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Bose Remote Not Working

Bose is known for producing headphones and speakers that deliver clear and crisp sound. The Bose soundbar transforms your home into a movie theater or concert. It can be quite disappointing when the soundbar doesn’t work, especially with such high expectations.

The Bose remote will not work if it is unable to connect to the Bose system. Make sure the Bose soundbar is connected to the correct network. Do a soft reset by unplugging the Bose soundbar for 1 minute. Repair the Bose remote with the TV.

Holding a remote while pointing in the TV

With so many electronic devices connecting wirelessly, there is bound to be an issue with one of them. If your Bose remote is not connecting or is not working properly, continue reading this article for troubleshooting ideas. The solutions are simple and may overlap but they are effective.

Bose Remote Blinking No Response

If your Bose remote is blinking and not responding, it could be an indication of a few different issues. First, make sure the batteries in the remote are fresh and properly inserted. If that doesn’t work, try resetting the remote by removing the batteries, pressing and holding any button for 15 seconds, and then reinserting the batteries. If the remote still isn’t working, try reprogramming it to the system by following the instructions in your Bose manual. It’s also possible that the remote sensor on your system is blocked or not functioning properly, so ensure that there is nothing obstructing the sensor and that it’s clean. If none of these steps resolve the issue, it’s possible that the remote itself is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Bose Remote Buttons Not Working

Man holding a remote while pointing at the TV

Bose remotes have many working components inside. If one of these components is out of place or not working, the remote will not function properly.

If the Bose remote is not working, make sure the batteries are good. Replace the batteries with alkaline batteries. Rechargeable batteries have a lower voltage output. Batteries containing zinc do not have the power needed to support the Bose remote.

Reset Remote

Resetting the remote will help clear the remote and give it a fresh start. A soft reset is comparable to turning your computer off and on. It will not clear any saved information but will clear out any glitches. The following steps will help you do a soft reset of your Bose remote:

Step 1: Press and hold the Source button, such as TV or CBL-SAT.

Step 2: Hold the button until all 6 source buttons light up.

Step 3: Enter the 3-digit code 9-8-1.

Check For Interference

Electronic devices emit frequencies that are picked up by other electronic devices, especially if they are in close proximity to each other or on the same power circuit. Disconnect any electronic devices such as laptops, even Bluetooth devices, to see if this resolves the issue.

Bose Remote Not Lighting Up

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Bose remotes have an LED indicator light that is used to notify you of changes. Whether the remote needs batteries or is unable to connect to the Bose Soundbar, the indicator light is an important communication aid.

If the Bose remote is not lighting up, make sure you are in the correct proximity of the soundbar. The Bose remote needs to be within 20 of the soundbar to function properly. Make sure nothing is blocking the signal, such as a plant or other electronic device.

Bose Remote Not Responding

Frustrated man holding a remote

You finally have your Bose soundbar connected to your TV and you are on the couch ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor. But nothing is happening. The remote is not responding.

If the Bose remote is not responding, make sure the Bose console is working. Use the buttons on the console to navigate the soundbar. If the console is not working, make sure the cables are in the correct ports and the soundbar is on the same network as your TV.

Install Pending Update

Updates are the life-blood of electronic devices. They are continually updating to provide the best performance. If there is a pending update for your Bose soundbar, the remote may not work. The following steps will walk you through installing any pending updates.

Step 1: Turn on the TV.

Step 2: On the remote, press the Setup button.

Step 3: When the menu appears, select Software Update and then Software Updates. (If the Unify menu does not appear, change the TV input to the one the Bose system is connected to.)

Step 4: Follow the onscreen instructions.

Change System Controls

Electronic devices communicate via either IR (infrared) signals or RF (radio frequency). The Bose remote communicates through an IR signal. If your TV is set to RF commands, the Bose remote will not work. Changing your TV control settings to IR will allow the remote to work.

Bose Remote Not Turning On/Off TV

Bose remotes allow you to control multiple devices with one remote. This eliminates the need to have a remote for every device. While programming the Bose remote to control the TV is great, it does glitch from time to time.

