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Sony TV Keeps (Muting and Unmuting/Won’t Unmute)

Sony has been around for decades producing high-quality audio and video devices and peripherals, including their TVs which are considered to be, for the most part, top of the range. However, they are plagued with various issues, usually regarding muting, unmuting, and volume.

The easiest ways to fix your Sony TV that is muting, unmuting, or causing other volume issues is to either use the self-diagnostic feature located in the “help” menu, factory reset your tv, and finally to use a guide. Then via the process of elimination, determine how your specific sound problem can be resolved.

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This article will discuss the various problems related to the issues of muting, unmuting, and volume that seem to plague many Sony TVs, including their Bravia model. This article will include workable solutions and step-by-step guides.

Sony TV Keeps Muting And Unmuting

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Some of the problems related to the muting and unmuting of a Sony tv will, for the most part, be applicable to many Sony tv models. Typically not all models will have the same issues, and this specific issue of automatic muting and unmuting can be found in various models but is most common among the Sony Bravia models.

More often than not, the problem lies with an invalid IR (infrared) signal that is being sent to your Sony tv. You should check to see if the status light of your Sony tv is constantly flashing. This will mean it is receiving a signal from a specific source, which is typically another remote. To fix this problem, you should put tape over the IR sections of your remotes to ensure that no signal is being sent to the tv due to a bug or stuck button.

Sony TV Keeps Muting

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The problem of your sony tv the keeps getting muted typically relates to models of Sony TVs that are smart TVs (android TVs). Furthermore, this problem will relate to devices that are connected to your Sony tv, such as Google Home assistant speakers. However, this problem can also occur with any other multimedia “listening device.”

Your Sony tv will mute itself when the wake-up command activates the Google Home assistant. This problem can occur even when the Google home assistant is activated in another room. Your Sony tv will go into listening mode and mute the volume. To fix this problem, go to your Sony TV settings and change the “lower volume when listening” setting on your home app screen.

Sony TV Won’t Unmute

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The problem of your Sony tv not being able to unmute typically relates to the Sony Bravi model. Most individuals would think that the problem lies solely with the remote of the tv, and thus they don’t extend the problem-solving to the tv itself.

Due to the fact that the Sony Bravi models are android TVs, in some instances, there could be a malfunction regarding the software of the tv. To fix this problem, all you would need to do is run a self-diagnostic feature that is found on the tv. This function can be found under the “help” setting on the home screen.

Sony TV Won’t Mute

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Again, this problem is typically persistent with Sony Bravia tv models. Furthermore, for the most part, the problem usually does not lay with the remote but the software of the tv itself. You may think that it is a remote malfunction because when you press the volume or muting buttons on the remote, the tv sensor reads the remote correctly.

There are two ways to solve this problem. The first is to reset your Sony Bravia tv to the original factory settings, which is an option that you can find within your Bravia TV settings. Again, the next is to utilize the self-diagnostic feature under the “help” setting located on your TV’s home screen. View this video here for a detailed visual aid on how to perform the self-diagnostic function.

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Sony TV Has No Sound But Not Muted

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According to Sony, this problem relates to their TVs’ specific models; however, they do not give any particular models to reference against. Sony provides a brief and general overview of the problem and a step-by-step process of elimination in determining what the problem could be regarding this issue. You can find the detailed guide step-by-step guide here. We will go over and compress the guide here for easier reference.

You will need to make sure that all the default settings and requirements are met in order to proceed with the process of elimination in determining the root of the problem. That means all viable settings options are selected and turned on, and maximum volume is set for speaker and volume control on your Sony TV. The following steps comprise of you checking all input and output signals from all devices, including your TV.

If this process does not work, the only other factor to consider is that the speakers are damaged due to them being defective or due to an incident.

The other factor to consider is that if a device is plugged into the tv via the 3.5mm jack output on the tv, it will automatically mute the volume. It will assume that the device is connected to the tv, has control of the volume, and will not produce any sound at all. In this instance, you will not be able to change this due to the fact that Sony TVs come with this function built-in, and it is not configurable.

Hence it would help if you made sure that the device which is plugged into the 3.5mm jack has the capability of sound; otherwise, you will have no sound being produced whatsoever.

How To Unmute Sony TV Without Remote

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All TVs that Sony makes have function buttons that are located on the tv itself. This means that whether you have a remote for the tv or not, you are able to use the functions of the tv without any hassle.

The buttons (volume, power, and menu) will vary depending on the model based on the country and region you are in. You will need to reference Sony’s guide for their Bravia models in order to determine where the buttons are located. Keep in mind that all TV functionality, including unmuting, will be able to be applied without using the remote control.

How To Fix No Sound On Sony TV

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One thing to note is that before trying to remedy this problem is that if you proceed through the steps of repair below and you can still get no volume from your Sony tv, then the issue is more than likely a hardware issue. In the event of this, you would need to consider returning the tv if it is under warranty or have it repaired by Sony or an accredited Sony repair professional.

Suppose you have no sound at all from your Sony tv. In that case, you will need to check and perform the self-diagnostic feature that we have discussed prior to this in the sections above, and then also you will need to check and go through the steps of the Sony step-by-step guide for correcting volume issues on your tv that can be found here.

Sony TV Mute Button Not Working

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When considering the mute button for the remote of your Sony tv, you will need to consider a few factors in determining the problem which we will discuss below. Furthermore, do take note that the tv does not have a mute button which you can use. You will need to adjust the volume using the function and volume buttons that are physically located on the tv.

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The first thing you should check is to see that the batteries powering the remote are fully charged. The next thing you will need to check is that the IR (infrared) sensor is working correctly, and you can do this by utilizing (pressing) any other button on the remote. If these options do not solve the problem, you will need to hard reset (factory rest) your tv and finally, if that does not fix the problem, you may need to replace the remote due to it being faulty.

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