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Vizio Soundbar Not Working

If you are struggling to get your Visio Soundbar working, you certainly are not alone. There are many issues that could occur but fortunately, there is an easy fix that covers almost everything.

When a Visio Soundbar is not working, you can cycle the power and reset the device by unplugging the power cord. Wait a full minute before plugging the device back in. When the Soundbar restarts, it should be with fresh settings.

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

Most people are surprised with how complex such a simple device as a Soundbar can be. Resetting it often solves the most difficult issues, but when you run across something different, a more specific solution may be necessary.

Vizio Soundbar Not Working

You might be surprised by the number of different problems that could keep your Visio Soundbar from working. Here are some things that you can check quickly:

Power Problems – When the power is not getting to the Soundbar, it will not operate. Check the breaker box for a tripped breaker, check for damaged cords, and make sure the receptacle doesn’t need to be replaced.

Remote Control – It is not out of the ordinary for remote controls to go bad. After all, we use them, spill drinks on them, and they get lost under the couch frequently. Try using the buttons on the Soundbar to see if the remote control needs replaced.

Input Button – There is an input button on your Visio Soundbar. Push it in and hold it for a few seconds until the lights begin to flash. When that occurs, the Soundbar is cycling through inputs to find the TV.

HDMI – Make sure that your HDMI cables are not in need of replacement. Perhaps they are damaged or they may be old and you should update to the newest technology.

Check the Network – When you have your Visio Soundbar connected to your home network, it should connect to other devices as well. It is important to know, however, that all devices need to be connected to the same network.

If you have a guest network in your home, save it for your guests. Connect your soundbar to your primary home network. You should also not try to run your Visio Soundbar through a hotspot because it will not provide enough bandwidth.

Check the Firmware – As a last effort to try to fix any problems with your Visio Soundbar, check the firmware. Here’s how you fix the issue and update your firmware:

1. Download the new firmware file from the Visio website

2. Upload the firmware to a USB memory stick

3. Plug the memory stick into the Visio Soundbar

4. Wait for the prompts and follow them to upload the new firmware and install it.

5. Do not unplug the memory stick until the process is complete or you are prompted to do so.

Vizio Soundbar Not Turning On

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If your Visio Soundbar is not turning on, you may need to cycle the power on the Soundbar by unplugging it and plugging it back in after 60 seconds.

In addition to plugging it in, hold the power button for five seconds and when the cable is reconnected, try to push the power on the Soundbar to restart it.

This is often enough to get things working again but if it still isn’t turning on, you may need to consider what could be going wrong with the power.

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All too often, we plug in all of our entertainment devices on the same circuit. Not only might we have the Visio Soundbar on a single breaker, but we might also be running a DVD player, stereo, home assistant, and a TV. It can sometimes be too much for the circuit to handle.

One of the first, and most important things to do is to check the breaker. If the breaker has tripped, which is detectable because it will be out of line with the other breakers, you need to turn it off and back on again.

A breaker tripping is more than just an inconvenience, it’s a sign that something else may be wrong. At times, it may be associated with the items that you have plugged into the receptacles but at other times, it could be the breaker itself.

If the breaker continually trips, it is important to look into it further. It is especially important if smoke comes from the breaker panel or if you smell a rotten egg smell. Contact an electrician for assistance.

The receptacle may also be the issue, although that is less likely to happen. Then again, many people tend to overload a power strip by plugging everything into it and then plugging it into a single receptacle.

Test your Visio Soundbar by unplugging it from the power strip and plugging it directly into the receptacle on the wall. If the receptacle is not working, test it with a lamp or another electronic device and have it fixed if needed.

A visual inspection of the Soundbar may also help determine that more assistance is needed. Push the power button on the Soundbar and if no lights turn on, it is another issue.

Do not trust the remote control to always turn the Soundbar on. Use the buttons on the Soundbar directly when testing the device.

Vizio Soundbar No Power

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

It is important to determine if your Visio Soundbar actually is without power or if another issue is happening. This is done by pressing the power button and looking at the power indicator light.

If the power indicator light comes on or any lights display on the soundbar, you are getting power. The problem is likely a connectivity issue or perhaps a problem with the components within the Visio Soundbar.

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If you have power but aren’t hearing any sound, it could be a connection issue. Check the HDMI cables and make sure they are plugged into the proper ports. You can also check Bluetooth to make sure it is connected if needed.

From time to time, difficulty with Wi-Fi may occur in this can affect the Soundbar as well. Your Visio Soundbar, as well as any other connected devices, should be on your home network and not on a guest network or hotspot.

Try to restart the router and all potentially connect to other devices to see if they come back online again.

Have you recently made any changes to your home network? If you changed the network name, updated the password, or went with a new ISP, you will have to reconnect your soundbar to the network.

Check the power cable and make sure that it didn’t come loose from the back of the device. It connects to the device as well as the wall, and if either end is loose, the soundbar will not receive power.

Finally, take the Soundbar to another TV and try to operate it. If it works, the problem is with the TV or the connections.

Vizio Soundbar Not Loud

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Many people have a problem with their Soundbar not being loud enough. This is often associated with people turning the volume down on the TV and not on the Soundbar itself.

Use the following steps to fix the problem:

1. Disconnect the Soundbar cable

2. Turn the volume on the TV up to full using the buttons on the TV.

3. Turn the volume on the Soundbar to fall using the buttons on the Soundbar.

4. Reconnect the Soundbar cable but be cautious because the sound may be very loud now.

5. Turn the volume down on the Soundbar to an acceptable level.

Avoid having this problem happen in the future by always using the remote to adjust the Soundbar volume and not the volume on the TV.

You might also have difficulty with a universal remote. Although they can be convenient, they do have their problems from time to time. Check the remote and replace it if necessary.

One other thing to consider is an update to the firmware. Check for firmware updates on the Visio website, download them to a memory stick, and plug it into your Soundbar.

Follow the prompts on the Soundbar screen to update the firmware.

Vizio Soundbar Can’t Adjust Volume

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

If your Visio Soundbar volume is not adjusting, put down the remote control and go over to the Soundbar. There should be a volume control on the Soundbar and you should try it directly.

Unfortunately, problems with remotes occur from time to time because they tend to get beat up by those who use them. A universal remote can be convenient, but they also can break down and you may have to get a new one to adjust the volume.

One other thing you can do is to plug the Visio Soundbar into another TV and check the volume. You may find that it is a problem with the TV and not the Soundbar.

When your Visio Soundbar is not working, you need to do a soft reset. This is done by disconnecting the power, either by unplugging it or by turning off the breaker in the breaker panel. Wait a full minute and then turn the power back on again. When the Soundbar reboots, it should be working.

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