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Whirlpool Washer Won’t Start Cycle

Modern white washer with clothes inside

While it can be really inconvenient when your washer won’t start, the fix is normally pretty easy and quick to sort out.

If your Whirlpool washer won’t start on any cycle, check to see if your power is on and that no breakers have tripped on the main distribution board. Then check that the water is properly connected and there is enough pressure to ensure that the washer can fill properly.

If your washer has power and water correctly connected, then you can move on to other reasons why it won’t run on any cycle.

There is a thermal fuse inside each washer that may have blown. You will have to check for its location in your washer’s manual. Then remove the front or rear panel for you to access it and check whether it is the problem.

You may need to reset your washer. To do this, switch it off on the wall and unplug the machine. After 1 minute, plug the washer in and turn on the power. Press the start button to see if the washer will now start its cycle.

The washer door may not be completely closed. Check to see that nothing is preventing the door from closing and then try turning the washer on again.

You may have activated the control lock feature. This is normally indicated on the control panel with a key icon or the letters, LoC or LC.

To deactivate the control lock, check your manual to see which combination of keys will turn it off. You may have a control/unlock key on the control panel. Press and hold it for 3 seconds and the control lock will deactivate.

You may have set the wash cycle to start after a certain time delay. You can switch this off by pressing the delay start button.

By holding down the start button for 3 seconds, you can initiate a wash cycle, so long as there isn’t an error code preventing the washer from starting.

If you see an error code on the display, then you should consult your manual to see what the problem is.

Whirlpool Top Load Washer Won’t Start Cycle

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Top loader washers are both convenient and generally hold more washing. However, they are just as prone as front loaders to not starting a washing cycle.

If your Whirlpool top loader washer won’t start a washing cycle, then check that the power outlet is providing power. The lid switch may prevent the washer from starting if the lid is not properly closed. If the user control panel has failed or the timer is faulty, the washer will also not start.

When checking your power supply, make sure to check the main distribution board for your home. If the breaker for your washer’s power supply has tripped, you need to reset the breaker before the washer will be able to start its cycle.

A damaged power cord may prevent the washer from receiving power. Check the power cord for continuity by attaching a multimeter to the plug and then testing the other end. Don’t forget to test each separate wire.

One of the most common faults relates to the lid switch. It is a part that regularly fails due to high wear and tear. Check the lid switch for continuity by removing the switch and testing the contacts and the wiring. If the switch fails the test, you will have to purchase a new switch.

To remove the lid switch, you need to take off the top cover. It is held in place with 2 screws in the front and a couple of screws at the back. Once the screws are loose, you can lift the top panel off the washer. Be careful that you don’t damage the wiring. You’ll need to disconnect the switch before you can remove the top panel and then access the switch.

Whirlpool Front Load Washer Won’t Start Cycle

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Whirlpool is known for producing reliable front load washers. But it is a common problem for a washer to refuse to start a wash cycle.

If a Whirlpool front load washer won’t start a cycle, it is likely a problem with the door latch or microswitch. When the door latch doesn’t hold the door securely, the washer will refuse to start a washing cycle and needs adjustment or replacement. If the microswitch fails, the washer won’t start.

The door latch can become loose and the screws just need to be tightened to get it working properly again. You’ll just need to make sure that it is aligned properly so that the door is securely closed.

If the latch is broken then it needs replacement.

The micro-switch is known to get sticky and not operate smoothly. If it does this or if it doesn’t work properly, you can easily replace it at the same time that you replace the door latch.

To replace the door latch, remove the spring wire holding the door rubber in place and then fold the rubber back so that you can gain access to the latch and micro switch. Undo the screws holding the door switch and then unclip the wiring harness. Replace the switch and plug it in. Screw the switch back into place and move on to the latch.

The latch is held in place by two screws. Remove them and then unplug the harness. Replace the latch with a new one and screw it back in place. You can then replace the door rubber and the wire spring.

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Whirlpool Washer Won’t Start Spin Cycle

Modern white washer with clothes inside

A common problem with older washers or washers that have seen heavy use is they do not complete a wash cycle.

If a Whirlpool washer won’t start the spin cycle, it is most likely not pumping out all the water due to an obstruction. You’ll need to open the back of the washer and clean out the drain so that the water flows freely again. Once the drain is clear, the washer will empty and start the spin cycle.

To remove the back panel, remove the screws and lift the panel out of the way. You’ll find the coin trap at the bottom of the drum. Take it out by turning it anti-clockwise and pulling it to the side. Remove any dirt or debris inside the filter and check that nothing is blocking the tube inside the drain. Replace the coin trap.

Remove the clamps holding the water hoses in place and check that each water pipe is clear of any obstruction. Once you’ve checked all the hoses and removed any obstructions, replace the hose and clamps and check that the washer drains properly.

Whirlpool Washer Won’t Start Wash Cycle

Modern white washer with clothes inside

Your washer will usually not start when it is full of washing and you’re in urgent need of clean clothes.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your washer will not start a wash cycle.

A Whirlpool washer won’t start if there is no power, so check that the circuit breakers haven’t tripped. Damaged power cords will also stop the washer from working. A defective door lock switch may cause the washer to not start. User control boards also fail, preventing wash cycle starts.

Some models may develop timer problems. If the timer is faulty, it may not allow the washer to start a cycle or it may stop the cycle before it has a chance to run for its full time.

How To Reset The Cycle On Whirlpool Washer

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If you are experiencing problems with your Whirlpool washer, it sometimes needs to be recalibrated. This is especially true if you have replaced a major component such as a main control board or motor.

To reset a cycle on a Whirlpool washer, turn the selector a few clicks, then turn it right one click and stop, repeat this three times. Then turn it left and stop, and right and then stop. All the LEDs will flash except the last one. Turn the selector until the third LED from the left lights up.

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Once the third LED from the left lights up, press the start button. The LEDs will flash and the washer will go through a series of self-tests and recalibration.

Once it is finished, you’ll hear the lid lock click and the washer will be ready for use.

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