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Vizio Subwoofer Not Working

Have you ever sat down to watch t.v. to turn it on just to find that there is no sound? If, or when it does happen, do you know what to do or how to fix it? If you don’t have a subwoofer, you should look into getting one immediately, as it adds an incredible sound to your t.v.

As a general rule, when your Vizio subwoofer is not working, you first need to check the power source and if your media is on mute. Perform a hard reset on both subwoofer and soundbar and make sure both are turned back on and paired together, turn t.v.on and check the sound.

Black subwoofer below the tv

Vizio Subwoofer Not Turning On Or Getting Power

Black subwoofer below the tv

Technology is great when it is working properly but occasionally things happen. Sometimes technology needs a good reset or a reconnection to a power supply. If you find that your Vizio subwoofer is not turning on or doesn’t seem to be getting power, this can usually be fixed easily.

If your Vizio subwoofer is not turning on or getting the power you need to first unplug both the subwoofer and soundbar, plug them back in, and try again. There should be a light on or blinking showing it has power or attempting to pair.

Step 1: Check to make sure both devices are plugged in and turned on

Step 2: Make sure both devices are a foot apart so they can pair

Step 3: Check to see that both devices are in pair mode

Step 4: If you notice they are not pairing, push the “Pairing” or “Link” button

Vizio Subwoofer Not Pairing/Connecting

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When you are trying to watch t.v. and notice there is no sound, you may want to check to see if you accidentally muted your media. If the volume is turned up but you still have no sound then it is possible that your power source is off or the devices are unplugged. Try pairing the device again and if it doesn’t seem to pair then there could be another issue.

If your Vizio subwoofer is not pairing or connected, check for a light on the back of the subwoofer. If the light is blinking then it is trying to search or pair with a device. Once it becomes solid light again, that means it has been paired to a device.

Performing a hard reset is sometimes all you need to do if you are experiencing connection issues. To reset, unplug the power source and plug it back in. Turn both devices back on and make sure the soundbar and subwoofer are close enough and pair the devices, turn them back off and on again to check connectivity again.

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Vizio Subwoofer Not Loud Enough

Black subwoofer below the tv

If you like watching t.v. with loud sound with bass, then you need a subwoofer with your soundbar. When using a subwoofer and soundbar, it can add a lot of bass to the experience and give you a more “theater” sound. If you don’t think the subwoofer is loud enough, there is a solution for unmuting the subwoofer or turning the bass volume up.

If you notice that your Vizio subwoofer isn’t loud enough, press the menu button then press the down button. Next, continue to press down again until you see “Subwoofer”. Then keep pressing the Fast Forward button to adjust the volume of your subwoofer.

Having your soundbar on for long periods of time for several days can cause it to overheat. It’s a good idea to occasionally turn the device off and let the components cool off well before using it again. If you notice a buzzing sound this could solve the issue and get you back to your premium sound once again.

If you ever feel that you have confused yourself on your soundbar and subwoofer settings, you can always do a factory reset and start all over. To factory reset your soundbar and subwoofer you hold down the Bluetooth button while also holding down the volume down or minus button for 5 seconds. All the LED lights should begin flashing, indicating a reset is in progress, and return it to how it was when you first took it out of the box.

Vizio Subwoofer Plugin But No Power Light/No Red Light

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It can be frustrating sometimes when trying to troubleshoot a device and there is no power showing on the device at all. Sometimes it’s a simple fix by unplugging the device and plugging back in again to reset the subwoofer. Other times it can be more to it than just the power plug, and if the indicator light is not lit up then it can mean a couple of things.

If the Vizio subwoofer is plugged in but not displaying a power light or red light, try unplugging and plugging it back in. If there still is no light then it could mean that your subwoofer isn’t getting power. It is possible that the power supply is damaged and will need to be replaced.

Sometimes a hard reset of your soundbar and subwoofer is all you need. To perform this you will need to turn it off and back on again and make sure both devices are within good reach of each other. Make sure you disable Eco Mode and then pair the devices together then turn the devices off and back on again to check the connection.

Vizio Subwoofer Turned On But No Sound

Black subwoofer below the tv

Often, people purchase new technology and quickly get frustrated when it doesn’t seem to be working properly. User manuals can be complicated but when you believe to have everything set up correctly and it still doesn’t work as it should, it’s time for some troubleshooting.

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If your Vizio subwoofer is turned on but not producing the sound you may need to reset it. Start by powering off, unplugging, and then plugging it back in. Next, you’ll need to pair the device again to the soundbar. Make sure the eco-mode is off and the bass volume is on using the remote.

If you find that your subwoofer is extremely quiet or there is no noise at all, it may be because your bass volume is on silent or turned down. Use the remote to turn this on or up by pressing the “Next” button and the light on the soundbar will show the bass volume increasing. If for some reason you get confused as to which lights are for volume and which for bass, you can do a hard reset and start all over.

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 06/23/2022

Occasionally your soundbar can have a glitch and if so, a power cycle may be necessary. To do so you will need to unplug and hold the power button for 5 seconds, then plug it back in and turn the power back on. You should also know that you will need to relink or pair it back to the subwoofer after performing the power cycle.

Vizio Subwoofer Noise

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Purchasing a soundbar and subwoofer is a great way to add that “extra” sound or bass to get that “movie theater” like experience. But what if you are getting unwanted noise from your subwoofer? That can get annoying really fast!

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If your Vizio subwoofer is making a noise like a humming or buzzing noise, first power cycle your device. Make sure the power cables are secure, unplugging the power source and plugging back in. It will then need to be paired again and should work properly.

If your soundbar is cutting out suddenly you may need to update your firmware. You’ll want to update this by accessing the soundbar settings through the Vizio Smartcast App. By doing so it will automatically update the newest software update available.

If you use your soundbar often and for long periods it may become overheated. This can cause your device to not work properly such as producing a buzzing noise. Turn the soundbar off for a while to allow it to cool off and let the components rest.

Things To Know To Avoid Issues With A Vizio Subwoofer

Black subwoofer below the tv

When thinking about purchasing new technology, some look at reviews or join forums for some research. Some will weigh the pros and cons or look into what issues others have had with a certain product or for tips when purchasing before making that big purchase themselves.

Some things to avoid issues with a Vizio subwoofer include making sure the power cord can’t come disconnected easily. Changing the source input and turning off Eco Mode can help resolve sound cutting in and out and an occasional relink to your soundbar is necessary.

As a whole, if your Vizio subwoofer isn’t working first check the power source. Make sure Eco Mode is off and that the power light is on and/or flashing. A hard reset may be needed or try relinking (pairing) your subwoofer to the sound bar again.

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