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How to Reset Toshiba TV

At some point, you may desire to reset your Toshiba television. It might be a good idea if you’re experiencing quality issues or a glitch of some kind. Here’s some information about how you can conduct a quick reset on your Toshiba television system. 

You can perform a soft reset on your Toshiba TV in one of two ways. You can use your remote to press the power button to turn the television off. Wait about 30 seconds, press the power button on your remote again, and allow the television to reboot.

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The other way you can reset your Toshiba is by disconnecting the power cord from it. Leave the television unplugged for 30 seconds and then plug it up and restart it. This simple reset method may solve your issue. If you believe your television has more complex issues, you must perform a factory reset. A factory reset will return the television to the way the manufacturer set it before you purchased it. 

How to Reset Toshiba TV to Factory Settings

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You might have to implement a full factory reset on your Toshiba TV if you intend to sell it to another person. You may also want to conduct a factory reset if you would like to start fresh with the configuration the way it was when you first purchased the TV. All of your personal and stored data will be erased during this process.

To factory reset your Toshiba television, you’ll need to grab your remote and press the Menu button. You will then see the settings icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You will need to navigate to that icon and select it. 

Next, you will see the Storage & Reset menu. You will then scroll down to “Factory Data Reset” and select that. The system will warn you that you are about to erase all your personal data and downloaded apps. If you are okay with that, you can select the option to erase everything. Your television will reset and perform as if it’s brand new when it’s done with its resetting processes. 

How to Reset Toshiba TV Remote

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You might feel that the remote control you’re using for your Toshiba needs to be reset. You may be correct. You might first want to try swapping your batteries, as bad batteries can cause a wealth of issues. If the battery swap doesn’t help you, you can proceed to the next step and reset your remote control. 

To reset your Toshiba remote control, you can use a number of methods. First, open up the back of your Toshiba remote control and remove one of its batteries. Unplug the television unit  from the wall socket and then wait 60 seconds.

Plug the television back in and then put the batteries back in your remote once the TV shows its main screen. Try to see if your remote now works. 

How to Reset Toshiba TV Without Remote

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At some point, you might want to reset your Toshiba TV, but you might have misplaced your remote. Don’t worry because there is a way to do that. It’s super-easy if you have a Fire TV and a smartphone on your person. You can do it without a smartphone as well.  

To reset your Toshiba television without a remote, you need to look for a power button on the device. The power button is on the left-hand side on Fire models. It may be on the other side for other models. 

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First, pull the power plug to the TV out of the outlet. Next, press and hold the power button on your Toshiba television. Wait just a few seconds, and then plug the television back in as you continue to hold down the power button. You can let go once you see the television come on and show the Toshiba logo. 

You’ll then be directed into the recovery menu, where you’ll see the option to wipe data/factory reset the machine. You can scroll down to that menu option by tapping the power button on the television until it goes down to that option. Once you see the option highlighted, you’ll need to press and hold the power button.

The screen will next show you a red warning that you are going to erase all your data. It will ask you to select yes if you want to wipe all your data. Scroll down to yes, and then press and hold the power button. Your device will set itself back to factory settings. The process should take about two minutes. After that, you will need to pair your remote control with the device again. 

How to Reset Toshiba TV Black Screen/Blue Screen/No Picture

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It might alarm you to see your Toshiba television suddenly display a blue or black screen with no picture. However, you don’t need to worry. You can reset your TV if this happens to you, and it may turn back on in perfect working order. 

Your Toshiba may be showing a blue screen because you have it set to pick up a picture from the wrong input device. Try changing the input device on your remote control to see if that resolves the problem. If it doesn’t work, you’ll need to reset your television.

To perform a simple reset, you can unplug your television and leave it unplugged for about 30 seconds. Plug it back up and turn it on to see if this resolves the problem. 

How to Reset Toshiba TV Wifi/Network Settings

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You might want to reset the Wifi settings on your Toshiba television and reconnect any devices you had attached to it. Maybe you’re trying to troubleshoot an internet issue. You can easily reset your router by unplugging it and leaving it off for 30 seconds.  Pressing the reset button on the router is another option. Both procedures will cause the router to reset. Try to reconnect your television to the Wi-Fi after you finish that process. 

You can decide to do a factory reset to your Toshiba television if you want to erase all the data you have on there, including your Wifi settings, and start anew.  You do this by going to the Home screen, navigating to Settings, Device, and Software, and then restoring to factory default.

That process will erase all of your settings and data, and you can start all over by setting up your Wi-Fi connection if you like.  

How to Reset Toshiba TV Password/Pin Code

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You can reset your Toshiba TV pin code or password if you’ve forgotten it or desire a new one. This procedure will work on many Toshiba models. 

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Try pressing the INFO button on your unit’s remote four times very quickly while the screen that asks you to enter the pin code is there. Performing that procedure should clear the old password you have and allow you to create a brand new one and save it.

The effectiveness of the procedure depends on the model of Toshiba television you have. You may need to press a RECALL button if you have a different model or an older television. If that procedure fails, try pressing the Home button for exactly 10 seconds. Release the button and wait 30 seconds before you test the remote to see if it’s working now. 

If you need to reset other Smart TVs please consider our How to Reset a Smart TV article.

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