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Chromecast Netflix Sound/Audio Not Working

I’ve run into an issue with my Chromecast where Netflix won’t play any sound. So, I did a ton of research to figure out how to get it working again. I thought I’d put together this article to explain how to get sound working on Netflix on your Chromecast.

A common cause of for when Netflix Chromecast has no sound is the audio format mismatch. Some audio formats used by Netflix might not be compatible with your TV or audio setup. To rectify this, go to the Netflix app settings and adjust the audio output, for instance, switching from 5.1 surround to stereo, to ensure sound compatibility.

Issues with the HDMI connection can sometimes lead to sound problems when casting Netflix via Chromecast. An improperly seated or damaged HDMI cable may interrupt audio transmission. Check the HDMI connection between the Chromecast and your TV. Ensure it’s securely plugged in or try a different HDMI port or cable to ascertain proper connection.

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Interferences or issues with the Chromecast’s software can result in a lack of sound when streaming Netflix. To address this, perform a factory reset on your Chromecast device. This process will restore the device to its original settings, potentially resolving any software-related sound issues. Ensure to set up your Chromecast again after the reset before casting Netflix.

I’ll explain all of them below, as well as, how to fix other common audio issues such as the sound being out of sync.

Chromecast Netflix Sound/Audio/Volume Not Working/Lag

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The sound is one of the major parts of a TV show or movie, and without it it’s like watching a silent film. So, here’s the steps to get your sound working:

  1. Try a different TV show or movie
  2. Check the volume is turned up on both your TV and your Chromecast
  3. Turn your TV on and off
  4. Turn your Chromecast on and off
  5. Check the HDMI cable

Below, I’ll explain why it can cause the problem and how to do each step.

1. Try a different TV show or movie

It may surprise you to learn that each of the movies and TV shows is actually a file which can be in a range of formats such as .mp4 or .mov. When you watch a TV or movie you are simply downloading it in real time much like watching a video on Youtube.

However, if the original video file is broken or there is a problem with the original file it can have no sound. This issue is quite rare but easy to check for. And Netflix asks if you come across a particular show that won’t play, has no sound, or has missing segments to report it to them, so they can fix the file.

To check if this is what is causing the issue, simply play a different show or movie and see if it has sound. If it does then it’s an issue with the particular episode or movie and you should report to Netflix. And watch something else in the meantime while they fix it.

2. Check the volume is turned up on both your TV and your Chromecast

There are two separate places where the volume can be turned up or down. They are on the device that you’re watching Netflix on, and the Chromecast itself. Therefore, you should check both.

It can be that the volume is right for one of them but not for the other. So, it’s best to double check both. If you’re casting Netflix from a smartphone or tablet then the volume is usually on the side.

3. Turn the TV on and off

Your TV can have a minor glitch even when everything else is running fine. But, once you restart everything starts working again. It’s also very easy to do.

So, go ahead and unplug your TV at the wall. Wait for around 30 seconds, plug it back in and turn it on or wait for it to return to the home screen if it turns on by itself. After that, open Netflix and see if the sound is working now.

4. Turn your Chromecast on and off

A Chromecast is in essence a small computer, and like a computer it can freeze, and programs can have fatal errors. Once, you restart it though all the errors go away. Quickly unplug your Chromecast and plug it back in. Typically, you shouldn’t have to restart it more than once a month or so if that.

But, also be aware that this is a solid fix to do if you ever have any issue with your Chromecast or any other smartphone type device. As it fixes a large amount of issues based on my personal experience.

5. Check the HDMI cable

The HDMI cable is responsible for sending the video signal and the sound signal from your Chromecast to your TV. So, if it’s faulty it’s possible you won’t get video, audio or both.

If you have a spare HDMI cable lying around, then use it instead and see if it works fine now. You can pick one up at a store like Walmart for around $5 but you also get them online. You may also have one that you’re using for another device that you quickly use to check it. That’s what’s causing the issue.

Chromecast Netflix No Sound

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Once, you can see a show or movie on Netflix you’re pretty much rocking and rolling. But, sometimes you can get no sound. Here’s the steps you should do to fix the issue.

Start by seeing if it’s just the particular movie or TV show or whether it happens on other shows as well. If it happens on other apps then it’s likely an issue with your HDMI cable, or your audio settings. But, if it’s only one particular movie or TV show then you should report it to Netflix.

The most common is that you or someone in your home accidentally turned the volume down on one, or both your TV and your Chromecast. But, other than that there are a few steps if none of the above worked for you. And you should go through the steps I’ve listed in a previous section above. Starting with ‘3. Turn your TV off and on’.

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Chromecast Netflix Sound Out of Sync / Delay / Audio Lag/Stutters

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Another common sound issue that happens when streaming video is the sound can be out of sync. And playing Netflix with your Chromecast is no different. I researched how to fix it, and here’s what you should do…

The first thing to do is check whether the same issue occurs when you watch another TV show or movie. Certain TV shows and movies can have an error such as not playing, or the audio being out of sync. They subsequently need to be repaired by Netflix.

Netflix asks if you come across such a file to let them know so they can fix it. But, if that doesn’t fix the audio sync issue then there are some steps you should do that I’ve listed above. I recommend following them step by step. They are each numbered 1 to 5.

It can also be an issue with the cords on your receiver or soundbar. If you’re using a sound system instead of your TV speakers then you should double check all the speaker cords are plugged in.

If you have a bluetooth speaker lying around you can also attempt to play audio through your Bluetooth speaker rather than the speakers you normally use. That will let you know whether it’s your speaker system that’s having the issue or something else.

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If you tried each of the steps I’ve outlined in this article and still can’t fix your Netflix then it’s best to raise a support ticket with Netflix. And they will correspond with you to get to fix the issue.

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