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Panasonic Remote Not Working

Taking the time to troubleshoot the most common causes of a Panasonic Remote not working can quickly resolve the issue and allow your family to resume their normal TV viewing patterns. Read on to learn more about what can cause your Panasonic Remote to fail and how to remedy this quickly.

If your Panasonic TV remote is not working, one common reason could be depleted batteries. Over time, batteries lose their charge and can no longer power the remote. To resolve this issue, open the battery compartment on the back of the remote, remove the old batteries, and replace them with new ones, making sure to align the positive and negative ends correctly. Close the compartment and try using the remote to see if the issue has been resolved.

Holding a remote while pointing in the TV

Another reason your Panasonic TV remote may not be working is due to obstruction or interference. Physical objects between the remote and the TV’s infrared sensor, or electronic devices emitting infrared signals, can interfere with the remote’s functionality. To fix this, remove any obstacles between the remote and the TV and relocate other electronic devices that might be causing interference. Try using the remote again to check if the problem is resolved.

In some cases, the issue could stem from a malfunctioning or dirty infrared sensor on the TV itself. Dust and grime can accumulate on the sensor, disrupting the signal from the remote. To resolve this issue, gently clean the infrared sensor on your TV using a soft, lint-free cloth. If cleaning doesn’t resolve the problem, the sensor may be faulty and could require professional repair or replacement.

Panasonic Remote Volume Not Working

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If your Panasonic Remote Volume is not working it can frustrate even the most patient person. Not being able to hear anything from your Panasonic TV ruins your entire TV viewing experience. Here are some quick steps to take to try to rapidly fix this irritating problem.

If your Panasonic Remote is not working and neither is the remote’s volume control, press the Menu on the remote. Then select Sound with the Up and Down Keys and push OK. Your Panasonic TV should now show the current volume level on the TV screen.

You can also adjust other volume parameters here, such as Auto Volume Leveling and A.I. Sound and can check if they are working when watching any TV program.  

Panasonic Remote Won’t Turn On/Off TV

Man holding a remote while pointing at the TV

If you have a Panasonic TV Remote that either will not turn on or won’t turn off, it is usually caused by a problem with the batteries in the remote or it could have to do with a problem with your Panasonic TV itself.  Troubleshoot both possible causes to try to find the cause of this annoying problem quickly.

If your Panasonic Remote is not working and won’t turn on/off the TV, first check to make sure the batteries in the remote are fully charged. Press each button on the remote to drain all of the power out of the Panasonic Remote.

Replace the batteries as needed and then unplug and re-plug the TV power cord to reset the TV.  You can also then check the Mode buttons to make sure the remote is in TV mode and try using the Remote again to see if it will turn your Panasonic TV on and off normally.  

Then reset the remote and if any buttons are sticking, check for any debris under them.

Panasonic Remote Not Changing Channels

Woman holding a remote while pointing in the TV

Nothing is more annoying than to be sitting in anticipation of watching your favorite program and finding that your Panasonic TV Remote is not changing channels. This type of problem usually requires a power cycle reset, which can be accomplished easily.

If your Panasonic Remote is not working and won’t change channels, do a quick power cycle reset. Start by unplugging the power cable. Then, make sure all the lights are out. Now wait thirty seconds and then reconnect the power cable. Then, check the remote again to see if it now changes channels.

You can also try replacing the batteries in your Panasonic TV Remote for this problem and then pressing down on the Panasonic TV Remote’s power button for thirty seconds and then see if this solves the problem and your Panasonic TV Remote starts changing channels again.

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Panasonic Remote Not Pairing

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If your Panasonic TV Remote is not paired with your Panasonic TV, it can lead to an upsetting and frustrating experience. Usually, this problem is rooted in the need to re-program your Panasonic Remote so that it can pair again with your Panasonic TV. Panasonic has a resource page online that provides the three-digit codes in order to re-pair your Panasonic TV Remote with the particular model of Panasonic Tv that you own.

If your Panasonic Remote is not working and is not pairing with your Panasonic TV, press down on the Action and Power Keys at the same time for at least 5 seconds. You should then see all of the buttons for all the components start to blink. Then press the TV button.

You can check online for the 3 digit code for your particular Panasonic TV in order to program the Panasonic TV Remote. Type this code into the Panasonic TV Remote. Then point your Panasonic TV Remote at the Panasonic TV and press Power and see if the TV turns on. If it doesn’t, recheck the code for accuracy and try a different appropriate code to see if it works.

Panasonic Remote not Responding

Woman holding a remote while pointing in the TV

If your Panasonic TV Remote is not responding, you will most likely need to resync the remote with your Panasonic TV. Hopefully, this will resolve the problem. If not, continue on with further troubleshooting steps as described below.

If your Panasonic Remote is not working and is not responding, reset your Panasonic Remote back to the manufacturer’s settings.  Take the battery out of the remote and then press any button to discharge all power from the remote.

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Put the battery back into the remote and you should see the LED screen blink 2 times. Press on 2 and 8 at the same time within six seconds and you should see the LED blink twice. Then try using the Panasonic TV Remote again to see if it is functioning normally.

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