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Sonos Won’t Work/Turn On or Off/Keeps Turning On/Off

There are few moments as fulfilling as being able to sit within your home and listen to music that truly brings your world to life. If you are an owner of a Sonos sound system, it can be a big problem when it won’t work, turn on, turn off, or keeps turning on and off on its own.

If your Sonos speaker keeps turning on or off, it could be due to network connectivity issues. An unstable or weak Wi-Fi connection can cause intermittent operation of the speaker. To resolve this, try improving your Wi-Fi signal strength by moving the router closer to the Sonos or reducing interference from other devices. Additionally, restarting both your router and the Sonos speaker can help re-establish a stable connection.

Another common issue that might cause your Sonos speaker to malfunction is outdated firmware. Running old firmware can lead to various operational issues, including erratic on/off cycles. The solution is to update the Sonos speaker’s firmware. This can be done through the Sonos app. Navigate to ‘Settings’, then ‘System Updates’, and check for any available updates. Installing the latest firmware can often stabilize the performance of your speaker.

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As an owner of a Sonos sound system, you expect that it will be able to operate and perform without any glitching so that your investment is not wasted. However, technology inevitably fails at times, which leaves you in a position of having to resolve those failures. If your Sonos will not work, turns on and off, or keeps turning off and on without any prompting, continue reading to find a solution to all of your Sonos problems.

Sono’s Won’t Work

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Finally, you have brought home your new Sonos sound system and have been able to enjoy the sound it so flawlessly produces for weeks now. However, one day you go to turn it on and the system simply will not work. There may be no indication of power, no sound coming from its speaker once turned on, trouble connecting to WiFi, or you may have two that are not playing together, but there is no obvious explanation as to why it has suddenly stopped doing the job it has done well for so long.

If your Sono’s won’t work and you are experiencing a more general problem, your speaker may benefit from a factory reset. To complete a factory reset with your speaker, unplug the Sonos from the outlet, hold down the Play/Pause button on the speaker and keep it held down as you plug the speaker back into the outlet. The light on the speaker will flash amber and white then turn green when the reset is complete.

If you think that you may have made a mistake when setting up your Sonos speaker, be sure to review these steps: unbox and plug the speaker in > download the Sonos App either on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device > choose your setup type > select your speaker > put speakers into ‘Join’ mode > connect to the WiFi network > connect other speakers if you are wanting to connect multiples.

Sonos Keeps Turning On

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If you are having no trouble with your Sonos sound system working, then you may be inclined to believe that you are free of any type of problem. However, even with a properly working Sonos speaker, some users have reported that their speaker randomly turns on without them actually perpetuating the action. This can leave users feeling a bit out of control, but there are a few explanations for this type of occurrence.

If your Sonos keeps turning on, be sure to first consider if you have any pets within your home that may be getting near the speaker. This may sound almost laughable, but many Sonos owners have found that their cats are actually the ones who are accidentally turning on the speaker when they either sit atop the speaker, paw at the speaker, or jump over it.

If you have no pets and your Sonos speaker is still turning on at random moments, be sure that there is no alarm set within your Sonos. To check the alarm settings, from the Rooms tab tap the ‘Alarm’ icon and see if any alarms have been set to your speaker. If they have, simply disable the alarm and be sure that no others exist within your speaker settings.

Sonos Keeps Turning Off

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Just as frustrating but not as alarming as your Sonos speaker turning on is the issue of it turning off on its own. When you are in the middle of a dinner party, if you are showing your colleagues your most recent instrumental inspiration, or you are playing happy birthday for your new three-year-old, the last thing that you want to experience is a break in music due to your Sonos system turning off on its own.

If your Sonos keeps turning off, first, be sure to check the power outlet in which it is plugged into as well as the power cord that the device is using. Plug another device into the outlet to ensure that the outlet is functioning properly and inspect the cord on the Sonos to make sure that no damage has been done to the cord. Also, check that the power cord is securely inserted into the speaker and outlet.

If you are still having trouble with your Sonos speaker turning off, it could be due to WiFi interference from other devices. To lessen WiFi interference you will need to change your Sonos system’s wireless channel. To do this from your iOS device or Android, from the ‘Settings’ tab select ‘System’ > ‘Network’ > ‘SonosNet Channel’ > then change the wireless channel to either 1, 6, or 11, but make sure it is not the same channel as your router.

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Sonos Won’t Turn On

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If you get to your Sonos and find that it will no longer turn on after previously working just fine, there can be a bit of confusion as to what would cause such a drastic issue to occur so randomly. However, there are a few different reasons that your Sonos may all of the sudden stop turning on. Take a look below and be sure to go through each explanation in order to rule out any possibilities so that you can reach the right solution for your specific problem.

If your Sonos speaker won’t turn on, a common cause could be a malfunctioning power supply. The power cable or outlet might be faulty or not properly connected. To solve this, first check and ensure the power cable is securely plugged into both the speaker and the power outlet. If necessary, try a different power cable or outlet. This could quickly resolve the issue and get your Sonos speaker up and running again.

Another reason your Sonos might not turn on is due to a software glitch. Sometimes, software issues can prevent the speaker from starting up properly. A potential solution is to reset the speaker. To do this, unplug the speaker, wait for about 10 seconds, and then plug it back in. This action can reset the system and clear any minor software glitches that might be causing the problem.

Sonos Speaker Won’t Turn Off

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Of course, it is a major problem when your Sonos speaker will not turn on. However, it can be just as inconvenient if it will not turn off as life must go on without music at times. If you find that your Sonos speaker will no longer turn off and you are having problems with music either perpetually playing or the device simply remaining ‘On’ with no purpose, look below to see if any of the possible causes are your problem.

If your Sonos speaker won’t turn off and it uses a power cord, the quickest and most effective solution is to unplug the speaker and leave it unplugged for at least two minutes before plugging it back in. This should cause a reset within the device that may fix any small issues that caused the device to stay on in the first place.

If there is no power cord and you have enabled Alexa on your Sonos speaker, be sure that you are using the proper command language to get the speaker to turn off. This means that you should be using phrases such as ‘Alexa, stop’ or ‘Alexa, turn off.’ If you are still having trouble, be sure that when you are holding down the power button on your cordless Sonos that you are holding it down for at least 5 seconds, as any less will not power it off.

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