Skipping Tracks/Songs.” If this does not solve your problem, be sure that your iOS device has also been installed with the most recent updates by following each device’s particular procedures to check and install new updates.

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