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TCL TV Sound Not Working (Not Sync/Won’t Turn/Stay Up or Down)

The picture of your TCL TV is certainly the most important aspect of its functionality. Just as important though, is the sound accompanying that picture. What do you do if the sound on your TCL TV is not working?

If your TCL TV sound isn’t playing, a common culprit might be incorrect audio settings. Sometimes, the TV might be set to a sound mode that’s incompatible with your setup. Navigate to the settings, select ‘Audio’, and ensure the ‘Audio Mode’ is set to the correct output (such as ‘TV speakers’ or an external speaker option).

Adjusting this simple setting can often resolve sound issues and bring your viewing experience back to life.

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Another prevalent issue that might mute your TCL TV is a problematic HDMI connection. HDMI cables not only transmit video but also audio between your TV and other devices. If the sound isn’t working, try unplugging and securely reinserting the HDMI cable, ensuring it’s in the correct port. Alternatively, try using a different HDMI cable or port, as the issue might stem from a damaged cable or a faulty port, disrupting the audio transmission between devices.

Moreover, software glitches can also be a silent saboteur of your TCL TV’s sound. An outdated firmware version or a software bug might be interfering with the audio output. To counteract this, regularly check for software updates by going to ‘Settings’, then ‘System’, and selecting ‘Software Update’. Ensure your TV is running the latest software version to minimize glitches and optimize performance. If issues persist after an update, consider resetting the TV to its factory settings as a last resort, but remember to back up your settings and preferences first!

TCL Sound Not Working/Stopped Working

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If you have a general problem of your TCL sound not working or it simply stopped working out of nowhere, it may feel like one of those issues that is going to cost some serious time and money. Before you bring in the experts though, try a few different troubleshooting methods to see if you can resolve the issue on its own. For many owners, the problem is typically rather obvious and simplistic, it just takes a bit of digging to discover.

If your TCL Sound is not working or has randomly stopped working, you want to first check your remote. For those TVs that have a Roku remote controller, there is a mute button which is located on the side, but it is rather small. Even with its small size, it is very easy to push and this is sometimes one of the biggest reasons that owners are experiencing problems with their sound not working.

If the mute button is not your problem, check to see if the channel you are on is causing the problem by switching to a different station of application. If this is not the issue, be sure that the HDMI connection on the back of your TV is very secure and that any other device connected to your TV is secure as well. Any loose cords can easily interrupt the audio of your TCL TV.

TCL TV Sound Doesn’t Match Picture

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Not having sound on your TCL TV is a huge inconvenience, but when it comes to frustrating situations that nearly make you want to crawl out of your skin, there are few things worse than the sound not matching properly with the picture. For most TCL TV owners, when the sound does not match, it is usually lagged behind the picture, causing the mouths and scenes to move faster than the audio output.

If your TCL TV Sound doesn’t match the picture, the problem may exist due to the ‘Volume Mode’ on your TV being turned on. To turn the “Volume Mode’ off, simply press the ‘*’ symbol on your remote control and go directly to the ‘Volume Mode’ setting. Once you are there and you notice that this setting is turned on, simply select the option to turn it off and your audio sync problem should be fixed.

If the volume mode on your TV is already turned off, then you know this is not the problem. If you are using a soundbar, turn off the soundbar and allow it at least 60 seconds to be off before turning it back on. If you are not using a soundbar, try completing a power cycle by unplugging your TV directly from the power source, allowing it to sit unplugged for 60 seconds, then plugging it back in.

TCL TV Doesn’t Have Sound/Keeps Losing Sound/Sound Not Working

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When you turn on your TCL TV and there is no sound, or it keeps losing sound, or the sound simply is not working, there are a few different solutions you can troubleshoot with to get the sound back in working order. Be sure to first make sure that the volume level is not set to (0) or that the TV is muted. To check this, you can either press the mute button on your remote or simply increase the volume level on the right side of the remote.

