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Bosch Fridge Freezer Door Not Closing / Sealing

When you have a Bosch refrigerator, you expect it to work without any real problems. Refrigerators are some of the most reliable conveniences that we have at home, but there may be times when your Bosch refrigerator freezer door or refrigerator door is not closing or sealing. How can you fix it?

The most common reason why a Bosch refrigerator freezer door is not closing or sealing is due to something being in the door seal. This could be a piece of food that was dropped in the area or something else that got in the seal and is not allowing the door to close properly.

Inside of the fridge freezer

Obviously, if you have something that is affecting the ability of the door seal to close, you would want to clean it. You can clean the freezer door seal of your Bosch refrigerator with a clean cloth soaked with soap and water.

You need to be cautious, however, because you can’t simply shut the freezer door after wetting it down with water. You will need to dry it thoroughly, and you need to quickly so you don’t let all of the cold air out of the freezer.

After you clean the seal and dry it, you may have an alarm that tells you the temperature is too high in the freezer. This is to be expected, as it will take some time for the freezer to get down to the proper temperature again.

Bosch Fridge Freezer Door Not Closing / Sealing

Obviously, if your Bosch refrigerator freezer door is not closing or sealing, it is going to cause a variety of problems. What are some of those issues?

Spoiled Food – The most important reason why you need your freezer door to seal properly is that you need to keep the food frozen. If the seal is broken, it will let outside air in and your freezer may not keep up with the deficit.

Spoiled food is a problem and it can be even more of a problem because we don’t always recognize when the food has thawed, spoiled, and refrozen. You can check it, however, with a container, some water, and a coin.

Freeze water in a cup and put a coin on top of the frozen surface. If your freezer thaws and refreezes, the coin will go down into the ice and you will be able to tell.

Unfortunately, if the food has spoiled in your Bosch freezer, you will have to throw it away. Don’t take chances with spoiled food.

Power Bills – Although a slight break in the seal of your Bosch freezer door may not cause the food inside to thaw, it will cause your power bill to go up. After you fix the seal, the freezer will not need to run quite so often.

Let’s consider a few more reasons why you may have a problem with the freezer door in your Bosch refrigerator. This could include issues with the door not closing, not staying closed, and not sealing properly.

Reasons Why Bosch Refrigerator Freezer Door is Not Closing

Checking the freezer

Are you having problems with your Bosch refrigerator freezer door not closing? Here are some reasons why it may be happening.

Door Obstructions

If there is anything in the freezer that is blocking the door from closing, it is going to cause problems. This is not always easy to recognize and sometimes, it could be a loose item that is lifting as you close the door that is blocking it.

Avoiding these door obstructions is an important part of keeping your freezer operating properly. It is not only important because it keeps the door closing properly, but this same issue may also be keeping the freezer from operating as it should.

Freezer Tracks Obstructions

You should also check the tracks of the freezer to make sure there are no obstructions keeping the tray from going in fully. This would also keep the door from closing.

As a general guideline, the freezer should not be too full and should not be too empty. Typically, you would want to keep it about 75% full. Why?

Keeping your freezer full will keep the compressor from having to run quite so often. It will allow the frozen food to keep the temperature where it should be. Not allowing it to be too full will keep items from blocking the door from closing.

Your Bosch Freezer Door Is Not Closing Because It Is Not Level

Checking the freezer

If your refrigerator is not level, you may have a problem with the freezer door closing. Typically, the magnetic seal will be enough to keep it closed but if there is weight against the door or weight inside of the freezer compartment, it could cause the door to stay open.

Check to ensure that your Bosch refrigerator is level. You can then remove some of the items from the compartment, redistributing them so that they are not putting too much weight against the door.

This is not a common problem, but it does happen from time to time. If all else fails, this is what you should be checking.

3 Reasons Why Bosch Refrigerator Freezer Door is Not Sealing Properly

Checking the freezer

Your Bosch Freezer Door Is Not Sealing Because It Is Dirty

The seal to your Bosch refrigerator freezer door should be cleaned on a periodic basis. If it gets dirty or if there are pieces of food in the seal, the door will not be able to close completely.

If your freezer door is not sealing properly, it can lead to food thawing and spoiling. You will also likely notice that your freezer is running constantly to keep up with the temperature.

Your Bosch Freezer Door Is Not Sealing Because It Is Demagnetized

The magnet in your Bosch freezer door helps to keep the door shut and sealed properly. If it gets demagnetized, it may not have the hold necessary to keep the door from partially opening.

Although it may be possible to re-magnetize a freezer door seal, it is not an easy thing to do. Typically, if the magnet is not working any longer, it is easier to buy a new seal and put it in place.

Your Bosch Freezer Door Is Not Sealing Because the Seal Is Damaged

If there is any obvious damage to the freezer door seal, it can cause a problem with the door sealing properly. Clean the door seal using soap and water and carefully inspect the seal as you are doing so. If you notice any tears or holes, the seal should be replaced.

Some people try to fix a freezer door seal by using tape or cellophane. Although that may provide a temporary fix, it is by no means the proper way to fix it. A damaged door seal should be replaced.

3 Reasons Why Bosch Freezer Door Won’t Stay Closed

Checking the freezer

Your Bosch Refrigerator Door Isn’t Staying Closed Because It Is Demagnetized

If you close your Bosch refrigerator door and it opens, it may be because the magnet in the seal is no longer working. Although the magnet is not strong, it does help keep the door in place and if it is demagnetized, it needs to be replaced.

There are some methods available for re-magnetizing the magnet in a door seal. This is similar to re-magnetizing any magnets, but there are reasons why you would want to replace the seal instead.

First of all, you will never be able to re-magnetize the seal magnet to the same strength as it was originally. You may continue to have problems. In addition, it may be time to replace the seal anyway if the magnet has gone bad.

Your Bosch Freezer Door Is Not Staying Closed Because It Is Out Of Level

If your Bosch freezer door is coming open, it may be due to the freezer and refrigerator being out of level. If it is out of level, the weight of the food in the freezer may be causing the door to open slightly.

The easiest way to fix this is to grab a 4-foot level and level the refrigerator. The feet of your Bosch refrigerator screw in and out to make leveling easy.

Your Bosch Freezer Door Is Not Staying Closed Because the Seal is Dry

If you have had your Bosch freezer for quite some time, the seal may have gotten dry and that will cause the door to pop open. The door seal will not be sealing properly so the weight in the freezer will cause it to open.

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The fact that the seal has gotten brittle and dry means that it is doing more than causing the door to open. It is also causing your energy bill to go up because it is not sealing properly.

Anytime your Bosch freezer door is not closing properly you should check for damage and dirt in the seal itself. Clean the seal with soap and water and dry it thoroughly before closing the door. If you notice any damage to the seal, it should be replaced.

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