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Chromecast Icon Not Found/Connecting On Netflix

I recently got a new Chromecast but when I went to cast Netflix to my TV I didn’t get the cast icon. I did some research into how to get it working again, and eventually got it. So, below I’ll explain how to do it, and the recommended steps to take from Netflix.

The Chromecast icon may not appear on Netflix due to the devices being on different Wi-Fi networks. Ensure that both the device with Netflix and the Chromecast are connected to the same Wi-Fi network for seamless connectivity and the appearance of the casting icon.

Another reason could be an outdated Netflix app or Chromecast firmware. To resolve this, update the Netflix app through your device’s app store and check for any available updates for Chromecast through the Google Home app. Keeping both devices updated ensures compatibility and proper functioning.

Phone mirror streaming to TV

A third issue might be related to device compatibility or settings. Ensure your Chromecast and the device running Netflix are compatible and that no settings (like VPNs or AP isolation) are interfering with the connection. Restarting both devices can also help refresh the connection and may bring back the Chromecast icon.

There are a few additional fixes which I will explain below, as well as, other common issues that come up when using Netflix with your Chromecast and how to fix them.

Chromecast Icon Not Showing up/Available/Found on Netflix

Tablet mirror streaming content to TV

There are some additional steps depending on whether you’re using an iPhone, tablet, computer, an Android device when the Chromecast icon is showing up when you play Netflix. Here’s what they are:

If you’re trying to cast Netflix from a computer and you’re using Google Chrome then you should disable your Chrome extensions. To do that type chrome://extensions into your Google Chrome address bar to bring up the list of extensions you have.

On Androids and tablets such as iPad’s you should make sure you have the latest version of the app. Generally, automatic updates are turned on by default on your Chromecast device. However, it may be the case that you have automatic updates disabled.

Updating to the latest Netflix app

On iOS devices you can check whether the Netflix app is up to date by going to the App Store. In the app store there is a profile at the top of the screen. Tap on that and scroll down and if there are any pending app updates they will be listed next to the name of the app.

If there is one available for Netflix simply tap on it to install it.

Netflix Not Connecting On Chromecast

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Sometimes Netflix has connection issues, and you either can’t open any tv shows or movies, or you can’t cast Netflix to your TV using another device. Here’s where the issue comes from and how to get it working.

Generally, this is caused by an issue with the internet connection. The Wi-Fi network that the Chromecast or the device that you are casting through the Chromecast is either disconnected, running slowly, or each device is connected to a different internet connection.

Firstly, try simply turning your modem on and off again. You’d be surprised with how well that solves most problems. It’s generally recommended to leave it off for around 30 seconds. But, I typically just turn it back on straight away and have never had any issues.

You can also unplug it from the wall, wait a sec and then plug it back in. It does take about 5 mins for it to reestablish a network connection. Once that’s done, try to watch Netflix again. If it’s not working then you should verify that your internet is connected and working properly.

Test the internet using another device

There are a range of websites that can test your internet speed. But, it can be simpler to simply connect another device to the Wi-Fi network that your Chromecast is connected to.

For example, use your smartphone and open up Attempt to watch a random video and see if it loads quickly and you can watch videos seamlessly. If you can then your internet is working fine. The next step is to reconnect the Wi-Fi.

Reconnect to the Wi-Fi

Most people only have one Wi-Fi internet connection in their home. So, you may know off the top of your head that that’s already the case. But, in the rare case that you moved house you will need to ‘Forget’ your old Wi-Fi and then select your new Wi-Fi connection.

To do that open up the Google Home app and select Settings > Open Device Settings (in the top right). It will say ‘Forget’ next to your current Wi-Fi connection with the name of your Wi-Fi connection.

Note doing the steps to forget your old Wi-Fi network will also tell you the name of the Wi-Fi that your smartphone or tablet is using.

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Netflix Keeps Disconnecting On Chromecast

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Watching TV shows and movies is best when you can watch them uninterrupted. But, you can also make funny comments and try to get people to laugh. However, sometimes when you watch Netflix it can keep dropping the connection to your Chromecast. Here’s how to stop it from happening.

If you are casting to your Chromecast using a computer, smartphone, or tablet ensure that automatic sleep is disabled. If the device you’re using goes on stand by while Netflix is playing it can lose connection to your Chromecast.

Other than that your Wi-Fi connection can be an issue. Especially if your Wi-Fi is located far away from your Chromecast. But, it can also indicate that your internet connection is running slow.

In my opinion, the fastest way to check everything is fine with your internet connection is to get in touch with your internet service provider over the phone. However, in my extensive experience working with smartphones, tablets, and computers. Resetting the device will fix over 80% of issues. Therefore, you should give that a go. Simply unplug any devices you’re using as part of watching Netflix with your chromecast. Then plug them back in and wait for the device to power back on.

Clear the cache and force stop Netflix

Another few good steps are to force stop Netflix and also clear the cache. The cache is a folder of files that Netflix will download to make it run faster. From time to time it can also cause issues. It’s very easy to do.

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Navigate to the home screen on your Google Home, and press the home button. On Google Home go to Settings, then Apps, then Netflix, finally select ‘Force Stop’. After that, also select ‘Clear cache’. Then open up Netflix and see if it now stays connected.

If it’s still not staying connected then you should ensure you have the latest version of Netflix.

Ensure you have the latest version of Netflix

This step is very easy, what you should do is go to the home screen on your Chromecast device. After that, go down to apps and select Netflix from the list. Then there will be an option to ‘View Details’. Select that using the home button on your Chromecast remote.

Once that’s done it will show some information about Netflix and there will be two options ‘Update’ and ‘Uninstall’. Select update, and see if there is an update available.

Typically automatic app updates are on by default. But, to double check you should go to Settings > Apps > Play Store > Click on your user icon > Manage apps & games > Updates.

If you’re familiar with iOS it is in the exact same place as the updates for apps on the iOS store. Except on an iOS device you go to the App Store rather than the Google Play store.

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