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Whirlpool Washer Lid Lock Stuck/Bypass

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Your Whirlpool washer is a state-of-the-art machine that has many different safety features built into it. One of those features is the lid lock. It can keep you and your children safe, but what can be done if the lid lock gets stuck?

If you need to bypass a stuck lid lock on your Whirlpool washer, the only way to do so is to unplug the machine and allow it to cool down for at least 10 minutes. This will allow the machine to cool off and will often disengage the lock. You will hear a clicking sound when it disengages.

Although doing a soft reset, which we will describe in detail below, can often fix the problem there are sometimes other issues that need to be addressed. It’s not just a matter of the lid lock opening, if there is water in the machine or if it has become stuck between cycles, it may not unlock regardless of how long you leave it unplugged.

The following are the most common reasons why a Whirlpool washer becomes stuck. We will address many of these individually throughout this article, along with giving you an indication of how they can be fixed as easily as possible.

Actuator Motor

The actuator motor allows the washer to go from one cycle to another. If your washer is stuck on the spin cycle, it will not unlock, even if it is not spinning. This may be an issue with the actuator motor that has to be addressed.

You can check the actuator motor with a multimeter to see if it is still checking for continuity. It is not easy to replace, but it may be necessary to do so in order to get the machine up and running again.

Door Strike

The door strike is one of the most sensitive and breakable components on your Whirlpool washing machine. If you don’t handle the machine properly, it can easily break.

The door strike is responsible for activating the switch that keeps the lid in the locked position. Unfortunately, the switch is made from plastic that can easily break if the lid is constantly slammed shut. This is something that many homeowners get in the habit of doing but it can cause the machine to stop working.

If the door strike is broken, it will have to be replaced. In some cases, it can also get out of alignment and can more easily be fixed. In either case, it is relatively easy to replace or realign.

Lid Switch

The lid switch locks the lid along with the door strike. When the switch locks the lid, it sends a signal to the control panel to let it know that the lock has taken place. Unfortunately, there are times when the signals can get blocked.

A faulty lid switch can make it impossible for you to open your Whirlpool washing machine. It may also keep the washing machine from advancing through the cycles, so it could be full of water or it may not drain properly. The lid switch assembly can be replaced.

Drain Pump

Most homeowners feel that the locking mechanism is in place because the machine may be spinning. Actually, if the tub is full of water, it is also a safety hazard for children and animals.

If your drain pump is not working properly, then the tub will stay full of water and the lid will remain locked. You can manually drain the water from your Whirlpool washer and then check the drain pump for continuity using a multimeter. It will have to be replaced if faulty.

Sometimes, the solution to the problem of a Whirlpool washer lid lock being stuck is as simple as resetting the machine. Whirlpool did not make this automatic, so you have to do a soft reset. Follow these steps:

1. Disconnect

The washing machine must be disconnected from the power source. The easiest way to do this is by unplugging the washing machine but you may need to turn off the circuit breaker if you can’t access the receptacle.

2. Wait

After disconnecting the washer, you will have to wait a minimum of five minutes. This is to allow any residual energy to dissipate. Sometimes, you may benefit by waiting at least 10 minutes to allow the washing machine to fully cool down if it was recently running.

3. Reestablish Power

The next step in the process is to reestablish power to the Whirlpool washer. This is done by either turning on the circuit breaker or plugging in the washer. Allow the washer to fully cycle through the startup process before checking the lid lock.

4. Open

While the washer is restarting, you should hear the lid lock disengage with a clicking sound. You can then open the washer and check for any issues that may have caused it to lock in the first place.

In some cases, the control board may be faulty. This is a difficult issue to troubleshoot because you can’t test the control board.

If you suspect that the control board may be at fault, disconnect the washer from power and remove the board. Carefully inspect it visually, perhaps using a magnifying glass to see if there is any burnt circuitry or cracks. You cannot repair a faulty control board but you can replace it with a new one.

One other possible issue is that the washer may have been put on the child lock. This is a safety feature built into many washers that keeps children from accessing the inside and getting injured.

On most Whirlpool washers, the way to engage and disengage child lock is by holding in two buttons at the same time until you hear a beeping sound. These buttons may be marked on the control board or you may have to check your manual for the specific buttons to press.

We will now take a look at some of the specific issues that may need to be addressed. We will consider what is causing the problem and how to fix it.

Whirlpool Washer Lid Lock Not Working (Reset/Bypass)

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The lid is the only way to access the inside of the Whirlpool washer without disassembling everything. What can you do if it is no longer working?

When a Whirlpool washer lid lock is not working, you will have to test and/or replace it. You may need to unplug the washer for up to 10 minutes so it will cool down and allow the lock to disengage. You can then visually inspect the lock or check it with a multimeter.

The door lock is made up of two different parts, the strike, and the lid lock. If you constantly slam down the lid of your top load washer, it is likely that you have broken the strike and it will need to be replaced.

The strike can also get out of alignment and there are typically two screws that can be loosened so you can line it up again.

Finally, look carefully at the lid lock and strike to see if there is any lint or other debris that may be keeping it from operating properly.

Whirlpool Washer Lid Lock Flashing

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Is your lid lock light flashing? The solution may be easier than you think.

For the most part, a lid lock light will flash when the lid has not been closed fully or properly. This may be an issue with the strike or lid lock. Press down on the closing side of the lid to see if it will engage and turn the lid lock light off.

If the lid lock light goes off after putting pressure on the lid, you will have to replace the door strike. This is a piece of plastic that often gets broken as you slam the door shut over time.