If your TCL TV doesn’t have sound, keeps losing sound, or the sound is not working and the volume is not the issue, confirm your TV’s audio settings. To do this, press ‘Home’ on your remote control > select ‘Settings’ > select ‘Audio’ > scroll and select ‘Audio Mode’ > scroll and highlight ‘Audio (Stereo)’ > then press ok to confirm your settings.

TCL TV Sound Won’t Turn Down/Up

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When you are in the middle of an action-packed movie, there is nothing better than getting a total theatre effect by increasing the volume to a point that you can nearly feel it in your bones. Just the same, on a lazy Saturday afternoon, there is no need for the relaxing music you are playing to be set at 80, as a lower volume is more appropriate. What do you do then if your TCL TV sound refuses to turn up or down?

If your TCL TV sound won’t turn up or down, check to see if it is an issue with your remote or your control board. To do this, turn your TV off, and then, on the TV press the volume (-) button down as you turn the TV on. When the TV is turned on, if you don’t notice an automatic increase in the volume, then your remote button is stuck. If you do notice an automatic increase, then an issue within your control panel exists.

TCL TV Volume Keeps Going Up/Down

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Perhaps even worse than the volume of your TV being stuck either too loud or too quiet is the problem of the volume randomly going up or down on its own. If you are sitting on the couch without even touching the remote and the volume randomly begins to increase, this can not only cause a quick scare, but it can also reach levels so high that you are unable to even be in the same room. What do you do if this problem persists for your TCL TV?

If your TCL TV Volume keeps going up and down, be sure that your remote is not the culprit by replacing the batteries to see if this stops the increase or decrease. If this is still happening, check to make sure that the Roku phone application is not being hit as you watch TV as volume can be controlled from here. You can also install a soundbar and disable the sound in your TV speakers to isolate the issue.

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TCL TV Audio Keeps Cutting Out

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If the volume on your TV is working, but all of the sudden it begins to cut out, this can leave you missing out on important scenes, beautiful melodies, and even more, leaves you wondering what exactly is causing such a sporadic issue. If your TCL TV audio keeps cutting out, read below to find a few solutions to such a problem.

If your TCL TV audio keeps cutting out, one of the most common problems is a loose cord on the back of your TV. Be sure that every cord is securely inserted into the TV so that your audio doesn’t experience interference. If this is not the problem, a reset of your Roku may be needed. To do this press the ‘Home’ button on your remote > ‘System’ > ‘Power’ > ‘System Restart’ > ‘Restart’ > ‘OK.’

TCL TV Sound Not Working in Apps

Smart TV apps

The beauty of a TCL TV is that you can just as easily watch cable or satellite TV while having the same quick accessibility to a multitude of different apps. If you are watching TV by either cable or satellite and have no trouble with volume, but once you switch to an app you find that the sound is no longer working, you’re left wondering what on earth could cause such an isolated problem.

If your TCL TV sound is not working when you are in apps, this may not be a problem necessarily with the volume, but with the firmware on your TV. This means that your TV may be in need of a firmware update to help resolve any glitches that are causing widespread problems with your application. To complete a firmware update press ‘Home’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘System Update’ > ‘Check Now’ > then update.

How to Turn Up the Volume on TCL TV Without a Remote

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There are so many times when owners find themselves searching profusely for the remote control to their TCL TV to no avail, no matter how persistent their efforts are. When this happens, they are in need of a solution to not only get the TV on and change the channel, but to control the volume. What do you do if you cannot find your remote (or your remote is not working) and you need to turn the volume up?

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To turn the volume up on your TCL TV without a remote and there are buttons on the bottom or back of the TV, simply press the (+) button on the remote to turn the volume up. If there are no buttons on your TV, you can install the Roku app on your smartphone by which you will be able to control the volume of your TV from. If you do not have a smartphone, a new remote will need to be purchased to turn up the volume.

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