If the Bose remote is not turning the TV on or off, make sure the remote is connected to the desired source. Press the desired source button on the remote to establish a connection with that device. If the remote signal does not light up when pressing the source button, change the batteries.

Each electronic device requires a unique code to be installed on another device. If multiple buttons on the remote were pressed, the sequence of buttons could be misread by the remote as a code for another device. Follow the steps previously mentioned to reset your remote.

Bose Remote Keeps Blinking

Lights on a remote are not only there so we can use the remote at night. The lights are a way for the remote to notify us when something needs our attention.

If your Bose remote keeps blinking, this could mean the batteries are getting low. If all 6 source buttons are blinking continuously, this means the remote is not connected to the soundbar. If 3 of the source buttons blink 3 times, the remote has lost its connection and is trying to reconnect.

Bose Remote Not Changing Channels

Confused woman while holding a remote

Remotes in general are often neglected. Bose remotes are no different. We drop them. We sit on them. The baby drools on them.

The Bose remote will not change channels if the button is stuck. Food, dirt, over-use can all cause the channel button to become stuck. Remove the batteries and clean the remote with a soft cloth. Press all the buttons to make sure they are no longer sticking.

An often overlooked piece of the remote is the battery spring. Sometimes we are in such a hurry to get the remote working that we are not careful about how we put the batteries in. If the spring in the bottom of the remote is bent, brand new batteries will not work.

Remote Antenna

Inside the Bose remote is an antenna that transmits signals from the remote to other electronic devices. The antenna can become broken or loose over time. You may even hear it rattle when you shake the remote.

The antenna can be replaced however since it is a wire that connects to the circuit board, there is some soldering involved and you will also need a multimeter. If you are not comfortable repairing the antenna yourself, you can purchase a new remote.

Bose Remote Won’t Control Volume

Confused woman while holding a remote

Any button on a remote that gets a lot of use is bound to become stuck and not work. Cleaning the remote can help remove any dirt that could be holding the button down but you may need to replace the remote faceplate if the button is beyond hope.

If the Bose remote is not working, reduce the number of devices connected to the same circuit. Gaming consoles, laptops, and devices connected via Bluetooth could be interfering with the remotes signal. Turn these devices off or connect them to a different circuit.

Electronic devices require a certain amount of Hz (Hertz) to work. If too many devices are connected to the remote, the remote may not have the hertz it needs to work.

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To determine if this is the issue, turn off all electronic devices connected to the Bose system. If the remote now works, you know this is the issue. Start each device, one by one, to see which one is interfering with the remote.

Reset Bose System

Resetting the system is the best way to clear out any glitches and give the system a clean start. You will not lose any saved information doing a soft reset.

Step 1: Turn off the power to the soundbar.

Step 2: Disconnect the power cord from the soundbar and any other speakers or bass modules.

Step 3: Wait 30 seconds and then reconnect the soundbar.

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Step 4: After the soundbar has rebooted, reconned power cords for the bass module and other speakers.

Bose Remote Not Connecting/Pairing

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If the Bose remote is not connecting or pairing, clear the remote memory cache. Clearing the remote memory cache will free up memory space within the remote and help the remote function better. The following steps will help you accomplish this.

Step 1: On another device, download the Bose app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Go into your Bose settings and click on Universal Remote.

Step 3: Click on Advance and then Remove Pairing Memory.

Step 4: Clear the remote pairing list by simultaneously pressing and holding the Volume Down and Navigation button for 5 seconds.

Step 5: On your device, tap Pair Remote.

Step 6: Remove one battery and reinsert it.

Step 7: Press the Volume Up button.

Step 8: Once the remote has paired, select Done.

The Bose remote will not work if the batteries need to be replaced or if the spring in the battery housing is bent. The remote must be within 20 feet of the Bose soundbar to work properly. Make sure no objects are interfering with the signal or are in the path of the signal.

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