The latch may also need to be replaced if the strike is no longer reaching it properly. There are times when it may also get out of alignment and this can be fixed easily.

Finally, try doing a soft reset if nothing else works. Unplug the washer and leave it unplugged for five minutes before plugging it in again. That often solves simple problems.

Whirlpool Washer Lid Lock Light Stays On

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Is your lid lock light staying on constantly? This could be a problem with the water pressure sensor.

Your whirlpool washer is designed with sensors that detect when the water supply is not working properly. If there is a problem with the water pressure, the washer will automatically lock the lid and try to pump out the water. During this time, the lid lock light will stay on.

In many cases, it is just a matter of waiting things out until the cycle has fully completed. If the light continues to stay on after the cycle is finished, you may need to reset your washer.

Unplug the washing machine and plug it back in after five minutes. This will often be enough to fix error messages and problems with your lid lock light.

Whirlpool Washer Lid Lock Clicking

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Is your Whirlpool washer lid lock clicking? It typically means it isn’t working.

When the Whirlpool washer lid lock engages or disengages, it does so with an audible click. If the washer lid lock continues to click, it typically means that the door latch or strike has been damaged or things are not aligning properly. It is clicking because it is not engaging.

Open your lid and check the strike. Has it been broken due to dropping the lid constantly? Perhaps the latch is out of alignment.

The clicking will also generally take place if the latch or strike has become clogged up with lint or other debris. After cleaning it, you may find that it works better.

Whirlpool Washer Lid Lock Error

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Error messages alert us to various problems with our whirlpool washer. This includes an issue with the lid lock.

If the whirlpool washer lid lock is working fine but there is an error message, you may need to reset the machine. This cannot be done automatically but you can unplug the machine and wait five minutes before plugging it in again. After your Whirlpool washer restarts fully, the error message should be gone.

Resetting the washer is a quick and easy way to correct error messages. The problem is, you may be correcting the error message but you are not correcting what is causing it.

In most cases, the error message will appear again because the problem is still happening in the background. This could be due to a misalignment of the switch and strike or it could be a broken door strike.

Visually inspect things to see if there is something blocking the strike and switch from working or if they may need to be replaced.

Whirlpool Washer Lid Lock Stuck

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Are you trying to open the lid on your Whirlpool washer but the lid lock is stuck? What can be done to correct this problem?

When the lid to a Whirlpool washer is constantly slammed closed, it could end up cracking or breaking the strike. When this happens, the lid may be stuck in a locked position or it may not be able to lock.

The strike is one of the most delicate parts of your Whirlpool washer but, unfortunately, it is also one of the easiest to break. Most homeowners fill the washing machine and then drop the lid into position.

Since the strike is only made out of relatively thin plastic, it can easily crack or break when the lid slams shut. It can also push the latch out of position so eventually, it won’t engage.

In order to get your Whirlpool washer to unlock, you may need to push on the lid so the lock fully engages. Otherwise, you may have to remove the back panel and try to manually disengage the lock from within.

Whirlpool Washer Lid Lock Broken

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Since the Whirlpool washers will not work without a lid lock engaged, what can you do if the lock has become broken?

You can replace the lid lock and strike easily if they have become broken. More than likely, it is the strike that has become damaged or broken because it is a simple piece of plastic. If the latch needs to be replaced, it comes out as part of an assembly that can easily be removed.

You may find that your washing machine is stopping in the middle of the cycle or perhaps, it is sticking shut or open in the locked position. That is an indication that the strike has become damaged or the switch is out of alignment.

If you are stuck between cycles, press down on the lid above the door strike to see if you can get the switch to engage. When the machine stops operating, the switch will unlock and you can fix or replace it.

How To Reset Whirlpool Washer Lid Lock

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Is the lid lock to your Whirlpool washer no longer working properly? How can you reset it?

Whirlpool washers do not include a built-in reset button. You can reset your washer by doing a soft reset by unplugging it and then plugging it back in after five minutes. Doing so will often fix issues with the lid lock if it is associated with the operation of the machine.

Unfortunately, resetting your Whirlpool washer will not always fix the problem that is causing your lid lock to stay engaged or not engage. This is usually a problem that involves the strike or door switch.

You can replace the strike and/or switch if they are broken. Otherwise, try to realign things so that they are engaging properly.

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Can You Bypass Whirlpool Washer Lid Lock

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It’s always frustrating when you figure out you have one more piece of clothing after you start a cycle. Can you bypass the lid lock on your Whirlpool washer?

It is not possible to bypass your lid lock on your Whirlpool washer. Doing so would put you in danger, so Whirlpool has not built a way for you to do it legitimately.

The lid locks during the spin cycle or at the beginning of the load to keep you from opening the unit and accessing the inside. It’s a safeguard for everyone in your family, including your pets.

How To Bypass Whirlpool Washer Lid Lock

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There is no legitimate way to bypass a lid lock on a Whirlpool washer. Once it has engaged, it will remain engaged throughout the entire cycle. Your only option is to drain the water, unplug the washer, and allow it to cool completely if you need to access the inside.

The reason why lid locks are in place on whirlpool washers is for your safety. Opening the lid during the spin cycle or while the tub is full of water could be harmful to you, as well as your children, or pets.

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That is why Whirlpool has not offered an easy way for you to bypass the lid lock. If you must bypass it quickly, you will have to unplug the machine and drain it. Otherwise, allow the cycle to continue.

When you have a problem with your Whirlpool washer lid lock getting stuck, it can sometimes be corrected by unplugging the washer. Doing so allows the unit to cool down and the lock may disengage automatically.

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