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Bosch Refrigerator Door Not Closing / Sealing

The doors are a part of our Bosch refrigerator that we really don’t consider very often unless they are causing problems. What can you do if your Bosch refrigerator doors are no longer closing or sealing?

For the most part, Bosch refrigerator doors that are not closing or sealing are related to the rubber seal gasket. This gasket has magnetic properties that not only help to keep the door shut, but also help to seal it so outside air is not introduced to the inside while the door is closed.

It is rare for anything to have to be done to the gasket so it needs to be replaced. There may be times when it becomes damaged, but you will see the damage when you inspect the gasket. A door seal is easy to replace.

More than likely, the problem is that the seal has somehow become faulty. It may be dirty or it could have become detached from the refrigerator.

Bosch Refrigerator Door Not Closing / Sealing

If you have an older Bosch refrigerator, the problem may be that the seal is also too old. The seals are pliable when they are new but as they get older, they can begin to harden and they will not seal properly.

There isn’t anything you can do to soften the seal but you can replace it if it is too hard. Otherwise, clean the seal with soap and water and do so as part of your routine maintenance.

Another issue that can keep the refrigerator door from closing in your Bosch unit is the condensation bar. This is the bar that folds out of the way when you open the door and then opens again when you close it.

If the condensation bar is not folding completely out of the way, it might impede the ability of both doors to seal properly. You might not notice that it is not sealing when you visually inspect it, but it may be enough to affect the temperature of the refrigerator or even to set off an alarm.

Finally, there may be a problem with the latching mechanism. This isn’t an issue on all Bosch refrigerators because not all of them have these types of mechanisms in place. If your Bosch refrigerator latches, consider the possibility that it may be this mechanism.

2 Reasons Why Bosch Refrigerator Main Door Not Closing

If your refrigerator door is not closing, it is something that needs to be fixed right away. Here are two reasons why it could happen to your Bosch refrigerator.

Bosch Door Not Closing Because Of Condensation Bar

Most people don’t give much thought to the condensation bar in their refrigerator, but it is there for a reason. It helps to keep the moisture at the right level in your refrigerator, but it can also be a problem at times.

A common reason why your Bosch refrigerator’s main door is not closing is that the condensation bar is not folding out of the way properly. If it is not unfolding as it should, it could cause the second door to stop short of closing completely.

In many cases, the condensation bar is not working properly because it got dirty. It should be cleaned with soap and water and you should inspect it for any problems, such as dirt and debris.

Otherwise, it may be necessary at times to replace the condensation bar if it is not working as it should. Perhaps the bar got bent or somehow damaged when you close the door and it wasn’t fully out-of-the-way.

In either case, the condensation bar is easy to replace and it will generally fix this problem.

Bosch Door Not Closing Because of Hing Torque

When you have a new boss refrigerator and it is set up properly, the door will close automatically without any action on your part. If the hinges don’t have the torque that they did at first, it can be a problem.

Your Bosch refrigerator main door may not be closing properly if the hinges don’t have sufficient torque. The door has to close with the flapper in place, but it does require some torque in order to get in the right position.

If you are having problems with the door hinges, they will need to be replaced. Typically, once you have the hinges in place and working properly, it will resolve the problem from that point forward.

2 Reasons Why Bosch Refrigerator Main Door Not Sealing Properly

Are you having problems with the main door on your Bosch refrigerator sealing properly? There may be a number of different reasons why this is happening. The following are two of the primary reasons you would want to check first.

Main Door Gasket is Dirty or Damaged

There are a few different working parts on the main door that could be a problem that keeps it from sealing properly. In many cases, however, it has to do with a problem with the door gasket.

One of the main reasons why a Bosch refrigerator’s main door will not seal is because the door seal is either dirty or damaged. You can inspect the seal visually to check for any foreign objects, such as food particles or dirt. The seal should be cleaned. If the seal is damaged, it will have to be replaced.

Although the main seal to your Bosch refrigerator door is not a complex system, there are some rather difficult problems that can occur if it is not working properly. Even a small amount of dirt can keep it from sealing, and that can lead to warmer temperatures in the refrigerator compartment.

Most people don’t do it, but cleaning the main seal should be done on a periodic basis. You can add it to your regular house cleaning list and it only needs to be cleaned with a soft cloth, warm water, and soap.

Anytime you are having problems with the door sealing, the gasket is the first place to look. If it is damaged, don’t bother trying to tape it or temporarily fix it. You’ll have to remove the seal and replace it.

Refrigerator door gasket seals are not difficult to fix or replace. They are also relatively inexpensive, especially compared to the price of throwing food away.

Refrigerator Door Seal Losing Magnetism

Did you know that there is a magnet in your refrigerator door seal? What happens if it has gone bad?

If the refrigerator door seal magnet has gone bad, the door will not seal properly. Even though it will not sound an alarm, there will be air exchange to the outside and your refrigerator will run more frequently or it could experience warmer temperatures in the refrigerator compartment.

One possibility when the door seal has become demagnetized is to replace it. You might also be able to re-magnetize the door seal because it doesn’t have a strong magnetic signature. Most people find it easier to replace the seal.

2 Reasons Why Bosch Fridge Door Keeps Opening

One problem you may experience at times with a Bosch refrigerator is for the door to keep opening. Here are two different reasons why it may happen.

Bosch Refrigerator Door Keeps Opening Due To Faulty Cams

If you have a Bosch refrigerator with French refrigerator doors, one of the doors may pop open on occasion when you close the other. Why does this happen?

Air pressure may be forcing the main Bosch refrigerator door open when you close the other door too quickly. There are door cams that keep the door partially open and help it to close automatically. A combination of worn door cams and air pressure keeps the doors from staying closed.

This can be a problem because you may close the refrigerator door and walk away before you realize that the other door has popped open.

The cams on your Bosch refrigerator door are probably just small plastic pieces that fit on the hinge pin and are easily replaced. Some models may have spring-loaded cams installed inside of the door at the top or bottom.

Once you replace the cams, the problem should resolve itself.

Bosch Refrigerator Door Keeps Opening Due To Worn Hinges

The hinges on your Bosch refrigerator, like on any door, can sometimes experience problems. This also includes having the main door pop open.

The hinges on a Bosch refrigerator door may sometimes wear out and they are not strong enough to keep the door closed. When you close the door, it may pop open because the weight of the door is forcing it in that direction.

The weight of the door itself may be enough to push the door open if it is not properly leveled. If you have a lot of items in the door, it may be even more of a problem.

Your Bosch refrigerator door may have a problem shutting if you have something stuck in the gasket. Check the rubber seal running around the door opening for any dirt or food debris. Clean the rubber seal with warm water and soap.

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