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AirPods Mic Not Working

Airpods make phone calls and listening to various audio content completely wireless when on the go, making them an incredibly versatile and accessible product. If you are wanting to talk back when using AirPods and the mic isn’t working though, what can be done?

If your AirPods mic is not working, try charging the Airpods, resetting them, clean the mics on each AirPod of any dust particles, unpair and repair the AirPods, and set the AirPods as the default communications device if you are trying to connect to Windows.

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The key for many technology product users is to have a product that is easy to use, is no fuss to manage, is able to go wherever they go, and will work well with large amounts of use over long amounts of time. Apple has created a product that does just that through the invention of wireless AirPods. However, if you go to use the mic on your AirPods and notice that this piece is not working, read on to see what can be done and how you can resolve this issue quickly.

AirPods Mic Not Working

One of the biggest attractions to AirPods is that users are able to listen to various audio content without having to worry about wires getting in the way. Even more than this though, AirPods can actually function with your cell phone so that they become a speaker that you are not only able to listen to, but can talk through as well. If you have AirPods and are trying to talk through them but notice that the mic is not working as it should, take a look below to see what can be done.

If your AirPods Mic isn’t working, it could be that your AirPods simply need to be charged. To see if the battery level is low, insert both pods into the AirPod case and leave the top open. You will then bring the case close to your iPhone where the charge level will be displayed on the screen.

If you can see that the charge level is low on the AirPods, this is likely the cause of your mic operational problem.To charge AirPods properly, insert both pods into the AirPod case securely and connect a USB charger to both the Airpods and a power outlet. While the AirPods are charging, you will see a red or amber light on the case, but once the charging has completed, this light will turn green and you can then see if the mic is operating properly when finished.

AirPods Mic Not Working After Update

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When it comes to various types of technology, especially those that are more advanced, there will typically be ongoing updates that come to that particular device so that it can stay up to date with the most recent advancements, get rid of any glitches, and keep the device equipped to fight off possible bugs. With AirPods, updates come to do exactly this, but if you complete an update and find that your mic is not working when the update has finished, what do you do?

If your Airpods mic is not working after an update, a reset could be the fix to this problem. To reset your AirPods, place the AirPods in the charging case, close the lid, wait 30 seconds, open the lid, then on your smart device go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Bluetooth’ > ‘More Info’ > ‘ Forget This Device.’

Once you have forgotten the device, you will then open the lid of the AirPod case and press the ‘Setup’ button on the back of the case. Hold this button down for 15 seconds or until you are able to see the status light on the case flash from the amber color to white. Once you see the white flash, you will know that the AirPods have been reset, which means you can then test to see if the mic is working properly after the reset and update have been completed.

AirPods Mic Not Picking Up Voice

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The Microphone on your AirPods might be operational, but they may not be working as well as they should be. If you are in the middle of a phone call or conference call and keep getting feedback that your voice is either weak or is going in and out, then you know that there is likely an issue related to the mic on your AirPods that exists. If your AirPods mic is not picking up your voice, continue reading below to see what you can do to get full function of the mic again.

If your AirPods mic is not picking up your voice, this could be caused by a mic that has been obstructed by particle buildup. If you use your AirPods regularly, it can be easy for dust to accumulate, which can be cleared from the mics by gently blowing on each area to break up and remove particles.

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If you clean the mics well and know that no dust is present, at least enough to cause your voice to be softened or not picked up, then you need to move forward with another troubleshooting method. You may need to unpair and repair the AirPods with your Apple device to help reactivate the mic. To do this, simply follow the steps listed in the previous section titled “AirPods Mic Not Working After Update” to forget the device and reconnect it.

AirPods Mic Not Loud

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Mic issues don’t tend to arise when users are in the middle of listening to a great music lineup or are on the fourth episode of a podcast they can’t seem to step away from and this is due to the lack of need for the mic during those times. However, when you begin to call or are trying to make a video that requires the use of a mic, you may notice that your voice sounds too low. If the mic on your Airpods is not loud enough, what can you do to increase the volume?

If your AirPods mic isn’t loud enough, try changing your Settings so that the mic only operates on one AirPod when in use. To do this on an iPhone, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Bluetooth’ > click on AirPods > ‘Microphone’ > and then choose either ‘Always Left/Always Right AirPod.’

When using the mic with your AirPods, the AirPods are automatically programmed to switch between the left and right AirPod. For those of you that have noticed an issue with the loudness of your voice when using this device, switching this setting to only stick to one AirPod can be a quick solution. If you are still experiencing problems with the loudness, switch the settings to the opposing AirPods to see if its mic works better as far as volume with the mic goes.

AirPods Mic Not Connecting to Windows 10

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AirPods are incredibly versatile, which makes them even more appealing to those trying to use different systems to operate their Airpods with, such as Windows 10. It is possible to connect your AirPods to Windows 10 through only a few short steps, but if you are in the middle of this process and you are not able to connect, what might be the issue and what can you do to quickly fix it? Read below to find the fix for this specific problem so a connection can be made.

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If your AirPods mic isn’t connecting to Windows 10, be sure that you have set the AirPods as the default communications device. To do this, right-click on the ‘Sound’ icon on the screen of your device and in the ‘Playback/Recording’ Tab, choose AirPods as the default communication device.

If you still aren’t able to connect your AirPods mic with Windows 10, you may need to install the most recent Bluetooth driver manually. To do this, press the Windows Logo key and ‘R’ on the keyboard. When you see the Run Box appear, type in ‘devmgmt.msc’ and select ‘OK.’ You will then click ‘Bluetooth’ > ‘Update Driver’ > ‘Search Automatically For Drivers’ > then follow the instructions to complete the steps before you restart your device and test for connection.

AirPods Mic Not Working For Phone Calls

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Being on the go means having to juggle quite a few different balls while also remaining available to those around you, especially when it comes to calls. If you are someone who needs to keep your hands free, but also needs to be able to chat on the phone while also managing other tasks, AirPods are incredibly convenient. However, if you go to answer a call and notice that the mic is not working once you get the call connected, read on to see what can be done.

If your AirPods mic isn’t working for phone calls and you know that they are connected to your iPhone, make sure that there are no particles obstructing the mic first. After this, try turning off your iPhone to see if this will resolve any minor temporary issues that are causing the mic to not work.

It is also important to note that, as previously mentioned, the mic will not operate well (or sometimes at all) if the battery on the AirPods is too low. This is a way of conserving battery life and when this happens, the operation of the mic is often the first to go. Therefore, test to see how much battery life your AirPods have in them and if you see that the percentage is low, go ahead and charge them for a good amount of time to restore operation.

AirPods Mic Not Working Sometimes

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When you purchase a big-ticket item like AirPods, you expect such devices to operate properly and be a reliable item due to the cost and technological advancements within them. Although this would be true in a perfect world, AirPods fail from time to time and some owners have noticed that at times, the mic on their AirPods works, but at other times, it does not. If you have a mic that only works sometimes, read on to see what likely needs to be done.

If your AirPods mic is only working sometimes, it could be that they need to be updated with the latest software. To do this, put both AirPods into their charging case and connect them to a charging power source. Once connected, move them close to the device they are paired with.

Be sure that the device they are paired with is connected to the internet and once you have confirmed this, simply wait. After some time has passed, any available firmware updates will be downloaded and will proceed with installation without any work from you. Once the update has finished, you can then take your AirPods out and see if the function of your mic is more consistent.

If your AirPods Mic is not working, confirm that you have your AirPods connected to a device, try turning off the device the AirPods are connected to then turn it back on, and install any available software updates to alleviate any problems with the mic working inconsistently.

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