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How to Reset Soundbar

When it comes to sound, sound bars are able to bring the ordinary into the extraordinary through the improvement of sound coming from the device you have the bar connected to. Whether it is for your TV, for your phone, or for another Bluetooth capable device, a soundbar is a fast way to make a difference in the improvement of the quality of sound, but what can be done if there are issues? If you have a sound bar, how can you reset the device if problems arise?

To reset a soundbar, generally, there is going to be a sequence of pressing specific buttons for a certain amount of time on the soundbar depending on the brand you own. Either check the owner’s manual or consult online steps that tailor to your specific soundbar to reset the device.

Wall mounted TV and soundbar

Sound bars afford owners the ability to increase the volume and quality of sound coming from certain devices without having to install any major equipment within the area they wish to improve. There are hundreds of different brands when it comes to sound bars, which can make resetting one brand different from the next. If you have a soundbar and are looking to complete a reset, read below to find the brand you own and the reset process for that specific brand.

How to Reset Soundbar Remote

Hand holding remote in front of TV

The remote control of a soundbar operates just as the remote does for your television – this is the control in which you are able to increase, decrease, mute, or perform other types of actions on the soundbar without ever having to leave the chair you are sitting in. If you notice that the remote is not working as it once was though, a reset may be in order. To reset the remote of the soundbar you own, read on to see the proper steps to take to accomplish this task.

To reset a soundbar remote, for general steps, you will follow a sequence of button-pushing potentially along with other steps to reset the remote. These steps will depend on the type of remote you are using as well as the brand of soundbar that it is connected to.

It is important to know the brand your soundbar is, as this is the brand that the remote will likely correspond with as well. This is necessary information because each brand is going to have a different process when it comes to resetting the remote or the soundbar, as there is not a one-stop solution to reset either device across the board. Find the brand of your soundbar, look up the process in your user manual, or find the reset steps online for the specific brand.

How to Reset Soundbar TV

Modern wall mounted TV with soundbar speaker

As previously noted, there are a multitude of ways that soundbars can be connected to different devices, but the most common connection is to a television. Most TVs come with built-in speakers, but for many, the quality and level of volume that those speakers put out is simply not up to par, which is where soundbars come into the picture. If you are using a soundbar with your TV and are looking to reset the TV itself, read below to see how this can be done.

To reset a soundbar TV, unplug the TV directly from the power outlet and allow it to sit without power for at least 60 seconds. This should drain the TV of power which should cause a quick reset. If you know the brand of the TV, follow the specific reset steps listed for that brand.

Just as with soundbars, every TV is going to have a specific type of reset process that is tailored exactly for that brand. Although unplugging a TV is generally an easy way to reset the device when connected to a soundbar, consult the user manual of the television and find the specific steps to reset the TV when you have a soundbar connected to the device.

How to Reset Vizio Soundbar

Corner of soundbar speaker

Now that you know a few general steps to take when it comes to resetting a soundbar or the TV that your soundbar is connected to, let’s get into the specific brands that produce this type of product. First on the list is Vizio. If you have a Vizio soundbar and you notice that lights are blinking out of order, that the sound is not producing as it should, or it continually disconnects from your device, read on to see how you can reset a Vizio soundbar.

To reset a Vizio soundbar, locate the ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Bluetooth’ buttons on the soundbar. When you have found these buttons, hold them down together for five seconds or until you see all LED lights flash three times. Once done flashing, the reset will be completed.

If you would like to try another method of resetting your Vizio soundbar, disconnect all cables from the soundbar and allow the device to sit without power for ten seconds. Once the time has passed, securely reinsert the cables back into the soundbar. When this is complete, turn the soundboard back on and the device should be reset as all settings will have been cleared by completing the previous steps.

How to Reset Samsung Soundbar

Corners of TV and soundbar speakers

When it comes to having just about every product under the sun, Samsung is a brand that can provide devices and appliances for your whole house, but the dependability and accessibility of their products are some of the few reasons this brand has been so successful, including their popular soundbars. If you have a Samsung soundbar and are experiencing minor issues, read on to see the steps you can take to reset this device quickly and effectively.

