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Chromecast HBO Max Not Working

If you’re lucky enough to own both a Chromecast and HBO Max account, you’ll understand that they usually work perfectly together. This feature is well-known in the entertainment industry, and it allows both Chromecast-enabled TVs and devices to stream series, movies and reality TV effortlessly. However, although Chromecast can offer a smooth streaming service, sometimes both HBO Max and the gadget itself encounter some issues. So, why is Chromecast HBO not working? 

A common reason for HBO Max not working on Chromecast is outdated firmware or app versions. To fix this, ensure your Chromecast device and the HBO Max app on your mobile device are updated to their latest versions. This can resolve compatibility and streaming issues.

The problem also might be due to improper configuration or glitches within the Chromecast device. Sometimes, simply resetting the Chromecast can resolve these issues. You can do this by unplugging the device for a few minutes and then plugging it back in. This restarts the Chromecast, potentially clearing any temporary glitches that were preventing HBO Max from working properly.

Chromecast HBO Max

To better understand this, here is a comprehensive guide of the likely problems you’ll be confronted with while using Chromecast HBO and how to mend it if it is not functioning correctly. 

How to Fix HBO Max on Chromecast

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Now, the reason why we’re all here, how to fix HBO Max on a Chromecast device. Trust me, I understand the struggle, and there’s nothing worst than coming home from a long day of work to discover the two aren’t working together. Nonetheless, if you want to fix your HBO Max on a Chromecast device, check out the below: 

Temporary glitches and bugs might occur on HBO Max and can lead to the Chromecast malfunctioning. If you encounter difficulties in casting your streaming device to your Chromecast-enabled gadget and it won’t play HBO max, try to re-log into your account to see if you can fix the problem. First, log out of the HBO max account to reset data.

Try Re-Login to Your Account

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Below is a guide to re-login to your HBO Max account on IOS:

  • Step 1. Open the HBO Max website or app via any browser
  • Step 2. Tap on your profile
  • Step 3. Lastly, tap on the Sign out button on the side menu and end your session.

If you’re an Android user, here’s how you’re able to perform this action: 

  • Step 1. Open the HBO Max app on your streaming gadget
  • Step 2. Click on profile and select on ‘settings’
  • Step 3. Finally, click on the Sign out button to terminate the current session

After a few minutes, log back into the HBO max account to check if the issue has been resolved.

Inspect HBO Max’s servers.

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This is the first step you should take if the HBO Max is not functioning or if the Chromecast is displaying HBO Max with a black screen. Check its servers via Downdetector. This is a pro-net site that provides information about the HBO Max servers’ status and any past issues they’ve encountered. 

If you find out that your servers are weak, you will have to be patient until they return online. Because you cannot fix server-related problems from your device, and changes on the streaming gadget wouldn’t affect HBO Max’s server status.

Ensure That Both Gadgets Are On a Similar Network

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The network your devices are connected to might be another reason for HBO Max not running on Chromecast. Sometimes HBO Max can keep freezing/crashing on a Chromecast device or display a message saying, “HBO Max is not connecting on Chromecast”. For this to work, both the Chromecast device and streaming device must be on a similar internet connection/network.  

Awkwardly, the Chromecast-enabled application would not detect the Chromecast device. Therefore, before you cast HBO Max on a video streaming device, clarify that both devices are connected to a similar network. Moreover, if Chromecast HBO Max is not loading/opening, you can check if both devices are on a similar network and act accordingly. 

Rename Your Chromecast

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Sometimes the HBO Max might fail to recognize your Chromecast gadget if its name has a unique symbol that prevents the streaming service from noticing it. For you to mend this issue, be certain that the Chromecast device has no emojis, apostrophes, or any other unique characters in its signature. 

Moreover, you can give your Chromecast device a single word name to make everything easy while connecting. If you find out that your Chromecast’s name does not detect HBO Max, consider renaming it and then go back to HBO Max to confirm if it is working.

Assess and Restart Your System


Sometimes, Chromecast and HBO Max may not be working because of a poor or low network speed. HBO Max needs a minimum of five Mbps internet speed for streaming HD movies and programs on its platform. So, if your internet speed is below this or does not reach this minimum required speed, the platform may encounter problems. To clarify that your network is the issue, you need to test it via to gauge its recent download and upload speed. 

If you find that your network connection is unstable or slow, try to restart your network router to connect with the ISP’s servers. Afterward, you can re-run your network to verify if the issue has been resolved. 

However, if the slow connection speeds persist, you can contact your ISP and tell them to fix your problem. If your prevailing subscription is less than 5 Mbps, you can consider renewing it to avoid experiencing more issues with the HBO Max website or application. 

Use the Chrome Web Crawler

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If you find issues casting with your mobile device, for example – you can attempt to adopt a Chrome search engine to watch movies. Try utilizing Chrome’s in-built cast feature, enabling you to cast your film to a competent Chromecast appliance. When streaming your favorite television show or movie on HBO Max, a cast Symbol will pop up on the top corner and will grant you an alternative to cast on your Chromecast appliances.

Final Thoughts

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HBO max is the biggest satellite and premium wire globally, and it has achieved this due to its continuing success. The HBO max allows its users access to all HBO’s past and current tv shows plus original videos. 

However, sometimes the Chromecast and streaming device can experience issues like the HBO max audio/sound not working, not connecting on Chromecast, not found, or not showing up on the HBO max platform, among many others. 

To fix these problems, you can consider re-login to your account, checking the HBO Max servers, ensuring both devices are on the same network, changing your Chromecast’s name, and reviewing and resetting your network. However, if you try doing the above, and it still doesn’t work, you will need to report the problem to HBO Max.

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