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Bosch Refrigerator Door Not Opening / Stay Open

Although we may have many doors in our homes, the refrigerator door is probably one that is used more than any other. It is also one that sometimes experiences problems. What can you do when your Bosch refrigerator door is not opening or staying open?

The most common reason why a Bosch refrigerator door will not open is because of air pressure. The air in the refrigerator shrinks when it chills, creating a vacuum and making it difficult to open the door.

checking the refrigerator

Of course, this is just a simple reason why the door may not be open properly, but it is often easier to overcome than most people realize. Generally speaking, you would just break the seal with your finger in order to open the door, but what do you do if there are even more serious issues?

In this article, we are going to cover a number of different factors that are associated with your Bosch refrigerator door. Sometimes it might open and will stay open but at other times, it may not open in the first place.

Bosch Refrigerator Door Won’t Open / Stay Open

Let’s consider a few simple solutions that will help in almost every case. By using these solutions, you can often overcome a problem with the door not opening.

Break the Seal – The first thing you can try is to break the seal. This was discussed briefly, but it is usually the most common thing that needs to be done when the door is not opening properly.

You break the seal by putting your finger against the seal and pushing it up in the corner. Once the air is able to enter the refrigerator compartment, the air pressure will normalize and the seal will be broken.

Check Level – There may also be times when the refrigerator is not leveled properly. If that is the case, you may have a problem with the refrigerator door either not closing or staying open.

The easiest way to check this is to grab a 4-foot level (smaller is okay) and put it against the side of the refrigerator (not the top). You will check level by putting the level on both the side and the front of the refrigerator.

Your Bosch refrigerator feet go up and down. There is typically a small wrench that will allow you to screw the feet in or out of the refrigerator slightly without having to lift the refrigerator off of the floor. It makes it possible to level the refrigerator.

Remember that you have four different feet on the refrigerator base. It may be tempting to simply adjust one or 2 feet but by spreading it out among all 4 feet, you make it easier to level.

Lubricate the Gasket – Sometimes, you need to lubricate the door gasket. This can be done with petroleum jelly. It is especially beneficial if the gasket has gotten dry and is sticking or causing the door to not stick.

Now that we have some of the most common solutions listed above, let’s consider some specific reasons why the refrigerator door won’t open or why it will stay open.

By considering these things individually, we can do more than find a way to solve the problem, we can understand why the problem is happening in the first place.

3 Reasons Why Bosch Refrigerator Door Not Opening

checking the refrigerator

When you have a problem with your Bosch refrigerator door not opening, it is typically one of just a few problems. What are those issues and how can you fix them?

Bosch Refrigerator Door Not Opening Due To Air Pressure

The air pressure builds up inside your Bosch refrigerator as the air cools. When this happens, it creates a vacuum and you may have a difficult time opening the refrigerator door. At times, it can make you feel as if you are going to break the door when opening it.

Most people are surprised by how much air pressure can affect the refrigerator door. In reality, there is more to it than simply air cooling and shrinking inside of the refrigerator.

When you close the refrigerator door, you are essentially forcing air out of the refrigerator when doing so. If you close the refrigerator door quickly, you can push so much air out of the refrigerator that you are starting at a deficit.

As the air continues to cool inside the refrigerator, it creates more and more of a vacuum and makes it more difficult to open the door.

Bosch Refrigerator Door Not Opening Because of Obstruction

If there is something inside the refrigerator that is blocking the door from opening, it needs to be removed. This can be a difficult situation, especially if the item has fallen in such a way that it has locked the door in place.

The easiest way to fix this issue is by wiggling the door and shaking the refrigerator. They might not seem like much of a scientific approach, but it does work in many cases.

As you continue to shake the refrigerator door, you will hopefully move the obstruction out of the way until you are able to open it without any problem. If that doesn’t work, you may need to take things to the next level.

The door to your Bosch refrigerator is the only way to access the refrigerator compartment. Since that is the case, you will have to remove one of the doors if it is completely stuck in place.

You can remove the hinges on one of the doors of the refrigerator and completely remove it from the unit. Clean out the refrigerator and remove any possible obstructions before trying again.

If you are going to remove the refrigerator door, you should work quickly. The temperature inside the refrigerator can quickly climb and within an hour or so, much of the food inside will spoil.

Bosch Refrigerator Door Not Opening Due To Worn Hinges

The hinges in your Bosch refrigerator door will likely last the lifetime of the unit. There may be times, however, when they could get damaged or experienced problems and need to be replaced. After replacing the hinges on your door, it will open properly.

This can be an issue because we depend on our refrigerator on a daily basis and not being able to open it temporarily can be a big problem. You may need to live out of the freezer for a little while, cooking frozen food rather than what is in the refrigerator.

Then again, it is not a difficult thing to remove a Bosch refrigerator door from its hinges. If you can do so, you may be able to lift the door on and off so that you can continue to use the refrigerator until the hinges can be replaced.

3 Reasons Why Bosch Refrigerator Door Won’t Stay Open

checking the refrigerator

There may be times when a Bosch refrigerator door is not staying open properly. What can you do to fix this issue?

Bosch Refrigerator Door Not Staying Open Due To Hinge Cams

The hinge cams help your Bosch refrigerator door to open and stay in position. If the cam has become damaged, the door will swing freely and will continue to close rather than staying open conveniently.

Fortunately, it is not a difficult job to remove and replace the hinge cams in a Bosch refrigerator. For the most part, they fit in the hinge pin area and can simply be pulled off and a new one put in position.

In some Bosch refrigerator units, there are also hinge cams that go partially down into the door. This is usually associated with the upper hinge so you will have to remove the door completely in order to replace it.

Once the hinge cam is replaced, the door should stay open without any problem.

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Bosch Refrigerator Door Not Staying Open Due To Weight

If you have too much stacked in your refrigerator door compartments, it may not allow the door to stay open. The weight of the door will cause it to swing shut after you open it.

Obviously, the best way to fix a problem with too much in the refrigerator doors is to remove some of it. This can be a problem for some families, however, because we tend to live out of our refrigerators and we want to put as much in it as possible.

Usually, with a little bit of organization and some rearranging of the refrigerator, you can lighten the load of the door. This will typically keep it from closing unnecessarily.

Bosch Refrigerator Door Not Staying Open Due To Leveling

If your Bosch refrigerator is not level, it may not allow the door to stay open. The door cams keep the door open but if the refrigerator is leaning backward, the door may want to close naturally.

You can check the Bosch refrigerator for level by using a 4-foot level on both the side and the front of the refrigerator. If you notice that it is out of level, you can fix it by screwing the feet in and out until you have achieved level.

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Make sure that you use all of the feet when leveling the refrigerator because only using one or two of them can cause it to be unsteady.

Anytime your Bosch refrigerator door is not closing or staying open, you can check the door seal. Clean the door seal with soap and water and dry it. If you notice that the seal was damaged, it should be replaced.

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