To reset a Samsung soundbar, look for the ‘Off’ button that is located on the soundbar within the control panel and hold this button down until there is a message displayed that reads ‘INIT OK.’ when you see this message, the soundbar will shut down and the reset will complete.

After your Samsung soundbar has shut down, you can then press the ‘On’ button located on the control panel to start the device back up. Once it is on, you will notice that the reset has taken place and will have to go through the same steps you previously took to pair the soundbar to your TV or other devices.

How to Reset LG Soundbar

Corner edge of soundbar speaker

If you are looking for a soundbar that can deliver quality sound, is reliable when it comes to overall function, and won’t break the bank to improve the sound of your TV or other devices, you may find yourself sitting with a new or used LG soundbar in your space. Just as any other type of device though, there will be times when fixes are needed for small problems and when this is the case, a reset is likely in order for your LG soundbar.

To reset an LG soundbar, locate both the ‘Bluetooth’ and ‘Input’ buttons on your device and hold them down simultaneously for 10 seconds. Once this time has passed, the soundbar will either turn on itself or you can turn the soundbar on manually, as the reset will have been completed.

If this method of resetting doesn’t work for you, there are a few other troubleshooting methods you can try to complete a reset. First, hold down the ‘Bluetooth’ and ‘Power’ buttons together for 10 seconds and this will reset the soundbar. Second, hold down the ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Power’ buttons together for another 10 seconds which should cause the soundbar to reset as well.

How to Reset Sony Soundbar

Soundbar speaker and subwolfer

Sony is another brand that has made a name for itself in just about any household out there in one way or another. With their wide array of reliable products and affordable prices, many find themselves opting for a brand that is known for not only that, but for the quality of sound produced by the sound this brand manufactures. If you own a Sony soundbar and notice that it is not operating as it once was, read below to see what can be done to rest this product.

To reset a Sony soundbar, simultaneously hold the ‘Volume Up,’ ‘Power,’ and ‘Input Select’ buttons for 5 to 10 seconds to allow the system to reset. Once this time has passed you will unplug the AC cord from the soundbar, plug it back in, and then power on the soundbar.

When it comes to resettings a Sony soundbar though, it is important to note that this process may vary depending on the model of soundbar you have. Find the model number located on the soundbar and look up the specific steps for that model to reset the device or consult the user manual for the soundbar to find the rest process listed within the manual.

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How to Reset Bose Soundbar

Profile picture of soundbar speaker and TV

There are a wide range of different features that make some soundbars more desirable than others, but when it comes to those looking for a device that is going to produce unparalleled sound, many find that Bose is a step above the rest. Even with the crystal clear sound it offers, there are times when these devices need a bit of tuning up, which is why a reset may be necessary. If you are looking to reset your Bose soundbar continue reading below.

To reset a Bose soundbar, power off the soundbar, and once off, hold down the ‘Power’ and ‘Forward Skip’ buttons together for 5 seconds. If the reset is successful, you will see the indicator light on the display panel emitting an amber color.

It is important to note that if you have the voice assistant added to your Bose soundbar, you will need to disconnect that feature before starting the reset process. Once the reset process has completed, you can then repair the voice assistant with your Bose speaker through the Bose app on your smart device.

How to Reset JBL Soundbar

TV with soundbar speaker

With JBL making its way into the tour sound industry, this brand made its products available to those of the masses by coming out with a line of their in-home speaker systems, one of those including their soundbars. Even with their quality sound and exceptional functions, some users have found that, over time, they need to reset their devices to get them back into a more functional state. Read below to find out what this process looks like.

To reset a JBL Soundbar, locate the ‘Volume Down’ button as well as the ‘Virtual Surround’ button on the control panel. When you have found them, hold both buttons down simultaneously for 5 seconds which will cause the soundbar to reset back to its factory settings.

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To reset a soundbar, the process will include holding down a sequence of buttons on the control panel of the device, but this sequence is specific for each individual brand. Locate the brand and model number of your soundbar and consult the user manual to find the exact reset process.