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Xfinity Sound Not Working

If there is one thing that all of us enjoy, it is being entertained. When your XFINITY sound stops working, however, the entertainment comes to a halt. Here’s how to fix it.

If the sound is not working on your Xfinity device, it could be due to incorrect audio settings. First, check the audio settings on your Xfinity box and ensure it’s set to the correct output format (e.g., Stereo or Surround Sound). Also, verify that the mute function isn’t enabled and that the volume is set appropriately. If the settings are correct, try changing the audio output format to see if this resolves the issue.

Another common issue could be related to the connections between your Xfinity box and the TV or audio system. Ensure all cables are firmly connected. If you are using an HDMI cable, try unplugging it and plugging it back in or replacing it with a new one. Sometimes, a faulty or loose connection can cause sound problems.

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Software glitches can also cause sound issues. Restart your Xfinity box by unplugging it from the power source, waiting for a minute, and plugging it back in. This can reset the system and often resolve any temporary software-related issues that might be causing the sound to not work. Remember, a restart will take a few minutes as the system will need to reboot and re-establish connections with the service.

As you can imagine, there are many issues that can result in the sound not working with XFINITY. Although this is the primary reason why it is a problem, there are other reasons that we have listed for you below.

Xfinity Sound Not Working

At times, XFINITY sound problems can affect a single set but at other times, it may affect all devices connected in the home. The following are some of the things to check when the sound seems to be an issue.

If you are experiencing XFINITY without sound on all TVs in your home, there may not be anything you can do. This is sometimes associated with an outage in the area and it is up to XFINITY to get things working again.

You can check the XFINITY website or use a mobile app to determine if there is an outage in your area. You can also call the customer service number and they will let you know if a problem exists and how long they expect it to take to correct.

It is also a good idea to let XFINITY know that there may be a problem in the area. They may only be focused on issues with the entire service, but if the sound is not working, it certainly warrants looking into.

If the sound is not working and it is only on a single channel, it may be due to an external device. We tend to use soundbars and other external speakers to enhance our enjoyment of the XFINITY experience.

The following are some of the things you can do to check the sound system on your TV or attached speaker.

Mute – Although it may sound like a simple solution, there are times when we may inadvertently mute our soundbar or other external speakers. The volume on the TV may also become muted.

Try turning up the volume on the remote and if that doesn’t work, attempt to turn the volume up using the buttons on the speaker and the TV. This will often address the issue and correct it.

You might also have to restart the connected sound device, regardless of whether it is a soundbar or other type of speaker. Disconnect it, turn it off, unplug it, and wait a few minutes before plugging it back in. You can also restart your TV in the same fashion during this time.

It may be necessary for you to turn the soundbar on when it regains power, but it should be recognized by the TV at this point.

Universal Remote – If you have a connected speaker, such as a soundbar, make sure that you are adjusting the volume on the speaker and not on the TV. All too often, we use universal remote controls and the TV volume gets turned down.

To correct this issue, use the volume up button on the TV and turn the volume as loud as it goes. You can then adjust the volume on the soundbar to the level you want.

Cables – There may be times when the cable that attaches peripheral devices to the TV has gone bad or needs to be replaced. Sound travels through those cables, including HDMI, so a damaged or outdated cable will not send sound properly.

Network – If the network is out at your home, your remote controls may not work. Some remotes rely on network connectivity to operate and you may not be able to turn the volume up if the network is down.

Xfinity Tv No Sound

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If you are not experiencing any sound on any channel, try the following to get it running again.

One reason why sound may not be working on any channel from XFINITY is due to a connection problem. We have multiple connections associated with the sound in many cases and if a cable is damaged or not plugged in properly, the signal will not reach the speaker. A damaged cable may also send video but not audio.

The first thing to do if you aren’t having sound on any channel is to make sure it is not happening on all TVs. If all TVs in the home are not working, it is likely a problem with Xfinity.

We also need to manage the sound through the device and not the TV itself. The TV volume is typically best left at maximum and we should not adjust it if we are using a secondary device. It may be necessary to adjust the TV volume on the TV itself.

Are you connected to an external speaker, such as a soundbar? If so, make sure that you have the proper port connected for both input and output. This makes a difference in some TVs.

You can typically go into the settings menu on the TV and check the ports. You may also be able to check the health of the connection, both for the overall network and for the connection to any peripherals.

Finally, you may need to do a full shutdown. This would include turning everything off, disconnecting all cords, and then unplugging the devices from the wall.

When reestablishing power, make sure that you turn on all secondary devices and the external speakers before you turn on the TV. This will give the TV an opportunity to recognize the speakers and reestablish sound.

Xfinity Sound Keeps Skipping/Goes In And Out

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Are you having problems with your XFINITY sound going in and out? Try this quick fix to get it working properly.

A common reason why sound skips is because the network is not working properly. If you are constantly losing connection to the network, then your TV will not get the steady stream of signal that it needs to operate. You can check the network health in the settings and if necessary, restart the router to refresh the signal.

You might also want to check all connections between the TV and any external devices. This would include the XFINITY box, as well as a DVD player, Roku device, and especially any external speakers or soundbars.

If you recognize any problem with the connection, including loose wires, damaged wires, or outdated cables, make the appropriate adjustments.

One other thing to try is plugging the TV directly into your speaker. You may be trying to run over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but they can be problematic. Always plug your external speaker into your TV using an HDMI cord or better.

Xfinity Sound Not In Sync

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It can be distracting when your sound is not in sync. If this is happening while watching XFINITY, try the following.

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There are buttons on your remote that you may not use very often, including the SAP and MTS button. These buttons involve a secondary audio device or multiple TV sound systems. It can affect the way that sound connects with your TV through your XFINITY box, DVD, or another device. Go into the SAP or MTS menu and select the proper device.

If you are using a different device, you may need to check the audio track settings. This can be done from the settings menu, selecting audio set up. Be sure you have selected the proper language for default audio.

If the issue continues to be a problem, see if it happens on another TV. It might be a problem with that particular channel or with something that XFINITY needs to fix on their end.

Xfinity Sound Not Working On One Channel

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Is your XFINITY sound not working on a single channel? Try this to get it running.

The most common reason why XFINITY sound is not working on a channel is because of the SAP or MTS settings. You can find these as buttons on the primary remote, but not a universal remote. Try changing the SAP settings to either normal or stereo. You can also try switching the setting off, as that may correct the issue at times.

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The language setup may also be an issue. Go into the settings and choose audio set up on your TV. Choose the proper default audio track and choose the right language. This will often help to correct the issue.

Xfinity No Sound HDMI

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When you have a problem with HDMI, it can really affect your enjoyment of anything you are watching.

Since HDMI carries both sound and video, it may not be carrying enough signal. The primary reasons why XFINITY is not playing any sound through HDMI is that the cable is damaged, not plugged in properly, or is too old. Make sure that you are using an updated HDMI cable that is free from defects and plugged into the ports securely.

HDMI has upgraded over the years so the technology that is available today is not the same as technology that was available years ago.

If you are using an old HDMI cable, it may have enough to send the signal for video but it might not be sending the information for audio.

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Any time you are having XFINITY sound problems, it may be a balance between the TV volume and the box volume. Access the settings menu and make sure you have things pointed to the proper device. Turn up the volume to full on the TV and adjust the volume as desired on the secondary device.